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Government Revenues

by James Ruhland

Here are some files containing basic revenue information for the various governments of the Alphatian and Thyatian Empires, in two periods (AC 1000 and AC 1018).

Empire of Alphatia:
Empire of Alphatia AC 1000
Alphatia (floating continent), AC 1018
NAYCE (or similar region), AC 1018

Thyatian Empire:
Thyatian Empire, AC 1000
Thyatian Imperial Commonwealth, AC 1018

Note that "NAYCE" can be any similar, campaign-specific, Empire covering the same region (if a campaign includes or subtracts certain Kingdoms or Dominions, they can be added or subtracted from the file. This actually goes for any of the files, but it will probably be most common with that, as many people don't use "NACE" as such - I, for one - but have some other "New, New Alphatian Empire v.3.2" - with the FCA being v.3.1 - covering that region in part or whole; the revenue file will work, pretty much, no matter the specific structure used, as it is not dependent on how the place is organised).