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Gnomish Skyships

by Robin

As to the search of Gnome information for this post I found also this complete information about their flying contraptions.
Pflanger-Skyratchet MK VII Fighter Bomber
Two Seater Biplane AC 4, AV4, HP 110 Original 20 existent, 4 destroyed, 11 copied totaling now 25.
Forward Air Speed 360’/ round (-5’/round per bomb) Tank capacity 360.000 feet (360 HD magic)
MF 1 with bomb load over 250 cn. MF 2 with Bomb load less than 250 cn
Typical Weaponry; Top Wing Synchronized Cross bows, Gunner’s Cockpit lightning Gun and Snooze Gun, Propeller; Caltrop Cannon, Bomb Bay(Below Gunner; 6 bombs 150 cn each).

Smurfri-Lodestar F3F Cloud Clipper
Eleven-seat Biplane enclosed cabin AC 4, AV4, HP 135
Forward airspeed 400’/round unloaded (-5’/round /passenger or 1000cn load), Tank capacity 500.000 feet, (500 HD magic). MF 1, Original 10 existent, 6 destroyed, 8 copied totaling now 12.
Weaponry (typical); Synchronized twin-propeller spike guns, Crossbow box (16 crossbows& Bolts for passenger usage—locked in cabinet near pilot’s seat. ; no bomb bay.

MK VI Polecat
Triplane AC2 AV4, HP 85 Original 20 existent, 4 destroyed, 16 copied totaling now 30.
Forward Air speed 480’/round, MF3, Tank Capacity 190.000 Feet (190 HD Magic).
Weaponry (typical); Topwing; Fireball Gun, Middle wings; Synchronized Crossbows, Propeller; Caltrop Cannon, No bomb bay

Two-seater biplane AC3 AV4, 105 HP, Original 20 existent, 12 destroyed, 32 copied totaling now 40.
Forward Air speed 450’/round, MF 2, Tank capacity 220.000 feet. (220 HD magic)
Weaponry (Typical); Topwing; Heavy Ballista, Gunner’s Cockpit; Lightning Gun and Auxiliary Heavy Crossbow, Propeller; Spike Gun. No bomb bay

And thus my creation
74656 Delta Flyer
Two-seater biplane AC3 AV9, 350 HP, Original 20 existent, 19 destroyed, 0 copied totaling now 1.
Forward Air speed 450’/round.,Space speed 14 Mile/second MF 2, Tank capacity 1 light Year (6 trillion miles) Many!! HD magic). (unused sofar—if used tank would be filled with a minimum of 1 HD per 1000 feet, thus 1 mile=5280 ft thus needs 6 HD-rounded up)
Weaponry (Typical); None,(originally 1 Heavy Blaster (see page 1507). no bomb bay (max load 4 persons) Air generator on tank.
Currently not in use yet, as flying mechanism and generator is currently not understood.
Unable to copy, or repair other examples, as no important parts can be made or found (they all corroded beyond usefulness).
Has a 40 mile teleporter on board (1 person only—controlled by one person). Teleports as normal Spell, but without ending in solid matter chance, by teleporting too low. (Too high is still possible though).
Board computer currently offline, if online, not intelligent, used only for controlling flight and onboard mechanisms.
Can generate Shield modulator; in effect equal to a Shield and protection from normal missiles spell.
Originally targeted use; main vessel to planet transport, where teleport fails.