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Less Known NPCs from G:KoM

by Robin

There are more
The teachers of the GSM as mentioned in the Test of Darkness Module'
Harald Haaskins Grand Master after 1010 AC ♂
Faculty Administrator Uerd al'Aras ♂
Master of Admissions Angan Forrestir♂
Student administrator; Marisi Viniene ♀
Laboratory Administrator; Tobol Vlarostk♂
Master of Enchantment Inguin diCorenveni♀
Master Transmutation; Tarisol Lightfellow♂
Master of Necromancy Bertok Gam♂
Master conjuration; Marchesia Philipe♀
Master Evocation; Derghov Loeten♂
Master Illusions: LaVeron Chonere♀
Master Divinations: Wilhelm Bhes♂
Master Abjurations; Rhogene Zelipieti♀
These were also mentioned by autagraph on the Glantri School Diplome in the D&D Player Survival set.

Collend Hedjin Mercenary Wizard 2 TOD

Then there are
Thanrae Syclo 5th lvl human wizard (killed by Yriss Guth in 1011-1013 AC as per test of Darkness adventure)♂
Yriss Ghuth 12th level wizard (unmasked by PC'sas per test of Darkness adventure) ♀
Runther (Evil Henchman Yriss Ghuth)2nd level wizard♂ as per test of Darkness adventure)
Pelepe 2nd level fighter♂ defeated by PC's as per test of Darkness adventure)
Tannish 1st level fighter♂ defeated by pc's as per test of Darkness adventure)
Zairadon♂, a Lammasu (freed by PC's as per test of Darkness adventure)

From the GKoM sheets
Rat Problem
Podaris builder Tower♂Podaris children sold the tower
Ligeire 7th level wizard 22 year owner tower♂ (and family; wife Verise♀, child deidre♀)
Carrle♂ servant Ligeire (bitten by rat
Hectit♂? Servant Ligeire (killed by rats)
Rat King wererat ♂ (defeated by PC's)

Tomb Of Varth Ignol
Varth Ignol♂?? last owner tower (Flaemish before principalities began)

Dust of the Crater
Sathres Rotterdam♀ brown haired late twenties half elf
Yriig♂ 6th level orc witch doctor (6th priest/3rd wizard)

Travel Journal Dar Inberlon
Dar inberlon traveller♂ from darokin

A wizard's back is always turned
Marcella Londessi ♀ black haired middle aged sorceress hoping to become high mistress water 3rd circle 10th lvl
Halvat Dovenseil♂ another member opponent to Marcella, 10th lvl, epitome of aalbaneese society

for love, not money
Farthom Gillian boatman isoile river♂ afair with Ramona
Ramona McCallis♀ wife of Willarth
Willarth♂ 14th level wizard
Nagaul Arett Bandit leader♂ 13th lvl fighter
Thrug ♂ nagaul henchmen Hill giant

Temple Takeover
Chath Restoun♂ 14t lvl wizard/high shepherd of Rad
Kirrad Rehim ♂7th level wizard young Bramyran man Chath assistant
L'vethian ♂Mindflayer (alien intruder)
Nillas diNietha♂ 4th level Wizard; Controlled by Mindflayer may have been defeated by PC
Ratune Cerou ♂3rd level wizard ; Controlled by Mindflayer may have been defeated by PC

GKoM book
Joshuan Gallidox ♂ halfling adventurer also mentioned in wizard almanac4 page 4
Heret Ghuldaur♂ Official Historian of the principalities of Glantri♂ page 8
Milo Phintle ♂ "acquirer of magical items page 68
Ratibus♂ artist depicting Beggar King making few pieces♂ 78

Autograph name; Miller; artist became mad by visiting Demiplane of Nightmares with Jherek, made more pieces 109
Faeeren Territh♂ Instructor at the GSM 122

You made a typo by the way
Adelfeder is the pegasus of Jaggar (this means Honorary feather of feather with honor, or feather of the upper class i.e.; Adel)
Zaffer loves the color blue