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by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Patron of Sea and Storm Giants, Patron of Creation and Destruction, Lord of the Waves, Storms and Typhoons

Level, Alignment, Sphere: 22nd (Empyreal), N, Matter
Symbol: a giant wave
Portfolio: sea and storm giants, ocean, extreme natural phenomena, creation and destruction
Worshipped in: Skothar (Nentsun, Tangor), Undersea, Thanegioth, Teki-nura-ria, Yavdlom, south seas
Appearance: a giant of over four metres of height with blue skin, long and dishevelled black hair, among which are strands of algae, a drooping moustache that frames a downwards turned mouth and accompanying a perennially angry look, wearing half-plate made of shells and crystal.
History: PROBABLE THEORY: in his mortal life Gorrziok was a sea giant during the decline of the Age of Giants. Becoming famous for his magical and alchemical knowledge, and especially for his moody character, usually calm and reflective but inclined to sudden and tremendous bursts of mood and ire. It was during one of these moments that he killed by mistake with his magic powers his partner and his son. Guilt-ridden and full of remorse, he travelled for a long time helping the underwater populations to construct camps and habitations, for being at peace with his own conscience, swearing that he would never again use his strength for influencing the sea. It was however a moment in which he found himself facing the destruction brought by the devilfish, and for saving community of merrow finally gave free range to his repressed anger, bringing death to his enemies and devastation all around. Afflicted by what he had done, in the years that followed Gorrziok studied to discover the properties of pressure and water, and succeeding finally to create a shockwave with which he was able fight and exploit his great strength without resorting to his devastating magical ability. He later taught this technique to all the giants that he met, and very soon the race of sea giants had a new weapon with which to defend themselves, passed down to future generations as a gift of the Lord of the Waves. But Gorrziok was still not satisfied, since he was still not able to quench the violent instincts that stirred in his soul. After years spent examining the elements that make up the universe and his environment, he was persuaded that he could achieve the perfection and the inner peace only if he was able to balance the influence of the two dominant and opposed elements that have so affected his nature: air and water. Thanks to his magic he developed a spell for being able to survive in the surface world, and with patience began to roam the world in search of a way for also allowing his descendents to be able to live in the two elements. It was during his adventures on the surface that he was in contact with Zalaj, on his path for Immortality, and helped him in the recovery of one of his flying castles that had fallen into the hands of a group of ferocious fire giants. Appreciative for the help given and for the dangerous courses, Zalaj was dedicated to helping Gorrziok in his research, and the two hammered out a particular system for strengthening on one hand the Heavenly Realm, and on the other allowing Gorrziok to achieve his aim. It was this that initiated the first mixed marriages between cloud and sea giants, that thanks to the spell of Gorrziok began to also live on the surface, and this union produced the breed of storm giants, able to live both above and under the sea and of mastering the energies of air and water. Seeing the great results gained by Gorrziok, Ka conceded him the opportunity of becoming Immortal, and after having lived as giants of the four elements (fire, stone, cloud and sea) always successfully overcoming the challenges that Ka presented him, Gorrziok rose in the Sphere of Matter around 10,000 BC and thus became the patron of sea giants (especially of those that live in the southern) and storms, and of extreme natural phenomena.
Personality: Gorrziok was finally able to attain a balance with Immortality and thanks to the trial that Ka has placed on his road, succeeding to see the existence of several points of view and becoming one with the elements. Today he understands that violent instincts and destruction are as much part of the universe as the creation and preservation of life, and that they cannot be separated. For this he has brought as much of the creative aspects of nature as the destructive aspects, even if normally was worshipped and feared by the non giant populations because he is associated with the devastating aspect of the ocean and of the natural phenomena. For this he invited his followers to always build when they see destruction, and not hesitate to destroy when they see chaos and corruption, for continuing to maintain stability in the world. The only ally of Gorrziok is Zalaj, while he profoundly hates Saasskas, who brings destruction to the seas and the proliferation of undead.
Patron: unknown [presumed: Ka]
Allies: Zalaj
Enemies: Saasskas
Alignment of followers: followers and clerics may have any alignment
Favourite weapon: natural weapons (allowed all bludgeoning weapons, spear, javelin, trident)
Clerics’ skills and powers: Weather Control ability (see the 6th level arcane spell of the same name) once per week, free resistance skill
Avengers’ skills and powers: +1 bonus to Strength
Domains: Matter, Destruction, Protection, Sea, Storm
Preferred weapon: long spear
Source: PC3, WotI