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Gnome traps

by Dylan Rickards

In human cities, gnomes may have a special type of safe-room. This safe room would only be about 4'x4'x4', and the door would only be about 3'x 2' (it is so wide so that they could get the safes in). There would be a variety of safes in this room, but none larger than 3' tall or 18 inches deep. The safes are arranged haphazardly and seemingly randomly. Most are trapped in the garden variety way, poison clouds, poison needles, blades etc. But a couple are trapped in unique ways, these are as follows:

1 A safe that will not have any traps when checked but when opened releases a cloud of greenish gas.... This safe in fact was filled with the gas, and since there is nothing else in the safe the proprietor never opens it.

2 A safe with a very complicated set of looks that when opened reveals a very bored and angry gnome/halfling/cayma/pixie Skeleton/mummy/vampire/lich.... This was a neat safe the craftsman got cheap, and has just not been able to open yet, he was not even aware that something was being held in it....Lucky thief, by the way a human thief probably will not like fighting in a 4'x4'x'4 crowded room.

3 A safe with a small hole that looks like it is used to drop money in (a deposit safe) that instead houses the gnomes venomous snake collection (and now startled venomous snake collection.)

4 A safe with four tumblers and four holes to stick your fingers in to turn the tumblers. The catch is only three of the tumblers work, the last hole is a sort of Chinese handcuff that constricts if you try to pull your finger out. The only way to remove your finger is to lift the 300lb safe up and pull your finger down (did I mention this was a 4'x4'x4' room "Hey ma, why does that man have a 300lb safe attached to his finger."

... oh yeah the gnome keeps all of his coins and gems in his pillow anyway.