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Glantrian Political History - AC 858 to 859

by Harri Mäki and Giovanni Porpora

858 AC

The Viscount of Redstone, Gisel, dies without any heir. Since the LoR hasn't been approved yet, the old system is used. The Council members agree they'll candidate magic users only.


After the three months time has elapsed there are three candidates:

- Ernest Theski, a Aattian;

- John Bluebeard, born in Darokin, he joins House of Sirecchia (he'll be much like John Beaumarys-Moorkroft and will jump from house to house to get more power);

- Alphons Wolfen: Wolfen is despised by how, in Aalban, pure Hattians treat Alphatians and mixed blood so he decided to follow the political career to give voice to those like him. He found a good ally in Prince Vitalin, who has finally found someone wishing to stay with him." He can be the leader of the MUHAHAA: Movement for the Unity of Hattians, Alphatians and Hattians/Alphatians in Aalban.

Friedrich von Drachenfels obviously supports Theski. If Theski is elected he'll have two nobles near the hated Alphatians ...

Borso di Sfonti obviously supports Bluebeard. He hopes to increase his territory in that direction.

Vitalin Aendyr obviously supports Wolfen. He doesn't want to lose a fief near his one.

Morphail doesn't want to gain the enmity of anyone, Redstone is far away and it isn't worth a fight: he abstains

Jacob Vlaardoen supports Theski, since Friedrich is the only member who doesn't hate him somehow.

Toktai Virayana knows both Friedrich and Borso expect him to vote their candidate. But he had already betrayed Friedrich's trust once, moreover to Kerendans benefit. He knows that if he abstains they both will be resentful. He keeps silent until all other members has expressed their opinion, then announces his support to Theski. He justifies himself to Borso by saying it was best to have things settled as fast as possible, thus avoiding the vote of the HoL who'd have slowed their plans.

Ernest Theski is the only candidate who obtains the support of at least two Council members; thus he's the new Viscount of Redstone. There's something that helps Theski: he is already bit old and not in a prime condition and he has no heirs, so at least some other Princes/nobles are calculating that he won't live too long...


Vitalin Aendyr is resentful towards anyone else. Still he realises his group is, so far, the only one without any alliances with other groups. He'll try to devise a more friendly line, so he doesn't show himself resentful.

Friedrich von Drachenfels is a very happy man. He reconsiders once more Ethengarians politics and strengthens his ties with Flaems. However he's a bit angered with Kerendans.

Borso di Sfonti accepts only partially Toktai excuses, and he doesn't accept at all Jacob's. The main result of this voting session is that its relations with Hattians are seriously compromised.

The light of Rad.

The Light of Rad's decision was unanimous at the Council, then it had to be approved by the Parliament (as it can be deduced by Gaz3) where it was approved by large majority (Always in Gaz3), 73% to be precise.

* The Principalities of Glantri

The Republic of Glantri is no more. From now on the Nation will be called the Principalities of Glantri, and it will be ruled by Mage-Princes. Current members of the Council are given the title of Prince, and the Council will be known as Council of Princes.


The Prince who'll rule over it will propose the territory of a Principality. The Principalities will have an area of 3.000 squares Kilometres minimum and of 4.000 maximum. The territories of the Principalities of Boldavia, Caurenze and Blackhill are already defined. Aalban and Bergdhoven need only to define what to do with Altendorf, Vorstadt and Ostbruck. Krondahar is long to be done.

If an existing fief has to be annexed to the Principality, the Prince can propose to other members the creation of a new fief for the demised noble. The Council of Prince will automatically grant the fief, provided the noble fulfils all the requirements and provided he accepts the Light of Rad. This is done to avoid further rebellions, and for one fief per Prince only.

Prince Vitalin asks a new fief for Stefan Cornhearst and Prince Morphail a new one for Aleksei Markovitch.


Glantri will be divided in Principalities, fiefs and Free Territories under the jurisdiction of the CoP. The Principalities and the fiefs have a degree of independence but must obey to general directives imposed by the CoP.

A constable will rule every major village. The constables will be appointed by the Prince, for villages belonging to a Principality, and by the CoP, for Free Territories.


The Nation will be ruled by the Parliament composed by two bodies: the Council of Princes and the House of Lords.

However the CoP has the power to approve Laws without the consensus of the HoL.

The HoL shall vote only if:

1) the CoP doesn't reach a definitive decision (i.e.: it neither approves it, nor rejects it);

2) the number of Princes present at the voting session doesn't reach the number requested (fixed at the moment in four members)

3) the CoP doesn't repute the important matter. In fact less important matters will be left to the Ministers, with the HoL approval, or to the HoL directly. The Chancellor of the Princes will inform the HoL of such issues.

However Princes have the right to be present and vote, directly or indirectly, during every voting session of the HoL, retaining the same voting powers they have at the Council.

Voting powers at the HoL will be as follows:

Baron 5, Viscount 6, Count 7, Marquise 8, Duke 9, Archduke 10.

Any decision on extraordinary matters has to be approved by the CoP and the CoP only.

*Council Charges

Only the CoP can appoint the Council Charges, to Princes only. The voting power derived by the Charge is counted at the CoP and at the HoL.

The Charges are as follows: Viceroy of Nordling, Viceroy of Tchernovodsk, Treasurer of the Council, Chamberlain of the Land, Chancellor of the Princes, Supreme Judge.

The CoP may decide to create a new charge, whenever it judges the need should arise.

Any member of the CoP can ask to be appointed a Charge currently owned by another Prince. The Chancellor will choose a date in which the proposal will be voted. The date must be at least two weeks after the demand.

For every voting session about Council Charges, the majority requested is the 50%+1 of the total votes of the Princes present; there isn't any minimum number of Princes required.

* Approval/Refusal

Council: rejects if 49 votes or less, approves if 72 or more

From now on, votes at the Council will be secret.

Votes at the HoL will be by show of hands. The proposition will be approved if 2/3 of the HoL does so.


Only mages can be nobles. A Committee elected by the CoP will be in charge of testing magical prowess of every would-be noble. The Committee is presided by Etienne d'Ambreville and it'll be in charge of testing the already-nobles first as soon as possible.


Older titles are kept. New ones are given according to the Order of Rad, but nothing is written about it. A fief must be at least 50 Km far from Glantri City.


Princes and nobles can choose their legitimate heir provided it responds to the requirements of the CoP directives.

If a nobles dies without any legitimate heir or if the legitimate heir doesn't respond to the requirements, the family is demised and the title it's open for other nobles. Such events will be referred to as Festival Awards.

*New Fiefs

Only mages can ask for a new fief. Their demands have to be approved by the CoP.

The noble can choose the territory in which he desires to rule, but the Council can force the noble to choose another place. The new noble will be granted the title of Baron.

*New Principalities

Any member of the HoL can ask the enfeoffment of a new Principality.

The demand has to be supported by an adequate number of Council members (at least 2).

Then the CoP and the CoP only, has to approve the demand. Requirements, such as the extension of the territory, are at CoP discretion.

If a demand is rejected it cannot be presented again for at least 5 years.

*Festival Awards

FA are to be held if a title is vacant.

Only nobles one step lower than the vacant title can compete. Princes cannot compete. These nobles have one month during which they can gather alliances and supports. At the end of this period they must present their candidacy at the CoP who is called to vote upon the matter.

If nobody gains the majority requested then the HoL votes the matter.

If none has gained the majority requested or if two nobles have gained it, they have to settle the dispute with a magical duel.

*Magical Duels

Any noble who isn't content with a HoL decision can challenge another noble to a magical duel. The Challenge can or cannot be approved by the CoP.

If the CoP doesn't approve it, the Challenged can refuse the duel, and the Challenger has to commit himself to the HoL decision.

If the CoP approves the duel, and the Challenged refuses the duel he loses all the rights previously gained following the HoL decision, to the Challenger benefit.

The same result comes if the Challenged accepts and loses the duel.

When, as the result of the FA, a duel ensues, the CoP fixes the day in which the duel has to be held.

Should one of the Challengers refuse to compete the other is declared the winner.

The duel has to be held in front of a jury composed by the Council members.

A Committee is in charge of studying the rules of the duel. The committee is presided by Toktai Virayana.


Only Princes can vote at the CoP, no representation is permitted. If the number of Princes doesn't suffice, the matter is passed to the HoL.

At the HoL every noble, Princes too, can be represented by a trusted person. The representative has to be registered in an apposite "Representative List", only one representative for noble is permitted.


Soon after the LoR is approved, Alexius Glantri, Archduke of Westheath is the first to raise his voice against it. He declares that this was not was his father had in mind for the country and that he wouldn't accept the decision. He reunites the members of the NAP and the JFK to rebel the decision. Other rebels are Dieter Lowenroth, Baron of Graez; Eberhard Wechsen, Baron of Altendorf; Giselbert Vantte, Baron of Vorstadt; Julius Kern, Viscount of Ostbruck; Bogdo Khan, Marquise of Tavish; Bruno and Kurt von Drachenfels.

Wechsen, Lowenroth, Vantte and von Drachenfels brothers rise in North, with the secret backing of Julius Kern. At the same time Alexius Glantri rises in South. Bogdo Khan's rebellion is simultaneous but not connected.

Alexius Glantri's forces are few, and he doesn't have his father's military skills. He is vanquished very quickly by combined forces of the Council, Vitalin Aendyr and Borso di Sfonti, supported by elves, and in 859 he escapes to Darokin.

In East, Toktai Virayana, with the help of Humudin Tsembu (who promised this long ago) fight Bogdo Khan who didn't get any support from the locals since they help the CoP.

The situation around modern Aalban and Bergdhoven is most tense. Jacob Vlaardoen and Friedrich von Drachenfels co-ordinate their efforts.

Vantte is quickly vanquished, Jacob doesn't want to kill any Flemish nobles so he promises to spare Vantte's life (and that of his family, too) if he agrees on leaving the area: Vantte tells Jacob that Kern is supporting the rebels then he escapes to Glantrian Mountains. Jacob had been suspecting of Julius Kern involvement, he gives him one week to leave Ostbruck and escape before of being exposed. Julius Kern flees west.

In 859 Humudin Tsembu realises what will be of his fief in Braastar: Humudin thought that Braastar would remain independent and that the new Principality would involve Tavish and northern areas. After seeing how much the Kaelics in Tavish are against Ethengarian rule he realises that only other direction for principality is Braastar and challenges Toktai Virayana losing his life. After the duel, Toktai kills all Humudin's male relatives and sells women to slavery. This shocks other Princes and distances them a bit from Toktai.
After 860, the remaining rebels (Bogdo Khan, Wechsen, Lowenroth and von Drachenfels brothers) combine their forces and continue guerrilla war for years, with rebels striking here and there and combined forces trying to capture them: Hattians and Flaems North, Ethengarians, Kaelics, Council and Elves (since 859) East.

Dieter Lowenroth is captured and executed in 864. Bogdo Khan falls in battle in 868 and after that von Drachenfels brothers and Eberhard Wechsen surrender to Friedrich von Drachenfels, who spares their life and expels them to Darokin.

Meanwhile Morphail had no problems, of course, as well as Vitalin Aendyr and Borso di Sfonti. Pasquale Costanza, the Baron of Oreggiano was a fighter but didn't join the rebellion. He was an old friend of Borso di Sfonti and was named as a commander of Borso's personal guards. Fulvinas were facing internal struggles at that time. Orlando Fulvina used the LoR to usurp his uncle Ugone's rights to the Viscounty. However, neither Orlando nor Ugone had any intention to rebel (both were wizards). After Ugone's capture, Orlando sent his younger brother Giulio to help von Drachenfels (Giulio was a captain in the army).

Percival McDougall, a fighter too, was already old and resigned in favour of his third son Hugh, a magic-user.

Borders of the Principality of Krondahar were left loose until the war ended. Others were officially declared in 859 AC.



Leenz is annexed.

Altendorf is incorporated in Bergdhoven because both Friedrich von Drachenfels and Jacob Vlaardoen want the borders to go along the river.

Vorstadt becomes part of the Free Territories, because of its proximity to Fort Nordling.


Kopstar is annexed in the Principality as well as Altendorf. Prince Vlaardoen offers the Viscounty of Ostbruck to the previous Count of Kopstar, Leopold Rjevens, but the old man is interested in study only and refuses. Therefore Ostbruck becomes part of the Free Territories for the same reason than Vorstadt.


Eriadna and Volnay are annexed to the Principality. The Viscount of Eriadna, Bias, doesn't want a new fief, while the Viscount of Volnay, Stefan Cornhearst, wants one. Also Prince Vitalin Aendyr doesn't want to lessen Alphatians voting power too much, and supports Stefan's request of a new fief.


Rymskigrad is annexed to the Principality, and Baron Markovitch moves to Vladimirov. Other Boldavian nobles are confirmed as Barons.


There is some restlessness in Caurenze, but nothing very serious.

Oreggiano is annexed to the Principality; the former Baron is named commander of Prince Borso di Sfonti's personal guard.


The borders of the Principality are left open until Bogdo Khan will be vanquished. And because of the local resistance and resentfulness against Bogdo it will be later decided that Tavish shouldn't be included in Krondahar. However there's another reason for keeping secret the new borders: Toktai doesn't want Tsembu to suspect Braastar would become part of the Principality. But in the end of 859, Tsembu realises what was going to happen and he challenges Toktai to duel, losing it along with his life

(Future) KLANTYRE:

Percival McDougall, the Kaelic leader until then, resigned in favour of his son Hugh. David McGregor slowly takes the leader position. He and Hugh McDougall are nearly the same age, but geography was on McGregor's side. Tavish isn't annexed in Krondahar and becomes part of the Free Territories.


ALTENDORF: The Baron of Altendorf, Eberhard Wechsen, joins the rebellion and will flee later to Darokin. Altendorf is annexed to the Principality of Bergdhoven because both Friedrich von Drachenfels and Jacob Vlaardoen want the borders to go along the river.

BRAASTAR: at the end of 859 the Marquise of Braastar, Humudin Tsembu, realises that Braastar will be part of the new Principality of Krondahar. He challenges Toktai to duel and loses it (and his life too). Braastar is annexed to the Principality of Krondahar.

GRAEZ: Dieter Lowenroth, Baron of Graez, joins the rebellion and will be executed after the capture in 864. Graez is annexed to the Principality of Aalban.

KOPSTAR: Leopold Rjevens is a scholarly oriented magic-user and is actually relieved when he can give up all administrative work. Kopstar is annexed to the Principality of Bergdhoven.

ERIADNA: Bias is similar to Leopold Rjevens, Eriadna is annexed to the Principality of Blackhill.

VOLNAY: Stefan Cornhearst, Viscount of Volnay, gets a Viscounty in Nathrat, while Volnay is annexed to the Principality of Blackhill.

LEENZ: Baron of Leenz, Franz von Drachenfels, supports Prince Friedrich because his son Ernst is named heir to the Principality. Also Franz is second only to the Prince. Leenz is annexed to the Principality of Aalban.

OREGGIANO: Pasquale Costanza, the Baron is a fighter but doesn't join the rebellion. He is an old friend of Borso di Sfonti; thus he's named commander of Borso's personal guards. Oreggiano is annexed to the Principality of Caurenze.

OSTBRUCK: Julius Kern secretly supports the rebels and when he'll be discovered he'll flee west in the area of modern day village of Kern. Ostbruck is offered first to Leopold Rjevens but he turns the offer down. So it's decided to keep that area under Council jurisdiction, due to the proximity of Fort Nordling.

RYMSKIGRAD: Markovitch moves to Vladimirov. Rymskigrad is annexed to the Principality of Boldavia.

TAVISH: Bogdo Khan rebels alone and will loose his life in 866. It'll be decided it's best to keep Tavish under Council jurisdiction,

VORSTADT: Baron of Vorstadt, Giselbert Vantte, is the only Flaem who openly joins the rebellion. He escapes to Glantrian Mountains and will live his life there as a hermit. Vorstadt becomes part of the Free Territories (due to his proximity to Fort Nordling).


First reason is that the other nobles don't want Principalities so close to capital.

*Westheath is vacant because Alexius Glantri, a mundaner, joins the rebel side.

During the first FA, Wilhelm Muskerry, Duke of Hightower, gets a promotion to there. And Louis Postbrad, Marquis of Berrym, got Hightower. That's why there is no Principality around Westheath.

*Ernst Batril, Duke of Fenswick, was a lone wolf, even if he had wanted a principality, he wouldn't have had enough support, in fact he'll loose the FA to Duke Muskerry.

Last, both Dukes and the Archduke were granted more voting power and the right to mint coinage.

*New Fief

The CoP approves Stefan Cornhearst's and Aleksei Markovitch's petitions at the unanimity, as they had previously decided.

By the end of 858, the whole Parliament, presided by all the Princes, reunites to officially declare the Principalities of Glantri founded.

The Borders of the Principalities, as well as their names, are officially declared (except Krondahar's borders). Every Prince will be recognised by his House.

The names of the Houses are those of the fiefs of the Princes.

Then every member of the HoL swears loyalty to the Country and to its Laws.


Dominion Ruler House Votes
Aalban Friedrich von Drachenfels Ritterburg 23
Bergdhoven Jacob Vlaardoen Linden 20
Blackhill Vitalin Aendyr Silverston 18
Boldavia Morphail Gorevitch-Woszlany Igorov 16
Caurenze Borso di Sfonti Sirecchia 18
Krondahar Toktai Virayana Singhabad 26
Westheath vacant 10
Fenswick Ernst Batril Independent 9
Hightower Wilhelm Muskerry Sirecchia 9
Berrym Louis Postbrad Linden 8
Singhabad Toktai Virayana Singhabad
Glenargyll Percival McDougall Kaelic 7
High Sonden Willion Verlien Linden 7
Ritterburg Friedrich von Drachenfels Ritterburg
Silverston Vitalin Aendyr Silverston
Wylon Alexander von Taafnen Ritterburg 7
Blofeld Leopol Pieinants Linden 6
Crownguard David McGregor Kaelic 6
Fausseflammes Gilles Grenier Linden 6
Linden Jacob Vlaardoen Linden
  Nathrat Stefan Cornhearst Silverston 6
Redstone Ernest Theski Ritterburg 6
Sirecchia Borso di Sfonti Sirecchia
Sylaire Etienne d'Ambreville Linden 6
Verrazzano Luigi II Fulvina Sirecchia 6
Adlerturm Mina von Graustein Ritterburg 5
Egorn Robert of Haaskinz Sirecchia 5
Igorov Morphail Gorevitch-Woszlany Igorov
Kutchevski Alexandru Timenko Igorov 5
Palatinsk Petru Kviepoly Igorov 5
Uigmuir Christos Capostria Sirecchia 5
Vladimirov Aleksei Markovitch Igorov 5

*Festival Awards - Nuwmont

The first FA are announced, the Archduchy of Westheath is up for grab. The two Dukes both announce their candidacy. While Duke Muskerry is allied with House Sirecchia, Duke Batril is a lone wolf; he has to find someone to support him, thus giving him more chances. Unfortunately for him time is short, so he prefers to let Princes know that he'll consider alliances with those who'll vote for him.

Vacant Archduchy of Westheath -- 10


- Wilhelm Muskerry, Duke of Hightower, House Sirecchia.

- Ernst Batril, Duke of Fenswick, Independent.

After one month the voting session at the CoP:

- Prince Borso obviously votes for Muskerry.

- Prince Morphail votes for Muskerry, he isn't interested in having Batril as an ally, and since Kerendans are more powerful they can easily come useful later.

- Prince Jacob votes for Muskerry, he doesn't trust Ernst's father loyalty to the NAP.

- Prince Friedrich obviously votes against the Kerendans, thus for Batril.

Both Prince Vitalin and Prince Toktai would have liked to vote for Batril, since they're in need of allies, but they still don't trust the Duke.

- Prince Vitalin abstains.

- Prince Toktai votes for Muskerry, thus augmenting his friendship with House Sirecchia. Then he explains his vote to Duke Batril, proposing him a future alliance. Ernst says he'll think about it.

The result is Batril 23 votes, Muskerry 80 votes.

Wilhelm Muskerry Archduke of Westheath -- 10 House Sirecchia

*Festival Awards - Vatermont

Vacant Duchy of Hightower -- 9


- Louis Postbrad, Marquise of Berrym. He's the only Marquise and decides an increase in power wouldn't be that bad.

Since there's only one candidate Prince Jacob thinks there's no need for voting.

But Prince Vitalin and Prince Toktai propose to vote all the same. Prince Morphail agrees with them. Their motive is that they want to avoid future FA without competition.

Prince Borso and Prince Friedrich fear the same thing could happen in future against their candidates, thus preventing them an easy increase in power. They agree with Jacob. The CoP votes: 61 votes against 60! Result: Whenever such situation arises there'll be no need to vote.

Louis Postbrad Duke of Hightower -- 9 House Linden

*Festival Awards - Thaumont

Vacant Marquisate of Berrym -- 8


- Hugh McDougall, Count of Glenargyll, has two good reasons for not moving:

1 - he swore to his father Percival he won't leave Glenargyll and he does want to honour his word.

2 - he has some problems with his two older brothers.

- Alexander von Taafnen, Count of Wylon, doesn't want to move because his assignment is to have a look at Alphatians. Prince Friedrich agrees and he has a Viscount who'll compete for the Marquisate.

- Willion Verlien, Count of High Sonden, doesn't want to move from his fief, since his family has been there for centuries. Prince Jacob tries to make him changing his mind: the Prince dreams of having Willion in Berrym, then one of his Averoignan Viscounts to High Sonden, thus he'll not have an enemy as neighbour and he'll have gained more power. But then he becomes aware of the two Averoignans' will to remain where they are, so he reluctantly agrees with Willion. Both Jacob and Willion don't like each other's behaviour.

There are no candidates amongst the lesser nobles; the CoP must decide what to do, since this eventuality hadn't been considered last year.

First Prince Borso di Sfonti proposes the enfeoffment of Berrym as a Principality under the rule of the current Archduke. The proposal is rejected with 103 votes against 18.

After one month there are three proposals: If none of the lesser nobles wants to move to a fief,

    1) it becomes part of the Free Territories, under the CoP jurisdiction.    2) it's open for those one step lower.    3) the CoP shall vote on the two proposals above every time such a need arise.

The CoP hastily reunites to vote on the matter:

- Prince Jacob hasn't any Viscount, and he prefers number 3 to number 1.

- Prince Vitalin has only one noble allied to him and he hasn't any alliances with other Houses, so he thinks number 1 grants him more advantages.

- Prince Morphail would gladly have more territories under CoP jurisdiction, since he's confident he won't lose any fief.

- Prince Borso and Prince Friedrich have a Viscount who'll compete for the Marquisate, and they think number 3 is useless.

- Prince Toktai votes number 2. Despite he hasn't any Viscount to compete, his judgement is a long term one: by agreeing on such a proposal there'll be an ever decreasing number of fief independent from the CoP, something he judges dangerous for the Nation's unity.

Number 2 67 votes, Number 3 20 votes, Number 1 34 votes.

The Marquisate of Berrym is open for Viscounts.

- David McGregor, Viscount of Crownguard, wants to remain in Klantyre. Nobody wants him to do otherwise.

- Leopol Pieinants, Viscount of Blofeld, doesn't want to lose his tactical position at the Ethengarian border. Prince Vlaardoen agrees.

- Etienne d'Ambreville, Viscount of Sylaire and Gilles Grenier, Viscount of Fausseflammes, want to stay in Nouvelle Averoigne. Prince Vlaardoen tries to convince them to compete, promising his full support and more, but the two Averoignans are inflexible.


- Luigi II Fulvina, Viscount of Verrazzano, isn't a mage, so he thinks it's better not getting involved in a competition. Prince Borso di Sfonti tries to convince him, confident he'll succeed in replace Fulvina with Robert of Haaskinz, thus keeping his word. Fearing Prince Borso will become suspicious Luigi finally agrees.

- Stefan Cornhearst, Viscount of Nathrat, wouldn't like to move twice in a year, but he'd gain a lot (and House Silverston too), so he'll compete.

- Ernest Theski, Viscount of Redstone, decides, with Prince Friedrich, that it'd be better to have a fief in a richer zone: Redstone is so far away.

After one month the CoP votes:

- Prince Friedrich votes for Theski.

- Prince Vitalin votes for Cornhearst.

- Prince Borso votes for Luigi II.

- Prince Jacob votes for the candidate of his only friend, Theski.

- Prince Toktai has to decide among Hattians and Kerendans as usual. Kerendans are more powerful than Hattians at the HoL, but are less powerful at the CoP: he votes for Theski.

- Prince Morphail abstains as usual.

Ernest Theski Marquise of Berrym -- 8 House Ritterburg

*Festival Awards - Klarmont

Vacant Viscounty of Redstone -- 6

- The three Traladarans Barons (Aleksei Markovitch, Baron of Vladimirov; Petru Kviepoly, Baron of Palatinsk; Alexandru Timenko, Baron of Kutchevski) aren't interested.

- Mina von Graustein isn't interested, but Prince Friedrich tries convince her to compete if Christos Capostria won't be the Kerendans candidate, just to annoy them. Mina refuses.

- Christos Capostria, Baron of Uigmuir, would like to go away, too. Prince Borso tries to convince him by explaining he needs someone to look after the Hattians, Christos, and someone to look after the Alphatians too, Robert. Christos doubtfully accepts the decision.


- Robert of Haaskinz, Baron of Egorn, wants to go away from that isolation. He's the only candidate.

Robert of Haaskinz Viscount of Redstone -- 6 House Sirecchia

*Festival Awards - Felmont

Vacant Barony of Egorn -- 5


- John Bluebeard, supported by House Sirecchia, decides to give a second chance to Prince Borso.

- Alphons Wolfen, supported by House Silverston. They are the weakest House at the HoL, and Prince Vitalin's politics of alliances has been uneventful until now.

There aren't other candidates because meanwhile the Elves have petitioned their joining to the Principalities of Glantri.

- Prince Borso obviously votes Bluebeard.

- Prince Vitalin obviously votes for Wolfen.

- Prince Friedrich abstains.

- Prince Jacob votes against the Alphatian, for Bluebeard.

- Prince Morphail abstains.

- Prince Toktai votes for Bluebeard: he prefers to have the powerful House Sirecchia as Friend rather than House Silverston.

John Bluebeard Baron of Egorn -- 5 House Sirecchia

*Elves petition to enter the Principalities

One consequence of the LoR is that the elves announce their desire to join the state now.

Elven troops have also helped somewhat in crushing Alexius Glantri's forces South during 859, then started helping against Bogdo Khan, thus impressing Prince Toktai and the Kaelics. Still some Princes are surprised by their request.

But in fact Friedrich had opened secret negotiations with Don Fernando de Belcadiz and Charan Erewan already in 856. To Friedrich's great surprise Don Fernando was easily persuaded and Charan after him. Indeed Charan was not happy with Don Fernando's decision, for two reasons:

1) he was very suspicious about a state ruled by human magic-users. He saw them as a chaotic bunch of individuals who would probably quarrel with each other about every possible issue. Yet he had to accept that his Clan would be in a troubles if they stayed alone. Therefore in the end he accepted Don Fernando's decision and announced his Clan wanted to join, too.

2) he didn't like the decision to include most of the Erewan areas in the new Principality of Belcadiz. He was afraid that in the long run there would be difficulties between two elven groups. But again the alternative was to have them as Free Territories under the CoP jurisdiction, so he agreed.

As previously agreed during negotiations with Friedrich von Drachenfels, elven petition consists in:

-The creation of a new Elven Principality, whose dimensions will be doubled in respect to other Principalities. Elves are in charge of building a Fort against the border of the Broken Lands.

-The Elven Prince, Fernando de Belcadiz, will enter the CoP as Prince of Belcadiz and Marquise of Alhambra. He'll hold the Charge of Viceroy.

-The creation of three more fief to be ruled by elves:

The Marquisate of Satolas, ruled by Marquise Carlos de Reyder.

The Marquisate of Ellerovyn, ruled by Marquise Charan Erewan.

The County of Soth-Kabree, ruled by Count Idagoraz Cornaber.

-Elves accept the Laws of the Principalities of Glantri and their nobles are granted the right such a title has in the Country.

*Political Machine

-The minimum number of Princes needed at the CoP is increased from three to four.

-The majorities requested at the CoP and at the HoL are kept as they are.

- Prince Friedrich obviously votes for the Elves.

- Prince Morphail votes for the Elves since he's convinced they'll cause a lot of problem to other Houses, the more they'll quarrel each other, the more he'll gain power.

- Prince Vitalin votes for the Elves, who'll provide protection to his territories against humanoid raids.

- Prince Borso votes for the Elves, mainly because the commerce will be greatly increased.

- Prince Toktai votes for the elves, he was greatly impressed by their help in fighting the rebels and he's confident he can trust them to be his allies in future.

- Prince Jacob strongly opposes the elves. Other Princes list all the advantages such a joining would give to the Principalities, but the Flaem is inflexible and threaten to quit the Principalities. After two months of hard work Etienne d'Ambreville and Friedrich von Drachenfels succeed in making him accept the situation without stirring the Principalities anymore.


House Alhambra - 859 AC
Fernando de Belcadiz Prince of Belcadiz, Marquise of Alhambra, Viceroy of Monteleone 19 19
Charan Erewan Marquise of Ellerovyn -- 8
Carlos de Reyder Marquise of Satolas -- 8
Idagoraz Cornaber Count of Soth-Kabree -- 7

House Igorov - 859 AC
Morphail Gorevitch-Woszlany Prince of Boldavia, Baron of Igorov, Viceroy of Tchernovodsk 16 16
Aleksei Markovitch Baron of Vladimirov -- 5
Petru Kviepoly Baron of Palatinsk -- 5
Alexandru Timenko Baron of Kutchevski -- 5

Kaelics - 859 AC
Hugh McDougall Count of Glenargyll -- 7 858
David McGregor Viscount of Crownguard -- 6

House Linden - 859 AC
Jacob Vlaardoen Prince of Bergdhoven, Viscount of Linden, Chamberlain of the Land 20 20
Louis Postbrad Duke of Hightower -- 9 859
Willion Verlien Count of High Sonden -- 7 Embittered
Leopol Pieinants Viscount of Blofeld -- 6
Etienne d'Ambreville Viscount of Sylaire -- 6
Gilles Grenier Viscount of Fausseflammes -- 6

House Ritterburg - 859 AC
Friedrich von Drachenfels Prince of Aalban, Count of Ritterburg, Chancellor of Princes 23 23
Ernest Theski Marquise of Berrym -- 8 859
Alexander von Taafnen Count of Wylon -- 7
Mina von Graustein Baron of Adlerturm -- 5

House Silverston - 859 AC
Vitalin Aendyr Prince of Blackhill, Count of Silverston, Viceroy of Nordling 18 18  
Stefan Cornhearst Viscount of Nathrat ------ 6  

House Singhabad - 859 AC
Toktai Virayana Prince of Singhabad, Marquise of Singhabad, Supreme Judge 26 26

House Sirecchia - 859 AC
Borso di Sfonti Prince of Caurenze, Viscount of Sirecchia, Treasurer of the Council 18 18
Wilhelm Muskerry Archduke of Westheath -- 10 859
Robert of Haaskinz Viscount of Redstone -- 6 859
Luigi II Fulvina Viscount of Verrazzano -- 6
John Bluebeard Baron of Egorn -- 5 859
Christos Capostria Baron of Uigmuir -- 5 Dismayed

Ernst Batril Duke of Fenswick -- 8

Duke Batril hasn't decided yet what to do. He still believes that by remaining independent there'll be more occasions to bargain his vote. He appreciated Prince Toktai's offer but he thinks House Singhabad hasn't enough power to support his claim to the Archduchy of Westheath. House Linden and House Sirecchia are his main targets.

*Relations between Groups - 859AC

Alphatians Elves Ethengarians Flaems Hattians Kaelics Kerendans/Thyatians Traladarans
Alphatians ----- F H H H N H N
Elves N ----- NH H F N N NF
Ethengarians N F ----- H F N F NF
Flaems H H H ----- F F N H
Hattians H F F F ----- N H F
Kaelics N F H F NH ----- F N
Kerendans/Thyatians NH F F N H F ----- NF
Traladarans N F N H N N N -----

Houses Silverston, Singhabad and Sirecchia consider elves a potential powerful ally. Prince Fernando and Prince Friedrich respect each other. Kaelics are impressed by their help in fighting Bogdo Khan, Prince Morphail is eager to show himself friendly not to rise any suspicions on his activities in Boldavia. House Linden is the only rival of House Alhambra because of ancient battles.

Prince Fernando tries to keep himself Neutral at the start just to focalise better who other Princes really are. His only friendship is towards House Ritterburg and his only hostility towards House Linden. Prince Morphail, who he had convinced to join the rebels during the Forty Years War, positively impresses him. He was negatively impressed by Toktai's slaughter of his rival clan.