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Glantrian Political History - AC 846 to 857

by Harri Mäki and Giovanni Porpora

846 AC

Luigi II Fulvina succeeds his father, Umberto, as Viscount of Verrazzano.

847 AC

Gisel succeeds his father, Arden, as Viscount of Redstone.

The fighting amongst Alphatians makes its first illustrious victim.

Moritz Vlaardoen succeeds his grandfather, Frederick, as Viscount of Linden

*Election of new Council member

Other Flaemish nobles unanimously choose Moritz Vlaardoen as Council member. This decision comes a bit unexpected. The reason is that others don't want to be in constant touch with non-Flaems. (HoHL)

*Council Charges

In 829 Council members decided not to change the holders of the Charges very often: everything had to be built from the very start, and the more they changed the more they could have generated confusion.

Despite of other member's perplexities Frederick was doing a great work as Supreme Judge and everyone thought it wasn't fair to remove him.

Now that Frederick is no more, they don't trust Moritz: Moritz is only 21, everybody thinks he wouldn't make a great impression as Supreme Judge, a Charge that needs a great authority. Therefore they decide a change would be good. Yet only Toktai demands the charge of Supreme Judge for himself, because he isn't content with the charge of Treasurer. Moritz wouldn't be very interested in keeping the Charge for himself, but he doesn't want to give it up so easily to an Ethengarian, so he demands the Charge, too.

To Moritz dismay, the other Council members vote for Toktai:

- Ambrosion and Friedrich von Drachenfels (at the moment) are hostile towards Flaems.

- Morphail prefers the Ethengarians than the arrogant and powerful Flaems

- Lucchino di Sfonti votes for Toktai because he wishes more friendly relationships with Ethengarians than with Flaems.

Toktai Virayana replaces Frederick Vlaardoen as Supreme Judge; Moritz Vlaardoen is chosen the new Treasurer.


Moritz has another reason to blame Ethengarians and Alphatians, as well as Friedrich von Drachenfels, and he starts wondering about Traladarans and Kerendans. Flaems are slowly getting more and more isolated even politically.

Moritz will increase his help to Kaelics rebels in Tavish.

Toktai doesn't care that much, it's better for him the Flaems concentrate themselves against his bitter enemy Bogdo Khan. Furthermore he enjoys the increase in reputation this political success has given him and starts considering Kerendans and Traladarans overtures for an alliance.

848 AC

Leopold Pieinants succeeds his father, Georg, as Viscount of Blofeld

Since his election as Council member, Moritz Vlaardoen has been insisting for a bold and vigorous foreign policy towards Ethengar. He intends to give more power to one of his allies, the Viscount of Blofeld, who is in charge of eventually helping Glantrian garrisons at Skullhorn Pass. Pieinants had been dukes in Braastar, so their attitudes towards Ethengarians are really strained. This strengthens the ties between Leopold and Moritz.

Franz von Drachenfels succeeds his grand-father-in-law, Burkhard Schwassen, as Baron of Leenz.

Dieter Lowenroth is now surrounded by von Drachenfels, his hatred grows even more.

849 AC

Giovanni di Sfonti succeeds his brother, Lucchino, as Viscount of Sirecchia

*Election of Council member

Everybody believes Giovanni di Sfonti is easy to control, so he'd be a good member for everyone. Julia di Sfonti expects he'll give the membership to her son Alexius when he'll come at age. Giovanni di Sfonti is elected at the unanimity.

*Council charge

Nobody wants to be Chancellor, so Giovanni di Sfonti succeeds Lucchino as Chancellor too. (HoHS)

The Baron of Uigmuir, Malcolm McAllister, and his hold household are found dead. There is no indication for culprit.


After the three months period has elapsed, three candidates have demanded the position:

Christos Capostria a Keenan, a Hattian, a Kaelic.

To gain the right to compete every demand has to be supported by 2 Council members or 222 HV

Council members:

- Moritz Vlaardoen supports for the Kaelic: he was resentful towards Friedrich and Lucchino for having supported Toktai's claim of Supreme Judge.

- Friedrich von Drachenfels obviously supports for the Hattian, he does want an Hattian in Uigmuir, since it's near other Hattian's fiefs.

- Giovanni di Sfonti obviously supports for Christos.

- Morphail supports for Christos: he doesn't want the Hattians to have so much power concentrated in actual-Aalban zone.

- Toktai Virayana supports for Christos; he has to choose between the two candidates belonging to friendly groups, Hattians and Kerendans, and he chooses the one with more political power.

- Ambrosion supports for Christos since he's hostile towards the other two; anyway he doesn't manage to gain any advantages other than Kerendan promise not to interfere in the fighting among Alphatians: Kerendans knew he'd have had no choice other than abstaining.

Christos Capostria is the only candidate whose demand isn't rejected; therefore he is the new Baron of Uigmuir.

Christos Capostria is another staunch ally of di Sfontis.

Kaelics remains just in two, their unity grows stronger, but they are in need of allies.


Hattians are despised with the Ethengarians and the Traladarans for their vote for Capostria; Friedrich really expected them voting the Hattian candidate.

Flaemish vote for the Kaelic candidate formalises their friendship as does Toktai's vote for Kerendans.

Kaelics cannot be resentful towards Kerendans since they'd lose one of their two allies.

Morphail's vote is part of his political behaviour based on neutrality towards everyone.

850 AC

Jacob Vlaardoen, cousin of Frederick, succeeds Moritz as Viscount of Linden

*Election of Council Member

As previously for Moritz, Jacob Vlaardoen is elected because nobody else wants to deal with non-Flaems.

*Council charge

Looking at Jacob Vlaardoen's attitude towards other Council members, he should consider himself lucky with keeping the Charge of Treasurer.

Jacob, already 73 and the oldest member of the Council except Morphail (who indeed looked younger), despises Giovanni di Sfonti because he's a fighter, Ambrosion because he's Alphatian, Toktai Virayana and Friedrich von Drachenfels because they are nearly children in his opinion, and he also treated Morphail as an incompetent apprentice.

But neither Friedrich nor Morphail want to be the Treasurer, and other members like their position, so Jacob keeps the Charge of Treasurer.


Flaems/Traladarans relationship moves from Neutral to Hostile.

Morphail cannot bear such an arrogant behaviour. Also other Council member shouldn't have liked him so much, but he has more enemies than everyone else, yet.

Flaems/Hattians relationship moves from Hostile to Friendly. Under Etienne's pressure Friedrich realises their hatred would be no good for them: behaving as they are Flaems will soon be politically isolated from the other groups, and this is no good for the Republic, Hattians relations were degenerating, too.

851 AC

Julius Kern succeeds his father, Leopold, as Viscount of Ostbruck

Giselbert Vantte succeeds his father, Sigefroi, as Baron of Vorstadt

These bode ill for Flaems: Julius Kern is a skilled politician, who'll create a lot of problems with the discussions preceding the magocracy, while Giselbert Vantte is very ambitious, planning to eventually become the Flaemish member at the Council.

Aleksei Markovitch succeeds his grandfather, Fedor, as Baron of Rymskigrad

852 AC

Etienne tells Friedrich von Drachenfels about his LoR project

They start to think how things will have to be fixed...

Bias succeeds his father, Lendup, as Viscount of Eriadna.

Bias isn't interested in fighting, the Alphatians wars near to the end.

853 AC

Willion Verlien succeeds his father, Vidar, as Count of High Sonden.

Finally a good new for the Flaems: Willion is more than a good friend of Jacob Vlaardoen: in 821 Jacob married Fredrika Verlien, cousin of Vidar Verlien, and since 827 their sons were being raised in High Sonden. Willion being rather open-minded for Flaemish standard, the Isolationist politic of Jacob won't grow stronger.

Alexius Glantri takes the title of Archduke of Westheath from his mother, Julia di Sfonti.

This means future problems for Kerendans; Alexius will surely demand the position of Council member, since he thinks it's his birthright.

The Alphatian wars begin its end. Mariadna dies and Ambrosion who had lost his wife and his children is tired of the strife, as everyone else. Gisel and Bias are not so much against Ambrosion as their fathers have been. Also Mariadna's son Vitalin, who had come from Alphatia just last year isn't interested to continue the war. So he and Ambrosion make a deal, Ambrosion names Vitalin as his heir. After this Vitalin began to use his father's name, Aendyr, as his second name.

854 AC

Friedrich von Drachenfels informs Jacob Vlaardoen, Morphail and Toktai Virayana of Etienne's plan, the three agree: the Alliance of the Wizards is born. From now on they'll try to gain more allies to accomplish their plan.

*Political Machine

Now that four members on six agree on the future of the Republic, they realise they are in need for a stronger political power: they start thinking about changing their Voting Powers at the Council first, then apply the change at the HoL, too, in the future. To Jacob dismay, Toktai Virayana is in charge of finding a good project.

Vitalin Aendyr succeeds Ambrosion as Count of Silverston.

*Election of Council member

Alphatians retrieve lost unity by electing Vitalin Aendyr as new member: Alphatian wars formally end.

The Viscount of Sirecchia, Giovanni di Sfonti dies. Matteo di Sfonti should be the rightful heir but his position isn't secure, because Borso di Sfonti and his supporters contest the succession. It's the second time this happens and the debate on how the Parliament should act in such cases hasn't yet come to an end: the committee hasn't come up with a reasonable solution despite ten years has passed.

The Parliament fears to face another internal war in the Republic, and the Council fears its plans will seriously be slowed.

The Alliance of Wizards succeeds in reaching a compromise with some nobles of the NAP Party: if in three months time the succession isn't resolved yet, the HoL will take the matter in his own hands. It's nobody interest to have a conflict raging within the Republic.

Fortunately three months pass without any decision being taken, thus, according to the recently passed Law, the Parliament takes the matter in its own hands and votes:

Hattians, Flaems, Traladarans and Ethengarians support Matteo di Sfonti. The Council members were waiting for a mage and since Matteo is a mage they don't want to waste time anymore. Also Matteo promised them that as future Council member he'll support any changes proposed by other members and he'll be content with a minor Charge.

Matteo di Sfonti is the new Viscount of Sirecchia.

*Election of Council member

Matteo's election as a representative in the Council is contested by Alexius Glantri.

But other Kerendans favour more him than somewhat arrogant Alexius, who's in turn backed by Duke Muskerry. This cooled relations between Glantri and di Sfonti.

Matteo di Sfonti is the new Kerendan member at the Council with 3 votes against 2.

*Political Machine

1) Alexius' challenge to Matteo's election as Council member makes other Council members think: they can't risk the end of their project. They need a mean to keep their position until they'll be able to declare the Magocracy.

A new Law is approved at the Council and it is swiftly sent to the HoL to be discussed there. Through this Law the AW wants that from now on the election of the Council members has to be approved by the whole Parliament, and since it'll be possible for everyone to become member of the Council, Council member will be granted ten votes more each.

Debate rages after such a proposition, Alexius Glantri leads the opposition. Among its rank his Party counts members of every group, even a Flaem, namely Julius Kern, is present. Alexius calls his party the Non-Activist Party, since he wants to underline the fact they want to leave the Republic as his father's project. The AW counts on their most loyal members and on Etienne d'Ambreville, who has by now become one of the most prominent members of the HoL. Still there are a lot of Nobles who haven't sided with any, uninterested in politics or undecided about what to do.

2) Meanwhile Toktai proposes the new system of voting at the Council:

10 votes for everyone + the votes corresponding to the title + the votes corresponding to the Council Charge, decided as follows:

-1 vote for a Viceroyalty

-2 votes for the Treasurer

-4 votes for Chamberlain

-6 votes for Chancellor

-8 votes for Supreme Judge

The Charges' votes will be considered after the new Charges will be assigned, while other votes will be considered immediately after the approval.

- Morphail agrees: he knows this is instrumental for the AW's plans.

- Jacob at first doesn't agree to the proposal of an Ethengarian. Then Friedrich talks to him, promising a more powerful charge for him. Finally Jacob agrees.

- Matteo agrees as promised when he bargained the support of other groups against Borso: his position amongst di Sfontis isn't secure yet, and Alexius Glantri is stirring Kerendans/ Thyatians unity.

- Vitalin Aendyr agrees, hoping to get a high charge.

- Friedrich von Drachenfels obviously agrees.

- Toktai obviously agrees.

Total votes 136, majority 69

*Council Charges

1) Chamberlain

The first problem is to get rid of Jacob Vlaardoen as Treasurer and, at the same time, to maintain Friedrich's promise to Jacob. Jacob demands the charge of Supreme Judge, just to annoy Toktai. Other five members vote him as the new Chamberlain.

2) Chancellor

Jacob is clearly out of question, Morphail isn't interested, Toktai is the Supreme Judge, Friedrich would like to remain in Nordling, and Matteo expects a Viceroyalty.

Vitalin demands the Charge for himself, but Friedrich, unwilling to let the Alphatian take it, demands it for himself, too.

Vitalin votes for himself, Matteo abstains (not wishing to hurt the Alphatian), other four members vote for Friedrich, who, with 92 votes, becomes the new Chancellor.

3) Treasurer

Toktai and Friedrich would have been pleased with Morphail, but the Baron of Igorov wants to keep the Viceroyalty of Tchernovordsk, full stop. Both Vitalin and Matteo demand the Charge.

Matteo gets the votes of Jacob and Toktai, since they are both more friendly towards Kerendans.

Vitalin gets the vote of Morphail (he doesn't want to gain Vitalin's enmity by voting against him two times) and Friedrich (he doesn't want to have Vitalin as Viceroy of Nordling, and by voting for him he hopes at least to ease the hostilities with the Alphatian).

Matteo di Sfonti is the Treasurer of the Council and Vitalin has to content himself with the Charge of Viceroy of Nordling.

855 AC

Ernst Batril succeeds his father, Adalbert, as Duke of Fenswick.

*The Political Machine

Etienne approaches the new Duke, and he tries to bring him to his side. Duke Batril wants more voting power for the Dukes: he finds unbelievable a Duke has so little power more than a mere Baron! Etienne promises he'll support such a request at the HoL, if Duke Batril support the Law on Council Members.

A new proposal fills the yet infinite sessions at the HoL: it wants the voting powers of every noble halved. Minor nobles strongly opposes, the law is stopped but the Party lead by Alexius Glantri is divided. Glantri and nobles with higher titles want to approve the new law, since they are convinced they'll gain enough power to change how things are going on; lower nobles, lead by Julius Kern, are despised by this "betrayal", and leave the Party. Now the rivals are weakened, the AW prepares to make its final move, but before they have any time to make it, Matteo di Sfonti is murdered and a furious infighting among his relatives to gain the leadership of the house follows.

During the first three months of AC 855 about 20 close and not so close relatives of Matteo disappeared or were murdered. At the end only one contender was left in Sirecchia to present his claim to viscountship

Borso di Sfonti succeeds Matteo as Viscount of Sirecchia

*Election of Council member

Borso di Sfonti is chosen to be representative in the Council in spite of Alexius Glantri's protestations. No surprise since Borso was a magic user, Alexius not ;)

*Council charges

He succeeded Matteo also as a Treasurer.

*Political machine

Council members decide that they will declare Glantri a magocracy in 858.

They ought to have started fixing things for that year!

In fact: "During the following three years all of them gathered secretly their strengths and supporters in the House behind the scheme. They also decided that they would take the hereditary titles of Princes and that each of them would rule over a large principality."

856 AC

*Political machine

Friedrich von Drachenfels secretly starts negotiations with Don Fernando and Charan for elves to join the magocracy.

857 AC

Petru Kviepoly succeeds his brother, Mircea, as Baron of Palatinsk.

Louis Postbrad succeeds his father, Francis, as Marquise of Berrym.

Another Flaem somehow open-minded, and a staunch ally of Jacob Vlaardoen.

Pasquale Costanza succeeds his father, Francesco, as Baron of Oreggiano.

In 854, Costanza had voted for Borso di Sfonti as heir of Giovanni. Pasquale, in particular, is a very good friend of Borso.

Robert of Haaskinz succeeds his father, Johan, as Baron of Egorn.

Robert is a close personal friend of Borso di Sfonti and didn't like Vitalin Aendyr and his Alphatian manners (the toll that Alphatians' infighting took on his father is still alive). Borso also promises to support his claim for first open dominion something Vitalin doesn't intend to do. Robert wants desperately get away from Egorn to somewhere more close to central Glantri: the entrance of Averoignans has eased his isolation only a little bit.

Robert of Haaskinz was a member of the group led by Alexius Glantri; Borso di Sfonti has him joining the AW's cause.


Year Viceroy of Nordling Viceroy of Tchernovodsk Treasurer of the Council Chamberlain of the Land Chancellor of the Council Supreme Judge of the Council
845 Friedrich von Drachenfels Morphail Gorevitch-Woszlany Toktai Virayana Ambrosion Lucchino di Sfonti Frederick Vlaardoen
847 Moritz Vlaardoen Toktai Virayana
849 Giovanni di Sfonti
850 Jacob Vlaardoen
854 Vitalin Aendyr Matteo di Sfonti Jacob Vlaardoen Friedrich von Drachenfels
855 Borso di Sfonti

*Relations between Groups - 857 AC

Alphatians are resentful towards Kerendan for such a fact.

Alphatians Ethengarians Flaems Hattians Kaelics Kerendans/Thyatians Traladarans

Alphatians - 857 AC
Vitalin Aendyr Council member and Count of Silverston 25 ---- 14 854
Gisel Viscount of Redstone -- 12 12 847
Bias Viscount of Eriadna -- 12 12 852
Stefan Cornhearst Viscount of Volnay -- 12 12  
TOTAL VOTES 25 36 50

Ethengarians - 857 AC
Babayun Tsembu Marquise of Braastar -- 16 16
Birkai Virayana Council member and Marquise of Singhabad 34 ---- 16
Bogdo Khan Marquise of Tavish -- 16 16
TOTAL VOTES 34 32 48

Flaems - 857 AC
Jacob Vlaardoen Council member and Viscount of Linden 26 ---- 12 847, 850
Louis Postbrad Marquise of Berrym -- 16 16 857
Leopold Rjevens Count of Kopstar -- 14 14
Willion Verlien Count of High Sonden -- 14 14 852
Julius Kern Viscount of Ostbruck -- 12 12 851
Leopold Pieinants Viscount of Blofeld -- 12 12 848
Etienne d'Ambreville Viscount of Sylaire -- 12 12
Gilles Grenier Viscount of Fausseflammes -- 12 12
Giselbert Vantte Baron of Vorstadt -- 10 10 851
TOTAL VOTES 26 102 114

Hattians - 857 AC
Friedrich von Drachenfels Council member and Count of Ritterburg 30 ---- 14
Alexander von Taafnen Count of Wylon -- 14 14
Mina von Graustein Baron of Adlerturm -- 10 10
Dieter Lowenroth Baron of Graez -- 10 10
Franz von Drachenfels Baron of Leenz -- 10 10 848
Eberhard Wechsen Baron of Altendorf -- 10 10
TOTAL VOTES 30 54 68

Kaelics - 857 AC
Percival McDougall Count of Glenargyll -- 14 14
David McGregor Viscount of Crownguard -- 12 12
TOTAL VOTES -- 26 26

Kerendans and Thyatians - 857 AC
Borso di Sfonti Council member and Viscount of Sirecchia 24 ---- 12 854, 855
Alexius Glantri Archduchess of Westheath -- 19 19 853
Wilhelm Muskerry Duke of Hightower -- 18 18
Luigi II Fulvina Viscount of Verrazzano -- 12 12 846
Christos Capostria Baron of Uigmuir -- 10 10 Joined 849
Pasquale Costanza Baron of Oreggiano -- 10 10 857
Robert of Haaskinz Baron of Egorn -- 10 10 Joined in 857
TOTAL VOTES 24 79 91

Traladarans - 857 AC
Morphail Gorevitch-Woszlany Council member and Baron of Igorov 21 ---- 10
Aleksei Markovitch Baron of Rymskigrad -- 10 10 851
Petru Kviepoly Baron of Palatinsk -- 10 10 857
Alexandru Timenko Baron of Kutchevsky -- 10 10
TOTAL VOTES 21 30 40


Dominion Ruler Origin/different group
Westheath Alexius Glantri Thyatian
Fenswick Ernst Batril Averoignans/independent
Hightower Wilhelm Muskerry Thyatian
Berrym Louis Postbrad Flaem
Braastar Humudin Tsembu Ethengarian
Singhabad Toktai Virayana Ethengarian
Tavish Bogdo Khan Ethengarian
Glenargyll Percival McDougall Kaelic
High Sonden Willion Verlien Flaem
Kopstar Leopold Rjevens Flaem
Ritterburg Friedrich von Drachenfels Hattian
Silverston Vitalin Aendyr Alphatian
Wylon Alexander von Taafnen Hattian-Flaem/Hattian
Blofeld Leopold Pieinants Flaem
Crownguard David McGregor Kaelic
Eriadna Bias Alphatian
Fausseflammes Gilles Grenier Averoignan/Flaem
Linden Jacob Vlaardoen Flaem
Ostbruck Julius Kern Flaem
Redstone Gisel Alphatian
Sirecchia Borso di Sfonti Kerendan
Sylaire Etienne d'Ambreville Averoignan/Flaem
Verrazzano Luigi II Fulvina Kerendan
Volnay Stefan Cornhearst Alphatian
Adlerturm Mina von Graustein Hattian
Altendorf Eberhard Wechsen Hattian
Egorn Robert of Haaskinz Hattian(mixed)/Kerendan
Graez Dieter Lowenroth Hattian
Igorov Morphail Gorevitch-Woszlany Traladaran
Kutchevski Alexandru Timenko Traladaran
Leenz Franz von Drachenfels Hattian
Oreggiano Pasquale Costanza Kerendan
Palatinsk Petru Kviepoly Traladaran
Rymskigrad Aleksei Markovitch Traladaran
Uigmuir Christos Capostria Kerendan
Vorstadt Giselbert Vantte Flaem