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Gombar (Kingdom of)

Location: Western edge of the Arm of the Immortals, continent of Brun. WB

Area: 28,120 sq. mi. (72,830 sq. km.).

Population: 74,900, including 31,300 in the capital Emdur.

Languages: Ak'an (a language descended from Tanagoro and Ogrish).

Coinage: Pesawa (ep), cedi (gp).

Taxes: 10% export tax, 15% import tax (except on food), 5% mineral tax.

Government Type: Monarchy heavily influenced by mercantile interests. The king must be a shaman.

Industries: Mining (gold, rubies, diamonds, electrum, platinum), jewellery.

Important Figures: Droog (Chief Priest of Gombar), Opatuo (Head of the Mining Exchange of Emdur).

Flora and Fauna: Unknown.

Further Reading: Previous almanacs.

Last Year's Events: None to report.