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Gournzee (Duchy of)

Location: Continent of Brun, near Endworld Line. WB

Area: 17,600 sq. mi. (45,585 sq. km.).

Population: 7,800 (92% varkha, 8% Djikarti).

Languages: Varkhan (80% similarity with common lizard man tongue), Klagorst.

Coinage: Gshar (gp), n'kai (sp).

Taxes: Gournzeean tax rates are unknown at this time.

Government type: Monarchy.

Industries: Mining (silver, iron), farming (giant lizards, cattle, giant rats).

Important Figures: Naarn Dvorcic (Warlord).

Flora and Fauna: The Gournzee region is completely free of humanoid monsters. The few that dare enter from the Endworld Line mountains are rapidly dealt with by the varkhas. White and green dragons are known to inhabit the region and the surrounding mountains, but normally they do not attack the lizard men; other creatures are deer, wolves and several species of woodland creatures.

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Last Year's Events: None to report.