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New OD&D Character Race: Gold Dragon

by Timothy Klanderud

Based on several rule books Creature Crucible, The Orcs of Thar(GAZ10), Rules Cyclopedia, and AC10 Bestiary of Dragons and Giants.

Gold Dragon Advancement

Level Experience HD AC Claw/Claw/Bite Spells Breath Weapon Range
Hatchling Dragon usually 5 years old
  -1,100,000 5d8 AC8 1d2/1d2/1d6 2/0/0/0/0 Breath cone: 30'x 10' Breath cloud: 20'x 10'x 10'
  -1,000,000 6d8 AC6 1d2/1d2/1d8 2/1/0/0/0 Breath cone: 40'x 10' Breath cloud: 20'x 20'x 10'
  -800,000 7d8 AC4 1d4/1d4/2d6 2/2/0/0/0 Breath cone: 50'x 10' Breath cloud: 30'x 20'x 10'
Young Dragon 10 years of age is needed to advance
  -600,000 8d8 AC2 1d4/1d4/3d6 2/2/1/0/0 Breath cone: 60'x 20' Breath cloud: 40'x 30'x 20'
  -400,000 9d8 AC0 1d4+1/1d4+1/4d6 3/3/2/0/0 Breath cone: 70'x 20'
  -200,000 10d8 AC-1 1d4+2/1d4+2/5d6 4/4/3/0/0 Breath cone: 80'x 20'
Small Dragon 50 years of age is needed to advance
NM 0 11d8 AC-2 2d4/2d4/6d6 4/4/4/0/0 Breath cone: 90'x 30' Breath cloud: 50'x 40'x 30'
1 300,000 12d8 AC-2 2d4/2d4/6d6+1 4/4/4/0/0 Breath cone: 95'x 30'
2 600,000 13d8 AC-2 2d4+1/2d4+1/6d6+1 4/4/4/1/0 Breath cone: 100'x 30'
3 900,000 14d8 AC-3 2d4+1/2d4+1/6d6+2 4/4/4/2/0 Breath cone: 105'x 30'
4 1,200,000 15d8 AC-3 2d4+2/2d4+2/6d6+2 5/4/4/2/0 Breath cone: 115'x 30'
5 1,500,000 16d8 AC-3 2d4+2/2d4+2/6d6+3 5/5/4/2/0 Breath cone: 125'x 30'
Large Dragon 300 years of age is needed to advance
6 1,800,000 16d8+2 AC-4 3d4/3d4/6d6+4 5/5/4/3/0 Breath cone: 135'x 30' Breath cloud: 50'x 40'x 30'
7 2,100,000 17d8 AC-4 3d4/3d4/6d6+5 5/5/4/3/0 Breath cone: 140'x 30'
8 2,400,000 18d8 AC-4 3d4+1/3d4+1/6d6+5 5/5/4/4/0 Breath cone: 145'x 30'
9 2,700,000 19d8 AC-5 3d4+1/3d4+1/6d6+6 5/5/4/4/1 Breath cone: 150'x 30'
10 3,000,000 20d8 AC-5 3d4+2/3d4+2/6d6+7 5/5/4/4/2 Breath cone: 160'x 30'
11 3,300,000 21d8 AC-5 3d4+2/3d4+2/6d6+7 5/5/5/4/2 Breath cone: 170'x 30'
Huge Dragon 1,000 years of age is needed to advance
12 3,600,000 22d8 AC-6 4d4/4d4/6d6+8 5/5/5/4/3 Breath cone: 180'x 30' Breath cloud: 50'x 50'x 30'
13* 3,900,000 +2hp        

* +300,000 XPs per level thereafter
+2 hit points per level thereafter
Consitution bonus no longer applies

Maximum Age and Experience

When a Dragon reaches the age limit for his level he can only gain the experience needed to gain for the next advancement. Once that is meet experience he can no longer gain experience until he advances in age.

Age to the known world and what it means to you.

Hatchling starts out fairly strong, even as a Hatchling your character should a little stronger then even a 3rd level PC. Usually adventures begin at the time of 1,000 AC. This means at 1,005 AC the character should be the age of a young dragon. Just in time for the Desert Nomads and the Alphatian wars. By 1,019 AC is placed when most of the current online almanacs ends. By this time most adventuring dragons will never reach the age for even a small dragon; On the other paw, the dragon will be small enough to adventure in Dragon form in most dungeons.

Handling Experience

Dragons need to accumulate a vast horde of gold and treasures. The DM can convert experience that would normally be lost into gold pieces for the dragons horde. This will allow the character to continue adventuring and receive a fair compensation.