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Notes from the Player for Gorga

by Greywolf-ELM

Notes from the Player for Gorga, planning for where the warband will go, and what they will do next, after their combat at the Fat Lips Tribe.

Hmm. Ok. Question for you guys, assuming things go 'ok' with the rest of this adventure (we either get the dragon or it escapes but we don't get killed), what's next?

We would still need to:
o go through the treasure and divvy it up
o search the rest of the area for other stuff
o bring the rest of the treasure back to the tribe
o bring back the orc captives and the survivors of the Fat Lips

Probably also:
o go to the Sacred Caverns and try to drum up more recruits (possibly with gold to buy some of them with...)
o buy additional provisions (healing slime, other support potions (Shar's idea of getting the potions of bull strength, cat's grace were *very* useful against the Ogres), other support items depending on our next quest.

Then what?
We could do some stuff for ourselves:
o tattoos?
o find magic items (Ogre-beating sword, others?)
o animal/mount stuff (harness for Margrax? riding wolf for Rhgl's basket?)
o Troll bashing?
o ask around about other magic items we can go find
o Down time for skills and training

Or we could go on another quest to help the tribe:
o beat up on some Kobolds/Giants
o help hold the Fat Lip territory in some way?
o try to break up the giant/kobold alliance
o Kuo-toa threat
o Raid Darokin lands? (especially if we can do it in some way so we can get them to blame the Ogres or the Kobolds! With both of them (presumably) weakened, this may be a real coup for our tribe!)
o Raid Kobold lands?

Sounds like there is at least some interest in taking on some giants..
Rhgl, is there something we can go find to help build your basket of arrow-love?
Shar, are you thinking about the tattoo feat? Do we need to go find something for that? (inks, needles, etc.)

I'd like to check up on the cost of some of those tattoos. Gaak's resist fire was nice. A cure light wounds version may be handy.

Beating up on Giants or humans would be great. Trying to trick the Darokin into attacking the Kobolds or the Ogres would be pretty cool.