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Gnome: Thief/Magic-user

by Bouv

While I'm running a BECMI/RC game, I had to raid AD&D spells for more illusion spells. This isn't a complete list, but one I started that I think would work well. If anyone has any others or comments, please feel free to share as this is a work in progress:

1st Level
Audible Glamer
Change Self
Chromatic Orb
Phantasmal Force
Phantom Armor

2nd Level
Fools' Gold
Hyptonic Patterns
Improved Phantasmal Force
Mirror Image
Whispering Wind

3rd Level
Detect Invisibilty
Illusionary Script
Invisibilty 10' radius
Phantom Steed
Protection from Illusions
Spectral Force
Phantom Wind
Improved Whispering Wind

4th Level
Dispel Illusion
Hallucinartory Terrian
Illusionary Wall
Improved Invisibility
Phantasmal Killer
Shadow Monsters

5th Level
Advanced Illusion
Demishadow Monster
Protection from Illusions 10' radius

So for abilities, here is what I got so far (based off Top Ballista, Thieves, and Halflings)

* -1 AC vs. large creatures
* Infravision 90'
* Hide in Shadows 10% + 2% per level
* Find/Remove Traps (to represent their mechincal curiosity) 10% + 2% per level
* Open Locks (as above) 10% + 2% per level
* Illusionists spells

Leveling abilties:
8th Level - + 1 vs. Earth-based attacks
10th Level - Speak with Burrowing animals
13th Level - Cast Wall of Stone once per week

Still need to tweek he To Hit, Experience Points, Saving Throws, and misc. And for those wondering, I did also beef up the Halflings in my game, adding more thieving abilties to them as well (hide in shadows, move silently, pick pockets, listening)

So some of the "techincal" pieces:

XP - since, like the elf, it's more of a combo class, I've upped the XP from what is in Top Ballista. And I'm thinking, keeping in flavor with demi-humans, top level will be 9. I've only done the first few levels.

Level 2 - 3500
Level 3 - 7000
Level 4 - 10,500
Level 5 - 15,000

Spell Progression:
1st - 1 Level 1
2nd - 2 Level 1
3rd - 2 Level 1, 1 level 2
4th - 3 level 1, 1 level 2
5th - 3 Level 1, 1 level 2, 1 level 3

To Hit/THAC0 - I'm thinking of using the Magic-user progression table on this one

So equipment they can use:

*Leather Armor
* Any other armor needs to be custome made (unless in a gnomish community). However, anything besides leather will impinge their ability to cast spells & their thieving abilities.
*Can use small shields but will impinge their ability to cast spells and most thieving abilities (hide in shadows suffers a -5%)

*Can use daggers, short swords, hand axes, warhammers, blackjacks, clubs,whips
*Missile weapons - slings, bolas, short bows, lt. crossbows, and blowguns. Any requiring two hands to hold need to be stowed or dropped before spells can be cast.
*Can use a normal sword or battle axe two handed and at -1 to hit.

Prime Requisites: Intelligence & Dexerity - if one is 13 or higher they get a 5% bonus. If both are above 15, they get a 10% bonus

Maximun Level: 13