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Glantrian Political History - AC 830 to 845

by Harri Mäki and Giovanni Porpora

830 AC

During the following years Alexander Glantri successfully concentrates his efforts in building diplomatic relations with Darokin and Thyatis. (HoHG)

During the first years of the Republic Frederick Vlaardoen builds the judicial system from the scratches, uniting five different systems (Flaemish, Thyatian, Alphatian, Traladaran and Ethengarian) into one. Most of his innovation will still be in use in 1000 AC. He'll also succeed in making his prejudices not affecting his work. (HoHL)

Humudin Tsembu succeeds his grandfather, Babayun, as Marquise of Braastar.

Bogdo Khan had previously asked Birkai Virayana and Humudin Tsembu to help him against kaelic rebels in his fief, but they both refused.

Now Bogdo Khan tries to convince Humudin, which refuses too. Thus Bogdo augments his attacks against kaelics, keeping his revenge above the other two ethengarian for a time to come.

Internal struggles amongst ethengarian nobles go on.

Francis Postbrad succeeds his father, Michal, as Marquise of Berrym.

Flaemish rulers are pretty busy in re-building their dominions and their economy after all those years of war.

Here are some thoughts related to their fiefs' positions:

East - Viscounty of Crownguard by which is divided by the river; relations with McGregors are very good, since they both are enemies of the Ethengarians;

South, South-East - County of Kopstar; since the Count of Kopstar isn't interested in politics, Frederick controlled that fief from Linden;

North-East - Viscounty of Ostbruck.

West - Barony of Altendorf; good relations with hattians

This Marquisate (according to the Dragonlord of Mystara, Beraam) is pretty isolated, not having common borders with other glantrian fiefs. Flaemish quiet isolation is guarded by the dangers of glantrian hills. This fief (according to the Dragonlord of Mystara, Traagen the seat of Duke Veerbyn's holding) is totally enclosed in other fiefs: the territory was delimited by the river East and South, and by the Viscounty of Linden West.

Leopold Rjevens, a studious, isn't interested neither in politics, nor in quarrelling with his neighbours. Borders:

South - Marquisate of Braastar; since the caravans moving from and to Glantri City necessarily pass from Braastar, the relations with the ethengarian fief were less hostile than usual;

East - Marquisate of Tavish; flaemish people is at least annoyed by the fighting going on East the river. But what's more important is that some kaelic groups use the County as base and hideout (knowing ethengarians wouldn't be willing to follow them in Flaemish territories thus risking a war with the Flaems). Authorities in Kopstar support Kaelics and Leopold knows nothing about what's going on. Of course Frederick Vlaardoen approves;

North - Viscounty of Crownguard; relations with McGregors are good;

      North, North-West - Viscounty of Linden; West - Barony of Altendorf (according to the Dragonlord of Mystara, Aalbansford the seat of Duke Aalban's holding); good relations with Hattians. This fief had always maintained the territory detailed in Gaz 3. Borders:

North - Barony of Altendorf; relations with Hattians are quite good.

The river South and South-East delimit this fief; it includes four hexes around the central one plus one North of Linden.

SE - Viscounty of Linden;

South - Viscounty of Crownguard, with quite good relations;

There's only a problem, the building of Fort Nordling, an annoying neighbour, but nothing serious.

This rather isolated fief is in charge of keeping a good look to Ethengar and of helping Skullhorn Pass' garrisons. Pieinants are the more warrior-like Flaem family. Also they had probably been dukes in Braastar, therefore attitude towards ethengarians were really strained. North-West - Barony of Adlerturm;

South-West - Barony of Leenz;

Vantte resents his geographic position (far from other Flaemish fiefs) and his title, the lowest among Flaemish nobles. He strongly opposed the building of Fort Nordling, which means his Barony will be completely surrounded by Hattians, no matter the protection it'd have granted for his people.

Relations between Flaems and Hattians are a little tense, especially West of the river, and near Fort Nordling.

832 AC

Vlad Kviepoly succeeds his father, Moise, as Baron of Palatinsk

833 AC

Alphatia withdraws all claims (another success for Alexander) and Halzuntram is released.

834 AC

Leopold Kern succeeds his father, Albert, as Viscount of Ostbruck

Eberhard Wechsen succeeds his father, Conrad, as Baron of Altendorf

Let's take a look at Hattians' fiefs

Borders with High Sonden South and Linden East. I think they weren't content with the role of buffer fief with the reclusive Flaem. However they were resentful towards von Drachenfels but keep themselves quiet with the Flaems. North - Barony of Uigmuir. There was a good co-operation between the people these two borderland fiefs.

South-East - Barony of Vorstadt. There's a contentious regarding Vorstadt's territory West River Aalban. Mina von Graustein doesn't care very much, so Baron Vantte constantly tries to take possession of more.

Lucchino di Sfonti succeeds his niece, Astolfo, as Viscount of Sirecchia

Looking Kerendans and Thyatians fiefs, none of them have any borders with other fiefs, but while Kerendans ones depends on Alphatians for commerce, Thyatians ones represent the buffer fiefs against elves (Hightower-Hodlan) and averoignians (Westheath-Glantri).

Kerendans are not content with this situation, but hey, there's Alexander Glantri.

Joanna could have been a good diplomat with the elves as good as Alexander have been with Etienne.

835 AC

Alexander Glantri grows suspicious of Morphail's activities.

During a Council session Vortram kills Alexander Glantri and Toktai Virayana, then he is killed.

Julia di Sfonti succeeds his husband Alexander Glantri as Archduchess of Westheath.

Toktai Virayana succeeds his father, Birkai, as Marquise of Singhabad

Ambrosion succeeds his uncle, Vortram, as Count of Silverston.

*Elections of new Council members:

1) The new Kerendan/Thyatian member of the Council is Lucchino di Sfonti.

The decision is unanimous. Kerendans sides with the more prominent member, Julia di Sfonti can't vote, and Joanna Hodlan thinks they all need a unanimous decision because of the loss they suffered with Alexander Glantri's death.

Anyway, now that the charismatic leader is no more, internal unity slowly starts to crumble. Now that Kerendans have augmented their power, they'll not be willing to lose it again. Anyway they can be troubled by internal family wars keeping them somewhat busy.

2) The new Alphatian member of the Council is Ambrosion. He probably convinced eventual enemies with a political marriage, managing to keep the council membership.

Johan of Haaskinz is still grateful to Vortram, Ambrosion's uncle, for having accepted him in the Alphatians group.

Prusius Cornhearst is very loyal to Aendyrs.

Ambrosion votes for himself, and we do have the majority.

Arden and Lendup abstain ...

3) The new Ethengarian member of the Council, Toktai Virayana, will be such officially in 836 only. Bogdo Khan had too much problem in his fief but Humudin Tsembu challenges Toktai. Toktai wins. In front of the astonished public Toktai spares Humudin's life. In exchange Humudin is forced to swear to Toktai he'll offer his help against Bogdo Khan if such necessity will arise in future (this is not divulged of course)

*Council charges

Wilhelm von Drachenfels is offered Glantri's position as Chancellor but he refuses it because he wants nothing more than to build his fort and be left in peace. (HoHR)

Wishing to leave other charges as they were before, the Council members agree to give the three vacant charges to the relative new members.

Lucchino di Sfonti Kerendan Chancellor
Morphail Gorevitch-Woszlany Traladaran Viceroy of Tchernovordsk
Toktai Virayana Ethengarian Treasurer
Frederick Vlaardoen Flaem Supreme Judge
Wilhelm von Drachenfels Hattian Viceroy of Nordling
Ambrosion Alphatian Chamberlain

The land is renamed Republic of Glantri, and construction of a mausoleum in the capital starts. These decisions were unanimous.

*Relationships between ethnic groups

Flaem/Alphatians relationships move from Neutral to Hostile (HoHR).

This year marks the start of the period in which you'll easily find some corrections to the Republican feeling: with the death of Alexander Glantri there'll be more opportunity to accomplish such a thing.

837 AC

The Duchess of Hightower, Joanna Hodlan, dies. Jacob Muskerry, her niece (exactly the son of her older sister) succeeds him.

Muskerry is Thyatian as Hodlan so there aren't changes in voting powers.

Georg Pieinants succeeds his father, Sigmund, as Viscount of Blofeld.

Dieter Lowenroth succeeds his father, Gerhard, as Baron of Graez.

839 AC

Stefan Cornhearst succeeds his father, Prusias, as Viscount of Volnay.

840 AC

Friedrich von Drachenfels succeeds his father, Wilhelm, as Count of Ritterburg

*Election of Council Member

Friedrich von Drachenfels succeeds Wilhelm; Hattian nobles aren't allowed to choose the representative.

By now Lowenroth and Wechsen aren't content with their position, they might start to wonder why family von Drachenfels has to keep their position at the Council as granted. And, of course, Friedrich is "only" a magic-user.

Soon after becoming member of the Council, Friedrich von Drachenfels gets an argument with the Supreme Judge, Frederick Vlaardoen, about a minor legal problem. Both aren't able to give up and the two won't speak to each other for seven years. Friedrich won't even speak to Frederick's son Moritz. (HoHR)

*Relationships between ethnic groups

Flaem/Hattian relationship moves from Friendly to Hostile.

This will greatly contribute to slowly increase tensions between the fiefs of the two groups.

843 AC

Alphatians start quarrelling between them: Vortram's daughter Mariadna challenges the other faction, lead by Ambrosion, Treasurer of the Council and niece of Vortram. (HoHR).

At first Ambrosion was backed by Prusias and Johann against Lendup supported by Arden. These two probably wished to gain more power. Then Mariadna arrived from Alphatia and now, in AC 843 she demands the title of Countess of Silverston, as Vortram's loyal heiress.

Ambrosion refuses to give the County to Mariadna and the conflict starts (it'll go on for next ten years).

Mariadna gets the support of Arden and Lendup.

Stefan Cornhearst backed Ambrosion.

Johan of Haaskinz is far away, Ambrosion is probably going to ask him for money or troops, annoying the man, but anyway Johan will try to remain neutral (this will contribute to explain why Johan's son will switch side in the future).

Ambrosion has two advantages over Mariadna:

  1. A political one. He still has the strength to remain the Alphatian Council member (6 votes to 4); he will use this to gain allies at the Council by explaining Mariadna is a spy sent by Alphatia.
  2. A geographical one. Redstone is far away from the other three fiefs.
Mariadna's only advantage is the voting power of her allies at the HoL: 26 against 22. This isn't enough, but it can be used at least to ease suspicions over her motives.

*The political Machine

For the first time a succession is contested. This attracts the attention of the whole Parliament, since the Glantrian Code doesn't detail how such situation should be handled. The debate goes on for weeks, with two factions harsh dispute.

Those who wish to preserve the ruler's sovereignty from the power of the Parliament, i.e. if a succession is contested the Parliament shouldn't intervene;

Those who wish to give the Parliament more power above the fiefs, i.e. if a succession is contested the Parliament has to vote the matter and enforce its decision.

Eventually the NAP, Non-Activist Party, wins: Alphatians shall solve their problems themselves. However the IP, Interventionist Party, obtains a great result: a committee is now in charge of studying the matter, with the aim of filling the legal gap, so that there won't other disputes in the future.

Soon after this decision, Flaems and Hattians, who were part of the IP, start plotting to have someone take a better look in the Alphatian zone...

845 AC

Mircea Kviepoly succeeds his father, Vlad, as Baron of Palatinsk

Wilhelm Muskerry succeeds his father, Jacob, as Duke of Hightower.

*Etienne d'Ambreville's petition to accept Nouvelle Averoigne in the Republic of Glantri.

*Etienne d'Ambreville's petition to construct a school for magic-users in Glantri City.

Both were controversial issues but at the end Etienne had its place in the House and broke the ground for the Great School of Magic. (HoHR)

Let's take a GOOD look into this matter.


Kaelics: if Etienne joins the Republic they'll find an enemy at the HoL, since Etienne's very resentful towards them.

Traladarans: Morphail is of course suspicious towards anyone who had stayed in the Highlands
as long as he himself had.


Hattians: Friedrich von Drachenfels is Etienne's pupil

Flaems: Etienne's a powerful magic-user who'll join their ranks

Duke Batril: he knows his vote can decide the whole matter thus he can gain a lot.

That's 54+90+18=162


Ethengarians: the two mages, Toktai Virayana and Humudin Tsembu, approves the request, Bogdo Khan doesn't know if it's better to annoy them or the Kaelics thus he abstains. (32)

Kerendans and Thyatians: despite the fact the annexation of Isoile Valley will mean less commerce directed in their valley, they realise that the annexation of Nouvelle Averoigne will strengthen the state considerably (the Republic would gain a lot of wealth by the annexation of that relatively rich zone) and, in particular, Westheath would become the passageway between Glantri City and a rich Valley. (34) + (37).

By now we have 265, we need at least 13 more J

Alphatians: Johan of Haaskinz votes for Etienne, because by doing so he would end his isolation.
But why did Etienne wait for 845 to join? Knowing all Alphatians would have voted against him (he joins the ranks of their enemies, Flaems), he realised he hadn't enough votes.

But now, in this very moment, Alphatians are quarrelling, so perhaps he can convince members of one of the two factions to vote for him in exchange of some support.

He decides to support the weaker faction (Mariadna+Lendup+Arden). Anyway Mariadna doesn't trust him completely, so does Lendup (who abstains), but Etienne manages to get Arden's 12 votes.

Total votes 287, he needed 279.

The same majority goes for Gilles Grenier.

Concerning the Great School of Magic, things probably go in a slightly different way: all the Alphatians could have approved this one and someone who approved Etienne's joining could have rejected this one: Batril, knowing this time he won't be able to gain very much. Probably someone else could have abstained.


*Nouvelle Averoigne becomes part of the Republic: there are two new Viscounties and two Viscounts: Viscounty of Fausseflames, Gilles Grenier and Viscounty of Sylaire, Etienne d'Ambreville.

*Construction of the GSoM begins.

Averoignians join the flaemish nobles, but they aren't allowed to take part at the election of their Council member.

*New fief: County of Wylon

Worried for the Alphatians fighting, Flaems and Hattians propose the creation of a new fief in Wylon under Alexander von Taafnen's rule [1]

Ethengarians abstain: Friendly to Hattians but Hostile to Flaems, Neutral to Alphatians

Alphatians obviously reject: nobody wants strangers to put their nose in private affairs. And the new fief being a County was something that angered viscounts of Eriadna and Volnay very much

Kerendans and Thyatians vote YES: they are Neutral towards the three but they are concerned of the struggle going on near their territories, moreover this doesn't help their economy.

Traladarans vote YES: Morphail sees the possibility of an involvement of the new fief, therefore of Hattians and Flaems, into the dispute thus augmenting the chaos in that zone.

Kaelics abstain: they're not concerned about this

Batril votes YES: he knows to be decisive once more and manages to have something in return this time, too.

Total favourable votes 114+54+71+50+18=307

The joining of Alexander von Taafnen augments the lamentations of other Hattian nobles who had lesser titles than Alexander. At least Wechsen and Lowenroth became bitterer because of this.

[1] von Taafnens were originally Hattian, but Alexander von Taafnen was half-Flaem by his mothers side. That's why he gets the support of both Flaems and Hattians (see 840). Both groups also wanted someone they could trust on to keep eye on Alphatians in that area.

New Total Votes : HV 372, PV 455

With the arrival of Etienne it's even more likely something may move towards the magocracy.


Dominion Ruler Origin/different group
Westheath Julia di Sfonti Thyatian
Fenswick Adalbert Batril Averoignians/independent
Hightower Wilhelm Muskerry Thyatian
Berrym Francis Postbrad Flaem
Braastar Humudin Tsembu Ethengarian 
Singhabad Toktai Virayana Ethengarian 
Tavish Bogdo Khan Ethengarian
Glenargyll Percival McDougall  Kaelic
High Sonden Vidar Verlien Flaem
Kopstar Leopold Rjevens Flaem
Ritterburg Friedrich von Drachenfels Hattian
Silverston  Ambrosion Alphatian 
Wylon Alexander von Taafnen Hattian-Flaem/Hattian
Blofeld Georg Pieinants Flaem
Crownguard David McGregor Kaelic
Eriadna Lendup  Alphatian 
Fausseflammes Gilles Grenier Averoignian/Flaem
Linden Frederick Vlaardoen Flaem
Ostbruck  Leopold Kern  Flaem 
Redstone Arden  Alphatian
Sirecchia Lucchino di Sfonti  Kerendan 
Sylaire Etienne d'Ambreville Averoignian/Flaem
Verrazzano Umberto Fulvina Kerendan
Volnay Stefan Cornhearst Alphatian
Adlerturm Mina von Graustein Hattian
Altendorf Eberhard Wechsen Hattian
Egorn Johan of Haaskinz Hattian(mixed)/Alphatian
Graez Dieter Lowenroth Hattian
Igorov Morphail Gorevitch-Woszlany Traladaran
Kutchevski Alexandru Timenko Traladaran
Leenz Burkhard Schwassen Hattian 
Oreggiano Francesco Costanza Kerendan
Palatinsk Mircea Kviepoly Traladaran 
Rymskigrad Fedor Markovitch Traladaran 
Uigmuir Malcolm McAllister Kaelic
Vorstadt Sigefroi Vantte Flaem 


Ambrosion Council member and Count of Silverston 1 ---- 14 835
Arden Viscount of Redstone -- 12 12  
Lendup  Viscount of Eriadna -- 12 12  
Stefan Cornhearst Viscount of Volnay  -- 12 12 839
Johan of Haaskinz Baron of Egorn -- 10 10 Hattian,  joined Alphatians some years before 829

Babayun Tsembu Marquise of Braastar -- 16 16 830
Birkai Virayana Council member and Marquise of Singhabad 1 ---- 16 835
Bogdo Khan  Marquise of Tavish -- 16 16

Frederick Vlaardoen Council member and Viscount of Linden 1 ---- 12
Francis Postbrad Marquise of Berrym -- 16 16 830
Leopold Rjevens  Count of Kopstar -- 14 14
Vidar Verlien Count of High Sonden -- 14 14
Leopold Kern Viscount of Ostbruck -- 12 12 834
Georg Pieinants Viscount of Blofeld -- 12 12 837
Etienne d'Ambreville Viscount of Sylaire -- 12 12 Joined in 845
Gilles Grenier Viscount of Fausseflames -- 12 12 Joined in 845
Sigefroi Vantte Baron of Vorstadt -- 10 10
TOTAL VOTES 1 102 114

Friedrich von Drachenfels Council member and Count of Ritterburg 1 ---- 14 840
Alexander von Taafnen Count of Wylon -- 14 14 Joined in 845
Mina von Graustein Baron of Adlerturm -- 10 10
Dieter Lowenroth Baron of Graez -- 10 10 837
Burkhard Schwassen Baron of Leenz -- 10 10
Eberhard Wechsen Baron of Altendorf -- 10 10 834

Percival McDougall Count of Glenargyll -- 14 14
David McGregor Viscount of Crownguard -- 12 12
Malcolm McAllister Baron of Uigmuir -- 10 10
TOTAL VOTES -- 36 36

Kerendans and Thyatians
Lucchino di Sfonti Council member and Viscount of Sirecchia  1 ---- 12 834/35
Julia di Sfonti Archduchess of Westheath -- 19 19 835
Wilhelm Muskerry Duke of Hightower -- 18 18 845
Umberto Fulvina Viscount of Verrazzano -- 12 12
Francesco Costanza Baron of Oreggiano -- 10 10

Morphail Gorevitch-Woszlany Council member and Baron of Igorov 1 ---- 10
Fedor Markovitch Baron of Rymskigrad -- 10 10
Mircea Kviepoly Baron of Palatinsk -- 10 10 845
Alexandru Timenko Baron of Kutchevski -- 10 10

Relations between groups - 845 AC

  Alp Eth Fla Hat Kae KeTh Tra
Alphatians ----- N H835 H N N N
Ethengarians N ----- H F H F N
Flaems H835 H ----- H840 N N N
Hattians H F H840 ----- N NF845 F
Kaelics N H N N ----- F N
Kerendans/Thyatians N F N NF845 F ----- H
Traladarans N N N F N H -----

Lucchino di Sfonti Kerendan Chancellor
Morphail Gorevitch-Woszlany Traladaran Viceroy of Tchernovordsk
Toktai Virayana Ethengarian Treasurer
Frederick Vlaardoen Flaem Supreme Judge
Friedrich von Drachenfels Hattian Viceroy of Nordling
Ambrosion Alphatian Chamberlain