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by Mischa E Gelman

Rank Novice Temporal
Patron of Politicians
Sphere Thought
Alignment Chaotic as mortal, neutral as immortal

Golorius grew up as a thief in the city of Dophius. He always craved gold and power. Seeing Milenian politics in action, he figured his gold tongue could help him achieve fame and power through the system. So he set out to advance in politics, starting with a campaign for magistrate. Winning without using any backhanded tricks, he figured it was a breeze and quickly won chief magistrate soon after. Having made enemies around the way and also seeking to bolster his reputation, he joined some wandering adventurers trying to help Milenia. Anyways, making a life adventuring while keeping office was hard but Golorius persevered.

Soon, Golorius was running for senator and winning, his life saved from assassination by his friends. His run as senator was successful until a series of events the year before the election. His area was hit by earthquake, plague, comet and meteor?(natural disaster starts with m-couldn't read my writing though) in a span of 1 year, causing the voters to panic. Blaming these horrific, supernatural events on the senator was easy and the charismatic politician was booted from office.

Setting his life to adventuring over the next few years, Golorius rose in power. He eventually helped clear out the Carnifex invasion, earning him the Rainbow realm and helping him achieve immortality.

Since he has become immortal, he had little to do. The rainbow realm is naturally quiet and peaceful, giving him plenty of time to concentrate on future projects. He decided to sponsor the people who were in his image, namely politicians. Choosing only those who were semi-honest but plenty charismatic to sponsor, he was able to build a small base of support in the Milenian Senate, which is the current situation.

Symbol: A speechmaker's podium with the griffon symbol of Milenia on it Enemies: Halav and Petra are wary that Golorius is trying to steal power from them and transfer it to himself-hence they have started moving against his factions in the Senate. Nyx/Zargos also dislikes any new mover and shaker in Milenia.

Allies: Asterius was the patron of Golorius throughout life and still considers the immortal his understudy in many ways. Korotiku allies with anyone who sponsors trickery. And Jammudaru also likes the idea of a patron of politicians, because they always need to seek revenge.

Followers: Several politicians in Milenia only. All followers must have a 14 CHR to be accepted. Also, Golorius does not tolerate absolutely evil, power-hungry followers. He also doesn't tolerate goody two-shoes scared to bend the truth. He has no clerical followers yet (or mages)(or mystics).


Alignment C as mortal, N as immortal
Class(mortal) Thief-level 36(Milenian)
THAC0 *12 w/spear+5
THAC0 immortal 5
HD 20
HP Immortal 100
HP Mortal 67(12 at level 9 I guess...)
AC Immortal 0
AC Mortal 5
Armour Mortal LA+2
Weapons Mortal GM w/ Spear+5 and LBow+1,MA at Pankration and UNSK w/ trident and javelin which he used as mortal also

Statistics(same mortal/immortal):

DEX 11
CHR 16
Talents(greater) 25
Talents(lesser) 30
Walk 150'
Fly 360'
Run 300'
Gas Form 720'
Ht 5'4" as mortal,4'11" as immortal
Wt 130# as mortal,100# as immortal
Skills(Mortal form):Oratory 17,Deceive 17,Bargain 17, Stringed Music 16, Sing 16, Persuade 16, Etiquette 16,Bounder Riding 11(???),Det. Deception 16
A-m 50%
Aura-affects -1 :> at -2 to save
PP 500