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Glantrian Political History - AC 860 to 875

by Harri Mäki and Giovanni Porpora

860 AC

Johan II Vlaardoen, the Red Prince, succeeds his father, Jacob I Vlaardoen, as Viscount of Linden and Prince of Bergdhoven.

*Council Charges


Toktai, Morphail and Friedrich surely don't want to change Charge, Borso is content with the charge of Treasurer, Fernando would be a good choice but elves haven't finished Fort Monteleone yet.

Vitalin proposes his candidacy, since he can improve his voting power, gain some alliances and annoy the Flaem. Johan obviously doesn't want to lose the Charge to an Alphatian.
Friedrich is against Vitalin and he doesn't want to lose Johan's friendship, but he's really looking forward for an occasion to get rid of him as Viceroy of Nordling. At the end he values most the first option and votes for Johan.
Toktai and Fernando are against Johan, thus they vote for Vitalin.

Borso votes for Johan, wishing to reach an alliance with the Flaems.

Morphail votes for Johan. Now that Jacob is no more, he'd like to ratify the peace with the Flaems.

Results: Johan 77, Vitalin 63.

Johan Vlaardoen II is confirmed as Chamberlain of the Land.


Johan is honest, has an enormous capacity to work and he's precise and clear on his style. He'd be a good Chamberlain.

He's prudent in his diplomacy and he's cool and even haughty towards anyone who isn't his personal friend. (HoHL)

He ratifies peace with Morphail, he's very friendly towards Ritterburg, and he gladly considers Sirecchia's overture. Still he remains Hostile towards other three Houses.

Vitalin doesn't succeed in gaining anything, neither the higher Charge nor alliances.

861 AC

Orlando Fulvina succeeds his uncle, Luigi II, as Viscount of Verrazzano

Orlando, nephew of Luigi II, conspired with his uncle against the rightful heir Ugone, who was captured by Orlando during the turmoil that followed the Light of Rad, and died in prison.

Fulvina's family traditions have slightly changed since the LoR. All Fulvina firstborn are now trained to be wizards during the early years of the children, before they enter the Great School. Younger sons either become mages or they train as warriors. Most of them then become advisors for the Viscount of Verrazzano, or they join the Grand Army as officers.

The Marquise of Berrym Ernest Theski dies heirless.

*Festival Awards

Vacant Marquisate of Berrym -- 8  

Count Willion Verlien hasn't changed his mind, and Prince Johan doesn't replicate Willion's strife with his father. He recognises Willion's right to judge what is best for him. Willion is impressed.

Huge McDougall promised his father not to move. Percival will die later this year, but since he's still alive at the moment, Hugh is still honouring his promise. Next time there will be a FA he might think otherwise.

Idagoraz Cornaber, (Count of Soth-Kabree), wants to remain in elven territories.


Alexander von Taafnen, Count of Wylon. Alexander changed his mind because the death of Count Theski was an unlucky strike for House Ritterburg; it has lost a powerful member in a strategic fief. Friedrich wants to take advantage of the fact he suspects there'll be no other candidates.

Alexander von Taafnen  Marquise of Berrym  --  8  House Ritterburg 

*Festival Awards

Vacant County of Wylon -- 7  

Etienne d'Ambreville (Sylaire), Gilles Grenier (Fausseflammes) and David McGregor (Crownguard) want to remain where they are.

Orlando Fulvina, Viscount of Verrazzano, would gladly decline his participation in favour of Robert of Haaskinz. (He expects something of course)

Robert of Haaskinz would gladly move from Redstone, which is only a little less isolated than Egorn, but moving means to go at the border of the Alphatian Principality: since he had switched from Silverston to Sirecchia he fears he'll be in trouble. He declines Fulvina's offer.

Orlando knows what he'd miss but he doesn't know what he'd gain, he decide to remain where he's

Prince Borso agrees, he's choosing his candidate to the Viscounty and he's having a lot of problems: he doesn't want more.


- Leopol Pieinants, Viscount of Blofeld. Since the CoP doesn't agree in an aggressive policy towards Ethengar Leopol wants to move and he has great projects: he'd like to found a second Flaemish Principality. While in Wylon he can look at what Alphatians are doing, maybe annoying them.

- Stefan Cornhearst, Viscount of Nathrat, tries for the second time: it would be a great strike for House Silverston, who's desperately trying to gain more power to have its voice heard.

Princes Vitalin, Toktai and Fernando obviously vote against the Flaem, for Stefan.

Princes Johan and Friedrich obviously votes for Leopol.

Prince Borso votes for Leopold, thus increasing the possibility of an alliance with Flaems.

Prince Morphail knows his vote is useless so he abstains, but he plans to vote for Leopol at the HoL, since a Flaem near the Alphatian Principality will contribute to stir things up.

Leopol Pieinants 61 votes, Stefan Cornhearst 63. Both gain the required votes, the matter passes to the HoL.

Duke Batril's vote could be decisive; he gives it to Leopol with Johan's promise to vote for him during next FA for the Archduchy of Westheath.

Leopol gains the votes of House Linden, Igorov, Sirecchia, Ritterburg, Batril and Kaelics. 193

Stefan gains the votes of House Silverston, Singhabad, and Alhambra. 84 votes

For the first time during FA a noble succeeds in gaining the majority of 2/3 of the votes at the HoL.

Leopol Pieinants  Count of Wylon  --  7  House Linden 

*Festival Awards

Vacant Viscounty of Blofeld -- 6  

Mina von Graustein, Baroness of Adlerturm, doesn't want to be bothered again.

The allies of House Igorov like Boldavia.

Prince Borso has to choose between Christos Capostria and John Bluebeard. Since last time Christos was left apart in favour of Baron of Haaskinz he thinks it's fair to support Christos now, and tries to explain to John his choice. John is enraged, he immediately leaves House Sirecchia and starts searching someone who'll support him. He knows House Ritterburg and House Silverston are likely to vote against the Kerendans, so he searches for someone who'll permit him to keep those two votes along with House Linden's and without having both House Singhabad and Alhambra vote for his rival: the Kaelics. Kaelics accept because Blofeld is relatively near their territories and because of John's abilities as politician.


- Christos Capostria, House Sirecchia.

- John Bluebeard, Kaelic.

Prince Borso obviously votes Christos.

Princes Friedrich and Vitalin vote John.

Prince Fernando abstains; he doesn't want to gain the enmity of anyone.

Then there are some surprises:

Prince Johan prefers to keep good relations with both Kerendans and Kaelics, he abstains.

Prince Toktai realises there no more need to be hostile towards Kaelics, since they were right in lamenting how Bogdo Khan treated them. He wants to show his renewed politics by voting the Kaelic candidate.

Morphail abstains.

John Bluebeard 67 votes, Christos Capostria 34.

John Bluebeard  Viscount of Blofeld  --  6  Kaelic 

*Festival Awards

Vacant Barony of Egorn -- 5  


- Alphons Wolfen, House Silverston. Poor Alphons tries for the third time.

- Wim van de Skijer, House Linden. Flaems try to take advantage of their strong voting power.

Princes Johan, Friedrich and Borso vote for Wim. 61

Princes Vitalin, Fernando and Toktai vote for Alphons. 63

Prince Morphail abstains.

Now to the HoL: same Houses, Kaelics and House Igorov sympathise for Wolfen, but they don't want to gain Johan's enmity, thus they remain neutral.

Result: Wolfen 99 votes, van de Skijer 152, not enough.

The second Magical Duel takes place, and the winner is Wolfen. This is a great victory for Alphatians and a great tragedy for Flaems. Flaems blame Wim van de Skijer for having lost the duel, the man will be found dead in his laboratory few weeks after the duel ...

Alphons Wolfen  Baron of Egorn  --  5  House Silverston 


House Silverston is now Neutral towards House Singhabad, still Vitalin knows he got Toktai's votes because he was against House Linden. Also he has realised by now that he can't ally himself with Toktai since he's his rival in recruiting alliances. His main targets are the Elves. Now that he has finally won something he'll be a better choice for an alliance. Still Vitalin is determined to try to gain more power whenever the occasion will arise.

Don Fernando is slowly trying to understand how the mechanism works, he's still busy in his principality and will take a major role in political affairs when things will be definitively settled.

Prince Toktai has definitively make an overture to Kaelics, he hopes they will learn to trust him in due time. During last two years he has showed great political abilities despite there aren't nobles allied with him. He's called the "Lone Prince".

During this last two years House Linden succeeded in having House Sirecchia and House Igorov more friendly towards them. This is part of Johan plan to have another Flaemish Principality. His only defiance was due to the reputations Alphons Wolfen had been gaining through the years among other nobles, and to Wim van de Skijer failure. If things don't change, Flaems are likely to win everything they'll compete for.

Kaelics are slowly making themselves more accepted by other Houses, anyway nobody and nothing urges them to do so.

Prince di Sfonti is slowly succeeding in allying himself with Flaems, however his main problem is that Flaems are Friendly towards Hattians.

Morphail politics of neutrality has been quite successful, he suspects Kaelics and Alphatians are slightly hostile towards him: next time he'll try not to vote against them.

862 AC

Johann von Graustein succeeds his mother, Mina, as Baron of Adlerturm

Johann is very similar to his mother, so politics is out of his interests.

Andries III Vlaardoen succeeds his brother, Johan II Vlaardoen, as Prince of Bergdhoven and Viscount of Linden. Highwaymen murdered Johan in inspection trip to the area of Nouvelle Averoigne. Dieter Lowenroth and his group of rebels are strongly suspected to be behind the murder.

Andries married Alexandra Pieinants, sister of Viscount Leopol.

Being uninterested in politics and not a loyal husband, Viscount Leopol keeps distances from House Linden.

Andries absolutely hates Friedrich von Drachenfels, who had dubbed him clown as a Prince.

Relations with House Ritterburg move to Hostile. Without House Ritterburg's support and with some internal problems it'll be more difficult for House Linden to win everything they want.

Ernst Batril realises his mistake: he had made a pact with a Prince, who's no more, now he has to start again.

Andries representative at the Parliament is Antonie.

*Council Charges


Andries thinks the Chamberlain of the Land has too many responsibilities, and he isn't interested in politics. The Charge is up for grab.

Prince Fernando and Prince Vitalin ask the Charge for themselves.

Friedrich votes against Vitalin, thus for Fernando.

Princes Toktai and Borso value most an alliance with Elves, they vote for Fernando.

Andries abstains: Elves and Alphatians make no difference for him.

Morphail votes for Vitalin, he wants to ease relations with him.

Fernando 86 votes, Vitalin 34.

Fernando de Belcadiz is the new Chamberlain of the Land. He is happy since he's by nature a diplomat and an administrator and could now use his talents to its best, building new roads and bridges, and tending forests.

Viceroyalty of Monteleone:

Nobody else wants the position so Andries is the new Viceroy. Fernando is dismayed, he tries to ask Friedrich to do something like having someone candidate himself but there's nothing the Hattian can do. Fernando quickly forgets his victory.

864 AC

Dieter Lowenroth is captured and executed. Borso's wife, Barbara Lowenroth (daughter of Dieter) is enraged. This strains relations between Hattians and Kerendans even more and the alliance between House Sirecchia and House Linden could end before starting.

866 AC

Vlaicu Timenko succeeds his father, Alexandru, as Baron of Kutchevski

867 AC

Margaret von Taafnen succeeds the grandfather of her husband, Alexander, as Marchioness of Berrym. Her husband Herman as well as his parents are not magic-users, so Margaret is the only legitimate heir.

Alexander Wolfen succeeds his father, Alphons, as Baron of Egorn. Alphons is killed during a public speech in Leenz. Prince Vitalin asks for the CoP intervention against Hattian racism towards Alphatians.

868 AC

Bogdo Khan is killed; Von Drachenfels brothers and Eberhard Wechsen surrender and are expelled to Darokin. Glantrian Wars end.

Prince Friedrich von Drachenfels did have a major role in crushing the rebellions with his combined fighter-mage troops. For that he was awarded newly created honorary title of Warden of Marches as a nominal head of the army of Glantri.

*Honorary title

It's decided to give the honorary title of Warden of the Marches to the best military leader, who'll be in charge of commanding Glantrian Army in case of war.

Prince Vitalin, Prince Andries and Prince Borso cannot deny the evidence (especially when it doesn't bring more votes): Friedrich is voted at the unanimity, he is the first Warden of the Marches

Friedrich also had a major role preventing relations with Darokin from breaking. He had to counter all the misinformation expelled nobles were spreading against Glantri in Darokin and also in Wendar. But he succeeded in that. In 868 Friedrich published his celebrated book about warfare and magic, Über Kriege und Magie, which later became a must-read for all Glantrian military leaders.

The Count of Soth-Kabree Idagoraz Cornaber dies heirless.

*Festival Awards

Vacant County of Soth-Kabree -- 7  

Orlando Fulvina (Viscount of Verrazzano), Etienne d'Ambreville (Sylaire), Gilles Grenier (Fausseflammes), David McGregor (Crownguard) don't want to move.


- Robert of Haaskinz, House Sirecchia: he wants to move away from isolated Redstone.

- Stefan Cornhearst, House Silverston: Alphatians wants to gain more voting power whenever a possibility arises, moreover Nathrat is very near to Soth-Kabree. By going near the Elves they hope to ally themselves with them.

John Bluebeard has thirst of power, this time he allies with elves promising them he'll keep Idagoraz's line.

Knowing the elves are presenting their own candidate Prince Vitalin promises Fernando he won't present his own and he'll vote for John if don Fernando will vote his candidate during next FA. Fernando agrees.

Princes Fernando, Vitalin and Friedrich vote for John.

Princes Borso and Andries for Robert.

Prince Morphail abstains.

Prince Toktai doesn't want to lose Sirecchia's alliance to gain Alhambra's thus he abstains.

New Count of Soth-Kabree is John Bluebeard, 63 votes, since Robert's petition is rejected with 35 votes only.

John Bluebeard  Count of Soth-Kabree  --  7  House Alhambra 

*Festival Awards

Vacant Viscounty of Blofeld -- 6  

Traladaran Barons and Johann von Graustein don't take part at the FA.


- Alexander Wolfen, House Silverston. He wants to go away from his former fief where he still feels himself menaced by his father's rivals.

- Christos Capostria, House Sirecchia tries once more.

Prince Vitalin and Fernando vote for Alexander.

Once more Morphail votes for Wolfen.

Prince Borso, Toktai and Andries vote for Christos.

Prince Friedrich abstains, setting the result to 61 votes for Christos and 56 for Alexander.

Now it's HoL's turn.

Kaelics side with the more powerful Kerendans, but this isn't enough for Christos who manages to have more votes but not enough: 145 against 105.

A new MD ensues: surprisingly Alexander Wolfen wins.

Alexander Wolfen  Viscount of Blofeld  --  6  House Silverston 

*Festival Awards

Vacant Barony of Egorn -- 5  


Petrus Foljanbe, Flaems try for the second time. This time there aren't other candidates.

New Baron of Egorn is Petrus Foljanbe

Petrus Foljanbe  Barony of Egorn  -- 5  House Linden 

869 AC

Dona Charlena, on her way back home from a visit to his brother Charan, is slain in an ambush by some orcs. Don Fernando de Belcadiz blames his brother-in-law, Charan Erewan, for his wife's death and breaks all relations with Erewans.

This accident will literally cause the split between Charan and Don Fernando: the Belcadiz leader will refuse to speak about the matter and the two elven leaders will never speak to each other after this. This hostility will culminate in the division of the elven Principality in AC 884.

During next 15 years, the Erewans will be reduced to second-class citizens in the Principality of Belcadiz. There'll be harsher sentences for them, harsher taxation and so on. The oppression of the Erewans will be realised by Don Alfonso, who'll rule the Erewan part of the Principality like a military dictator for 14 years. In fact, Don Alfonso never liked Erewans, considering them intruders.

First Charan will only protest in the House of Lords about the treatment of his elves at the hands of Don Alfonso in elven Principality.

871 AC

The Duke of Hightower, Louis Postbrad dies without any legitimate heir. He had two children, but unfortunately they both lack magical abilities.

*Festival Awards

Vacant Duchy of Hightower -- 9  

Charan Erewan wants to stay with his clan to defend it from Don Fernando's overbearing behaviour. He doesn't believe moving just to gain more voting powers is the right thing to do.

Carlos de Reyder wants to remain in Satolas, he doesn't wish to move from elven lands.


Only one: Margaret von Taafnen, House Ritterburg. Prince Friedrich wants to return to his previous power.

Margaret von Taafnen  Duchess of Hightower  --  9  House Ritterburg 

*Festival Awards

Vacant Marquisate of Berrym -- 8  

Count Verlien and Count McDougall (who thinks the death of his father is too recent to move from Glenargyll) don't compete.


- John Bluebeard, independent. Unfortunately for him his bluff was discovered by the elves that refused him. He's now in need of a new support, and since he doesn't succeed in finding it, he thinks that, as independent nobody will go against his candidacy and those who are against other candidates will vote for him.

- Leopol Pieinants, House Linden. Prince Andries doesn't care that much of politics but he realises it was very bad to lose a Duchy. Leopol is quite enraged with his sister's husband but he does need his support to reach his goal. The two Flaem momentarily leave apart their strife.

Princes Friedrich, Vitalin and Toktai votes for John, offering him their future support.

Princes Andries and Borso vote for Leopol.

Prince Fernando abstains, not wishing to have John gaining the Marquisate after having betrayed him.

Prince Morphail votes for Leopol, too. He doesn't wish to have John as ally, this time he can gain something without losing anything.

Result: John 67 votes, Leopol 51.

At the HoL, Kaelics vote for Leopol, Charan Erewan and Ernst Batril vote for John.

The result is now 137 votes for Leopol and 110 for John. There'll be another duel.

Leopol Pieinants wins the Duel.

Leopol Pieinants  Marquise of Berrym  --  8  House Linden 

*Festival Awards

Vacant County of Wylon -- 7  

Robert of Haaskinz wants to move but doesn't want to go in Alphatian territory. Other Viscounts wish to remain where they are.


Since Stefan Cornhearst is already near Alphatian territory Prince Vitalin thinks Wolfen will be a better choice. Stefan agrees.

Alexander Wolfen  Count of Wylon  --  7  House Silverston 

*Festival Awards

Vacant Viscounty of Blofeld -- 6  

Allies of House Igorov and Johann von Graustein don't want to move.

Christos Capostria, the Baron of Uigmuir would like to try again. Prince Borso knows he'll easily beat the Flaemish candidate, but this is an occasion to ratify an alliance with the Flaems. House Linden accepts, since they are otherwise alone against everybody else. Borso doesn't candidate Christos, who isn't that satisfied.


Petrus Foljanbe, House Linden. It's a great occasion to move from Egorn.

Petrus Foljanbe  Viscount of Blofeld  --  5  House Linden 

*Festival Awards

Vacant Barony of Egorn -- 5  


Constanza de Blanca, House Alhambra. Prince Fernando lost Idagoraz Cornaber and Charan Erewan as allies. He needs to increase his power, and he had done this before if he had realised how quickly power can be decreased in Glantri.

Constanza de Blanca  Baron of Egorn  --  5  House Alhambra 

872 AC

Kasper von Graustein succeeds his father, Johann, as Baron of Adlerturm

Kasper continues the non-interested-in-politics line of his family.

875 AC

Bohemon Batril succeeds his father, Ernst, as Duke of Fenswick.

Bohemon has realised his father's politics of non-joining any Houses won't permit him to reach the Archduchy of Westheath. He joins House Singhabad.

The GsoM is opened.

Etienne d'Ambreville asks Prince Fernando to give classes in the Great School of Magic. Prince Fernando is delighted, since now he can find relief in his work in the school. He becomes friendly to Etienne.

*Petition of the Enfeoffment of the Principality of Nouvelle Averoigne

Prince Borso votes yes, he isn't friendly to Etienne but he recognises his power.

Princes Friedrich, Andries and Fernando vote yes.

Prince Vitalin is suspicious of a former ally of House Linden, thus he abstains.

Prince Morphail's suspicion is growing higher and higher as he sees Etienne's rise in the Country, still he doesn't want to openly contrast a man who seems welcomed and respected by everyone else, thus he abstains.

*Petition of the Enfeoffment of the Principality of Klantyre

Since the two petitions arrived quite at the same time, the CoP decided the two future Princes won't have voted on the other's petition.

Prince Andries votes yes since Flaems have been friend of Kaelics since 829.

Prince Borso votes yes since he has learnt to value Kaelics friendship during the years.

Prince Friedrich votes yes since he somewhat likes Robert.

Prince Toktai votes yes, he wants to keep things going well with Kaelics, especially if they'll get the Principality.

Prince Vitalin votes yes since he's willing to beat Toktai and gain Robert alliance.

Prince Morphail votes yes because he wants the Kaelics to think he's well disposed towards them.

Prince Fernando abstains; he doesn't feel the need of another Principality.

*Establishment of new Council Charges

The CoP decides to give Robert McGregor the task of building a fort on the western border with Sind. Then it gives Robert the Viceroyalty of the Fort as Council Charge. The distance annoys Robert.

Then the CoP votes the admission of Great Master of the Great School of Magic as Council Charge and its voting power. The voting power requested is 10, since this is a magocracy the Master of the School has to have more votes than other Charges.

Princes Friedrich, Andries and Fernando approve.

Princes Toktai and Vitalin approve since they'd like to have Etienne as ally.

Princes Morphail, Borso and Robert abstain.

Now Charan Erewan realises what he has to do: to lobby for another elven Principality for his clan.

House Alhambra - 875 AC
Fernando de Belcadiz Prince of Belcadiz, Marquise of Alhambra, Chamberlain of the Land 22 22 862
Carlos de Reyder Marquise of Satolas -- 8  
Constanza de Blanca Baroness of Egorn -- 5 871
TOTAL VOTES  22  35  862-9-71 

Charan Erewan Marquis of Ellerovyn   8 869

House Crownguard - 875 AC
David McGregor Prince of Klantyre, Viscount of Crownguard, Viceroy of Sablestone 17 17 875
Huge McDougall Count of Glenargyll -- 7  
TOTAL VOTES  17  24  861-8-75 

House Igorov - 875 AC
Morphail Gorevitch-Woszlany Prince of Boldavia, Baron of Igorov, Viceroy of Tchernovodsk 16 16  
Aleksei Markovitch Baron of Vladimirov -- 5  
Petru Kviepoly Baron of Palatinsk -- 5  
Vlaicu Timenko Baron of Kutchevski -- 5 866
TOTAL VOTES  16  31  866 

House Linden - 875 AC
Andries II Vlaardoen Prince of Bergdhoven, Viscount of Linden, Viceroy of Monteleone 17 17 860, 862
Leopold Pieinants Marquise of Berrym -- 8 861, 871
Willion Verlien Count of High Sonden -- 7  
Petrus Foljanbe Viscount of Blofeld -- 6 868, 871
TOTAL VOTES  17  38  861-2-8-71-5 

House Ritterburg - 875 AC
Friedrich von Drachenfels Prince of Aalban, Count of Ritterburg, Chancellor of Princes, Warden of the Marches 23 23  
Margaret von Taafnen Duchess of Hightower -- 9 861, 867, 871
Kasper von Graustein Baron of Adlerturm -- 5 862, 872
TOTAL VOTES  23  37  861-71 

House Silverston - 871 AC
Vitalin Aendyr Prince of Blackhill, Count of Silverston, Viceroy of Nordling 18 18  
Alexander Wolfen Count of Wylon ------ 7 861, 867, 868, 871
Stefan Cornhearst Viscount of Nathrat ------ 6  
TOTAL VOTES  18  31  861-8-71 

House Singhabad - 875 AC
Toktai Virayana Prince of Singhabad, Marquise of Singhabad, Supreme Judge 26 26  
Bohemon Batril Duke of Fenswick -- 9 875
TOTAL VOTES  26  35  875 

House Sirecchia - 875 AC
Borso di Sfonti Prince of Caurenze, Viscount of Sirecchia, Treasurer of the Council 18 18  
Wilhelm Muskerry Archduke of Westheath -- 10  
Robert of Haaskinz Viscount of Redstone -- 6  
Orlando II Fulvina Viscount of Verrazzano -- 6 861
Christos Capostria Baron of Uigmuir -- 5  
TOTAL VOTES  18  45  861 

House Sylaire - 875 AC
Etienne d'Ambreville Prince of N. Averoigne, Viscount of Sylaire, Grand Master of the Great School of Magic 26 26 875
Gilles Grenier Viscount of Fausseflammes -- 6  
TOTAL VOTES  26  32  875 


Grand Master Supreme Judge Chancellor Chamberlain Treasurer Viceroy of Nordling Viceroy of Tchernovodsk Viceroy of Monteleone Viceroy of Sablestone
859 - Toktai Virayana Friedrich von Drachenfels Jacob I Vlaardoen Borso di Sfonti Vitalin Aendyr Morphail Gorevitch-Woszlany Fernando de Belcadiz -
860 -     Johann II Vlaardoen         -
862 -     Fernando de Belcadiz       Andries III Vlaardoen -
875 Etienne d'Ambreville               Robert McGregor