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Gnolls of Mystara

by Håvard

Gnolls on Mystara

In Mystara, Gnolls are followers of Ranivorus, who is also sometimes called Yeenoghu, but unlike in other editions, Ranivorus did not create the Gnoll race. Instead, he was once a Gnoll himself, who achieved Immortality. Mystaran Gnolls were created by the corrupted Nithian Empire (some say by combining Gnome and Troll blood) and helped spread destruction across the Known World, leading to the destruction of cultures such as that of the Traldar.

Gaz 7 the Northern Reaches and Gaz10 the Orcs of Thar are the best sourcebooks for Mystara Gnolls.

Gnoll Variants found on Mystara (Gaz10):

Roles in Gnoll Society (Gaz10)

Known Gnoll War Hordes

Gnolls in later editions

Gnoll Variants Introduced in AD&D

Gnoll Variants Introduced in 4E

Gnoll Variants introduced in 5E

Gnolls are often accompanied by Hyenas and something called Cacklefiend Hyenas.

Are there ways we can use the lore from later editions to expand on Gnolls and Ranivorus?