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Goatmen as PCs/NPCs

by Mischa E Gelman

Level XP HP Height (58 inches+2d8)
Youth -2,500 1d8+1 80%
Normal Monster 0 2d8+2 100%
1 2,500 3d8+3 "
2 5,000 4d8+3 "
3 10,000 5d8+4 "
4 20,000 6d8+4 "
5 40,000 7d8+4 "
6 80,000 7d8+5 "
7 160,000 8d8+5 "
8 320,000 8d8+6 "
9 620,000 9d8+6 "
10 920,000 9d8+7 "
11 1,220,000 9d8+8 "
12 1,520,000 9d8+9 "


Chaotic is most common, followed by Neutral, but some Lawful goatmen do exist.

Prime Requisite

Dexterity (+5% for 14-17, +10% for 18)

Stats (min/max)
Str 3/17
Int 3/17
Wis 3/17
Dex 10/18
Con 5/18
Cha 3/17

Starting goatmen get a +2 to dexterity rolls and a -1 to intelligence and charisma.


Goatmen have a natural AC of 7 and never use armour or shields. They can use assistive magical devices or (conceivably) bracers. At youth, goatmen only have a 8 AC, while it toughens to a base 6 if they attain level 9.


Goatmen can use light crossbows and any melee weapon except two-handed swords. They prefer light bladed weapons (dagger, short sword) and blunt weapons (clubs, maces). They can ram for 1d4 damage (strength bonuses do not apply) and forcing a dexterity check at -6 (no check if the target is surprised) which results in a backwards movement of d10 feet and a fall afterwards. Goatmen progress slowly in weapon proficiencies, starting with one, gaining another at normal monster level, one more at level 6 and another at level 12, plus one every 500,000 XP afterwards. Expertise in a weapon is thus very rare and grand masters are practically non-existent and often are only skilled in one weapon as a result of their specialisation.

Combat Tables

Goatmen fight as thieves of the same level.


Goatmen speak some version of their own racial tongue plus common. They do not speak an alignment tongue and have difficulty with other languages (2 language slots required for one additional language).


Goatmen cannot become wiccas. They can become shamans under the rules presented in the PC series or the HW boxed set, maxing out at level 6.

Non-weapon Proficiencies

Stealth (Hill/Mountains) is required. Other hill/mountain, music or thief skills are preferred. Shamans must take Honor as well. Goatmen progress normally in non-weapon proficiencies.


A 5th-level goatman will get a flock of 2d6 followers (normal monsters, 3% chance of a shaman). They may then challenge the leader of a tribe for leadership, or wait to become leader of their own family. A tribe will contain 10+2d20 members of varying levels. If a follower is slain, they are not replaced. Goatmen do not build strongholds due to their nomadic nature.

Saving Throws

Goatmen save as thieves of the same level, except shamans, who save as clerics.

Special Abilities

Goatmen surprise opponents on 1-3 out of 6 rather than 1-2. If in a party including non-goatmen, this bonus is nullified.

Goatmen can backstab, but need surprise in addition to positioning and stealth. On the other hand, goatmen of 3rd level or higher get triple damage on backstabs rather than double.

Goatmen get +1 to hit when using daggers.

Goatmen can ram, as stated above.

Goatmen can climb mountains at their normal walking rate. On the flipside, they move at half-speed in swampy terrain.

Goatmen can leap up to 3' vertically - this increases to 4' at normal monster and 5' at level 4.

Goatmen can perform all thief skills as thieves of the same HD (up to level 9) or the same level (levels 9-12). They gain +20% to climb walls but cannot advance past level 12 in thief skills.