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Glantrian Political History - AC 876 to 884

by Harri Mäki and Giovanni Porpora

876 AC


Etienne founds the Brotherhood of the Blue Light, a secret society with the aim of collecting information about the Radiance and sharing them with its members.

Etienne plans to limit the number of persons who knows about the Radiance and eventually have one member for every non-hostile House (i.e.: not House Crownguard and House Igorov).

Also Etienne wants to lure into the society everyone who knows about the Radiance. Starting members are two old Etienne's pupils: Robert of Haaskinz and Alexander Wolfen.
Members of the Brotherhood reunites themselves in a secret chamber near the Great Master's one at the Great School in Glantri City.

They know each other but they keep their features and identities hidden by hoods and dresses, which magically partially deforms voices and bodies to prevent to be recognised by an eventual infiltrator.

The members summon a meeting communicating through their receptacles whenever they feel the need. They choose a name to distinguish among themselves.

Etienne's name is Brother Bluelight, Alexander's Brother Azureyes, and Robert's Brother Violethue.

*Political Machine

Following the enfeoffment of the two new Principalities, the CoP's voting has to be updated:

877 AC


Mihneu Kviepoly succeeds his brother, Petru, as Baron of Palatinsk

878 AC


Galeazzo di Sfonti marries Margherita Fulvina.


-Wenzel Capostria succeeds his father, Christos, as Baron of Uigmuir

-Prince Borso di Sfonti dies. The new Prince is his cousin Bernabo di Sfonti. Borso's son Galeazzo is only 27-years old, and he accepts Bernabo as the new prince without any complaints, surprising everybody.

Bernabo is neither a typical mage, nor interested in learning. He is instead interested in hunting, dog-breeding and especially in horse-breeding. During next ten years he'll develop for Caurenze the best horses in whole Glantri. Bernabo isn't afraid of his relatives, is very easy going although bit impulsive.

*Council Charges

*Treasurer: Vitalin would like to gain the position for himself, but as a gesture of friendship he doesn't want to compete (in fact he'd lose). Nobody else wants the position.

Bernabo di Sfonti is confirmed Treasurer.


Constanza de Blanca is the fourth member of the Brotherhood of the Blue Light. She discovered the Radiance in 866 AC. Her name is Sister Redheart.

879 AC


Two new members join the BBL: Leopol Pieinants and John Bluebeard.
Leopol discovered the Radiance soon after he became Marquise of Berrym (but he had had some hints before) in 871, finding some ancient Flaemish scrolls dating back to the Flaemish Duchy which enclosed Beraam (Berrym). Leopol's name is Brother Ember.

John had known the Radiance since the Light of Rad, something that strikes Etienne, and since then the Radiance had been his sole motive of gaining more and more power. John's name is Brother Nevermore.

The six members struck a deal for the forthcoming AF as well as future ones: they'll support other members of the Brotherhood standing for a higher title.


The Archduke of Westheath Wilhelm Muskerry dies.

*Awards Festival, 879.1

Vacant Archduchy of Westheath -- 10  


- Bohemon Batril, House Singhabad. Bohemon's father had been waiting for this moment to come for a long time. Bohemon allied himself with Toktai Virayana for this moment to come. Prince Toktai presents his first candidate during an AF.

- Margaret von Taafnen, House Ritterburg.

*Voting CoP

Prince Friedrich and Prince Toktai vote for their own candidate.

Prince Andries should abstain, but his hatred towards Friedrich is so strong he decide to vote for Bohemon, with the excuse of trying to ally with him, thus weakening the Ethengarians.

Prince Vitalin votes for Bohemon, trying to bring him to his side.

Prince Fernando's friendship with Friedrich, as well as Etienne's, makes them vote for Margaret.

Prince Bernabo votes for Bohemon.

The two Houses voting power are similar, thus undecided Princes, Morphail and Robert, decide to abstain.


Batril 79 votes approved, von Taafnen 71 votes, not approved.

Bohemon Batril  Archduke of Westheath  --  10  House Singhabad 

*Awards Festival, 879.2

Vacant Duchy of Fenswick -- 9  

Elven Marquises Charan Erewan and Carlos de Reyder don't want to move from elven territories for different reasons.


Leopol Pieinants, House Linden.

Leopol Pieinants  Duke of Fenswick  --  9  House Linden 

*Awards Festival, 879.3

Vacant Marquisate of Berrym -- 8  

Count Willion Verlien is the only one who doesn't compete, as usual.


- John Bluebeard, House Ritterburg. John managed to ally himself with one of the few Houses he hasn't betrayed yet.

- Hugh "Huge" McDougall, House Crownguard. Now that some years passed since his father's death he wants to move.

- Alexander Wolfen, House Silverston. Alexander wants to complete his raising through the ranks of Glantrian nobility.

*Voting CoP

Prince Vitalin, Prince Friedrich and Prince Robert vote for their own candidate.

Prince Morphail knows that by choosing one candidate he'll gain one point but he'll lose two, he abstains.

Prince Bernabo and Prince Andries choose the only candidate of a friendly House, Hugh.

Prince Toktai thanks Alphatians of their vote for Batril during the previous AF and votes for Alexander. He wants other Princes to know he exchanges the favours received.

Prince Fernando and Prince Etienne are in very good terms with Prince Friedrich, they vote for John

Results: Alexander Wolfen 44 votes, rejected. John Bluebeard, 71 votes, and Hugh McDougall, 52 votes, go to the HoL.

*Voting HoL

Houses vote as the Prince at the CoP with a couple of remarkable exceptions: Leopol Pieinants and Robert of Haaskinz make their spokesmen vote for John. They put the blame on their spokesmen.

House Silverston promises full support to John Bluebeard if he'll switch to their side after the election. John eagerly agrees, he misses Alphatians.

Charan Erewan wants to draw the attention of the Chancellor Friedrich von Drachenfels to Erewan elves' treatment by Belcadiz elves, he votes for his candidate.

Prince Toktai and House Singhabad would prefer more powerful Ritterburg to Crownguard but doesn't want to lose Kaelics' trust now they are slowly learning to appreciate him, he abstains.


John 172 votes, Hugh 83. Another magical duel takes place, and Hugh is no match for John.

John Bluebeard  Marquise of Berrym  --  8  House Ritterburg/Silverston 

*Political Machine

The spokesmen of Leopol Pieinants and Robert of Haaskinz are sentenced to death, despite the fact they protest their innocence. A harsh debate ensues at the HoL about the Spokesmen Affaire.

The majority of nobles are convinced those who rely on someone else ought to provide a safe mean of obedience by themselves: how can a noble rule over a fief if he couldn't guarantee the loyalty of a mere spokesman?

Some nobles thinks this is a good pretext to get rid of unwanted relatives.

Some spokesmen are seriously worried of a possible death, and they start to think about the matter. Edmeo Recioto, Capostrias' spokesman, proposes a public society in charge of the selection of spokesmen. However there are only few spokesmen who aren't relatives of a noble, and these are divided by House enmities, too. Therefore they can't stand to make their voices heard. But those spokesmen who don't feel themselves safe from their noble relatives cautiously pay attention to Edmeo's project.


The members of the BBL realise they made a mistake and decide that from now on they'll reunite before every AF to evaluate possible strategies. This should prevent further scandals.

*Awards Festival, 879.4

Vacant County of Soth-Kabree -- 7  

Gilles Grenier (Fausseflammes) and Fulvina (Verazzano) are the only two Viscounts who prefer their actual fief.


- Stefan Cornhearst, House Silverston.

- Petrus Foljanbe, House Linden.

- Robert of Haaskinz, House Sirecchia. This is another occasion of getting rid of Redstone.

*Voting CoP

Princes Vitalin, Andries and Bernabo vote for their own candidates.

Prince Robert votes for his friends Flaems.

Prince Morphail abstains, for the same reason of last AF.

Prince Friedrich wants to definitively ease relations with House Sirecchia after the Lowenroth affair, he votes for Robert.

Prince Toktai wants to improve his relations with House Silverston since the ones with House Sirecchia are already good and House Silverston has become more powerful. He votes for Stefan.

Etienne votes for Robert, one of his pupils.


Petrus 34 votes, rejected. Stefan, 66 votes, and Robert, 67, to the HoL.

*Voting HoL

House Linden and House Crownguard prefers House Sirecchia to House Silverston,

Robert wins with 167 votes to 114 but it's not enough, a duel takes place.

Robert is a better mage than Stefan but unfortunately for him a strange event takes place few minutes before the Duel: while he's preparing himself, casting some magic, his left leg withers preventing him from attending the duel. The law says Stefan Cornhearst is the winner, but House Sirecchia heavily protests convinced this was a wicked Alphatian plot.

Stefan Cornhearst  Count of Soth-Kabree  --  7  House Silverston 

*Political Machine

House Sirecchia heavily protests at the HoL, at the CoP and especially at the Duel Court. It asks an investigation on the causes of Robert's accident. Fortunately enough the rules for the duels had already been improved during last 20 years and they aren't objects of dissent. To ease things, MGM Etienne d'Ambreville takes the matter in his own hands: he'll personally investigate the problem. This doesn't suffice for Prince Bernabo. He wants to discover himself the truth and he wants to know if this accident is somehow related to the Spokesmen affair. He can't investigate personally and he chooses Wenzel Capostria: Capostrias have always resented Haaskinzs, considering them not worthy of the privileges di Sfontis have been granting them, sometime even at Capostrias expenses.

*Awards Festival, 879.5

Vacant Viscounty of Nathrat -- 6  

As usual Boldavian nobles don't compete, as well as von Graustein.


- Constanza de Blanca, House Alhambra. Constanza discovered the Radiance 13 years ago and she has been a member of the BBL since last year: driven by her curiosity she wants to move nearer the source of power.

- Wenzel Capostria, House Sirecchia. Wenzel wants to be a Viscount as Robert of Haaskinz is.

*Voting CoP

Prince Bernabo and Prince Fernando vote for their own candidate

Prince Andries votes for Wenzel.

Princes Friedrich, Etienne and Vitalin show their friendship to Fernando voting for Constanza.

Prince Robert doesn't trust elves.

Princes Toktai and Morphail abstains.


Constanza, 89 votes, gets the approbation, Wenzel, 52, is rejected.

Constanza de Blanca  Viscountess of Nathrat  --  6  House Alhambra 

*Awards Festival, 879.6

Vacant Barony of Egorn -- 5  


- Jorg de Gheyn, House Linden.

- Malipiero Malvasia, House Sirecchia.

- Maria Sprigg, a Fenswickian. Her father was the political councillor of the former Duke of Fenswick, Adalbert Batril, and the trusted spokesman of his son Bohemon. After his father's death, she took over his charge and she herself was behind Bohemon' decision to ally with House Singhabad and his victory during the recent AF. A good friend of Edmeo Recioto, she's strongly convinced the spokesmen ought to have more rights than they actually have and decides to candidate herself to provide them a noble who'll bring their voices at the HoL.

However she also hopes to be a representative of her people, the Fens, since the only noble of Fenswickian descend, John Bluebeard, is too selfish to take care of the rights of his people. The Fenswickian Dream would be to "have a Fenswick to rule Fenswick".

She's obviously allied with Archduke Batril, but Prince Toktai can't stand to have a woman for ally. Annoyed by this Archduke Batril takes advantage of this occasion for switching to House Silverston, without advising Prince Toktai, of course.

Maria decides not to ally herself with anyone else, at the moment.
She knows she has to be relatively friendly with House Linden since Leopol Pieinants is the ruler of Fenswick. She is against House Crownguard by all means.

*Voting CoP

Princes Andries and Etienne support the Flaem.

Prince Fernando supports Maria Sprigg, he hates Flaems and he somewhat likes Maria and what she wishes to do for the spokesmen and for her people.

Prince Friedrich supports Maria, not having better choices.

Prince Bernabo supports Malipiero.

Prince Morphail supports Maria, not having problems with spokesmen himself, he hopes this will weaken other Princes.

Prince Robert is against the Fenswick and friendly to Flaems, he supports Jorg.

Prince Toktai is against the woman as well as the Flaems, he supports the Caurenzan.

Prince Vitalin supports Maria, as part of the agreement with Bohemon Batril.


The Caurenzan, 44 votes, is rejected. De Gheyn, 60 votes, not approved nor rejected. Maria, 79 votes, is the only candidate who's approved.

Maria Sprigg  Baroness of Egorn  --  5  Independent 


Prince Robert is enraged a Fenswickian has became a noble. He blames House Silverston, Alhambra and Ritterburg for having openly acted against House Crownguard during these AF. Prince Robert doesn't openly show himself hostile, but merely very hungry.

He plans to annoy the woman with the help of his garrisons in Fort Sablestone, and he makes a political deal with House Linden and House Sirecchia, those who actively tried to prevent such a disaster from happening, against Maria Sprigg. Both Houses lost a lot of their influence during last 10 years. The Princes name the alliance the Three Princes.

House Linden relies mainly in relatives or Flaems spokesmen and their hatred towards other races guarantees no problems, at the moment. Also Flaems usually have friends and foes well defined.

But House Sirecchia might be in trouble, since there are a lot of non-relatives-spokesmen originating from Caurenze. But this is a good occasion to strengthen the ties with House Linden, since during the AF each of the two Houses went its own way.

Next step will be to involve, without House Linden actually knowing this, House Singhabad. Prince Robert personally makes the proposal to Prince Toktai who finds in trouble himself now, because whatever he chooses he'll lost more than he'll gain. He tries to temporise.

Maria Sprigg knows she can count on House Silverston's support only. Despite it is the more powerful House at the moment, things won't be easy for her: there are a lot of Houses against her, seeing her as someone that threatens the magocracy itself.

House Ritterburg has lost more than it has gained during last AF: relations with Houses Crownguard, Singhabad and Sirecchia worsened. However Friedrich's prestige and charisma are well known in Glantri and they're confident there'll soon come better moments.

House Silverston has become the more powerful House at the HoL, and Prince Vitalin now wants his two new allies, Bohemon Batril and John Bluebeard, to remain loyal to him. Concerning possible alliances, he's still trying to bring Prince Fernando to his side.

Prince Etienne finds a couple of problems: 1st to determine what happened to the BBL member Robert of Haaskinz, 2nd his plan of having one member for each house failed because of John Bluebeard's continuous switching.

880 AC


Prince Vitalin Aendyr's oldest daughter Mariadna marries Eric Bluebeard, son of Marquis John Bluebeard. By doing this Vitalin hopes to keep the Marquise by his side, preventing John's usual switching from House to House.


The Count of Wylon Alexander Wolfen dies, while perusing the Radiance. He hasn't any heir and he didn't share his knowledge about it with others.


Now John Bluebeard is the only member of House Silverston who knows something about the Radiance.

Etienne let his pupil, Momai Virayana, find something about the Radiance.

*Awards Festival, 880.1

Vacant County of Wylon -- 7  

As usual Gilles Grenier and Fulvina don't compete.


- Petrus Foljanbe, House Linden. The reason of his presence is to hide the truth: Robert is the real candidate the Three Princes will support.

- Robert of Haaskinz, House Sirecchia.

- Constanza de Blanca, House Alhambra.

*Voting CoP

Princes Robert, Andries and Bernabo votes for Robert.

Princes Fernando, Vitalin and Friedrich for Constanza.

Prince Etienne has to choose between two members of the BBL, Constanza and Robert, but he thinks it's better to have them fight for the County: he abstains, as Prince Morphail.

Prince Toktai values more the three Princes than House Alhambra, he votes for Robert.


Robert, 78 votes, is the only one approved. Constanza got only 63 votes.

Robert of Haaskinz  Count of Wylon  --  7  House Sirecchia 

*Awards Festival, 880.2

Vacant Viscounty of Redstone -- 6  

Traladarans and von Graustein don't compete, as well as Maria Sprigg. Despite she would gladly challenge the status quo, she's not thirsty of power, and she knows it's better not to expose herself too much. She needs some allies, not more power herself.


Wenzel Capostria, House Sirecchia.

Finally Capostria succeeds in going away from Uigmuir. He is happy to be nearer Caurenze, but a bit annoyed of the distance between Uigmuir and Redstone.

Wenzel Capostria  Viscount of Redstone  --  6  House Sirecchia 

*Awards Festival, 880.3

Vacant Barony of Uigmuir -- 5  


Malipiero Malvasia, House Sirecchia, was murdered while parading in Caurenze during the Viscounty of Redstone AF. It's said he was murdered by Maria's Sprigg friends, because she intended to have her candidate stand for the open Barony and wanted to get rid of a competitor. In truth, Malipiero planned to switch to her side after having gained the Barony with the Three Princes' support, he was discovered and...

Maria can't find another candidate, and the Three Princes rely on their second choice.

Ossian McAllister, House Crownguard. He's the only candidate, House Ritterburg likes him because of his military prowess and he's very popular amongst Uigmuir citizens because he's a distant relative of Malcolm McAllister, first baron of Uigmuir.

Ossian McAllister  Baron of Uigmuir  --  5  House Crownguard 


Etienne discovers what happened to Robert of Haaskinz: Radiance. Together with other BBL members he'll concentrate himself on discovering why the Radiance could have such effects and to find some counter-effects.

881 AC


Piotr Markovitch succeeds his father, Aleksei, as Baron of Vladimirov

Guy Foljanbe succeeds his father, Petrus, as Viscount of Blofeld


The BBL decides to approve a sort of Honour Code to prevent the members from meeting so often: it'd become too much time consuming.

When a member of the BBL stand for a fief against non-members, other members are compelled to support him unless their support would endanger the Brotherhood.

When two members of the BBL stand for the same fief, other members are compelled to abstain unless their abstention would endanger the Brotherhood.

882 AC


Prince Vitalin Aendyr's second daughter Eriadna marries Arnulf of Haaskinz, grandson of Count Robert of Haaskinz. There's no immediate outcome from this marriage; Prince Vitalin and Count Robert merely want to stress their friendship, despite quarrels between Houses, because of the proximity of Robert's fief to the Principality of Blackhill.


The Prince Andries III Vlaardoen dies. The new Prince is his son Willem IV Vlaardoen.

He is reserved and stiff, hard and unscrupulous, and also is a great admirer of Friedrich von Drachenfels. He is however more politician and diplomat than soldier.

His representative at the Parliament, is Antonie Vlaardoen.


This means the Three Princes alliance breaks, since Friedrich doesn't want to join it and Willem is not interested in being part of it.

Moreover Maria Sprigg's activity seems to have diminished. They don't know Maria has been subtly working gaining several minor alliances and some major ones such as Charan Erewan.

*Council Charges

Willem Vlaardoen IV is confirmed as Viceroy of Monteleone. Fernando de Belcadiz tries to convince someone else to stand for the Charge without any results.

883 AC


Prince Vitalin Aendyr's youngest daughter Jonna marries Bernard Batril, son of Archduke Bohemon Batril. This marriage confirms and ratifies the passage of the Archduke from House Singhabad to House Silverston (something which happened in 879).

Three sons of the Prince try to kill him.

Prince Bernabo di Sfonti is forced to bed by a disease; his heir Galeazzo actually substitutes him.


Momai Virayana joins the BBL. His name is Brother Lightflash.
Wenzel Capostria finally infiltrates the BBL, but his bluff is discovered and before he can suspect anything he's sentenced to death by other members.


Philipe Capostria succeeds his father, Wenzel, as Viscount of Redstone

Dan Timenko succeeds his father, Vlaicu, as Baron of Kutchevski


A delayed-blast fireball set by Erewan terrorists explodes at Alhambra, killing a number of the family's servants and severely injuring Dona Leontina, wife of Don Alfonso, causing her to miscarry.

The Erewan terrorists are actually part of the E.L.F., a secret sect that has been plaguing Belcadiz territories during the last dozen years.

For the first time Belcadiz elves have to publicly admit there are serious problems with Erewan elves. Don Fernando has never mentioned before E.L.F. attempts fearing an investigation of the Council in Erewan territories.

E.L.F. has finally succeeded in gaining the attention they wanted to, and Charan Erewan succeeds in making the Chancellor, Friedrich von Drachenfels, order investigations against the alleged misconducts of the ruling Belcadiz elves against the Erewans. The results of the investigations will be presented to the whole Parliament next spring.

884 AC

Pelagiri Aendyr becomes Castellan of Fort Nordling.

*Charan Erewan petitions the enfeoffment of a new elven Principality.

Charan had been the most active politician during these years trying to get allies against Belcadizan elves.

Since 875 he realised he'd have needed at least four Princes to support his request. One of them had to be the Chancellor, Friedrich von Drachenfels, a good friend of Prince Fernando.

He decided he wouldn't have contacted the Flaems since they were likely to vote anything that weakened elven Voting Power at the House of Lord, provided they weren't requested to do so.

Other Princes were mainly concerned of not losing Fernando's sympathies Etienne, Morphail, Toktai, Robert and Vitalin, and of eventually allying themselves with clan Alhambra. The situation seemed desperate. The only Prince who seemed willing to parley with Charan was Borso di Sfonti who had had some problems with Fernando in the past.

But in 878 Borso died, succeeded by Bernabo, who was very little interested in Charan's problems.

Finally in 879 Charan managed to have his first ally: House Crownguard. Fernando's support to Maria's Sprigg election as Baroness of Egorn gained him the enmity of Prince Robert and Charan seized the opportunity.

In 882 he made a deal with House Igorov which had already showed itself interested in Charan's problems. Unfortunately with House Sylaire, Silverston, Singhabad, Sirecchia he hadn't been successful, due to Fernando's strategy: he never allied with those Houses but continued to give them a chance to hope for a future alliance. Charan decided the time had come to try to convince Prinz Friedrich, hoping something would have changed with other Princes.

Chancellor Friedrich von Drachenfels was Charan's main and most difficult target. Being a good friend of Fernando he hadn't cared for Charan's pleas, so it took Charan two years of daily protestations to convince the Hattian Prince to investigate the situation in Erewan Elves territory. Meanwhile Fernando was working to avoid Friedrich's order, by persuading Friedrich subordinates that question wasn't worth such a strong act.

When in 883 Chancellor Friedrich von Drachenfels finally ordered investigations against the alleged misconduct's of the ruling Belcadiz elves against the Erewans, Charan made the final step to be sure his petition would have been approved: he allied himself with Galeazzo di Sfonti, heir of Prince Bernabo, actually unable to rule. Galeazzo had seen House Linden leave the Three Princes alliance, and he would like Charan as substitute of the Flaem. Charan Erewan enters the New Three Princes alliance.

The results of the investigation in Erewan's territories are presented at the Parliament and many nobles are appalled at them. During the same meeting Charan petition the enfeoffment of the Principality of Erewan

*Voting CoP

Prince Willem votes yes, he's convinced that the Elves power at the HoL will be weakened.

Prince Robert and "Bernabo" votes yes.

Prince Morphail sees this is a good occasion to weaken another rival, he votes yes.

Princes Vitalin and Prince Toktai decide to side with the stronger presence at the CoP and at the HoL, they vote no.

Prince Etienne abstains, not wishing to hurt the elven leaders.

Prince Friedrich gives his support for the division, the decisive factor, even though Don Fernando fights until the end against this decision.


The petition is accepted with 91 "yea" and 66"nay". In the summer of AC 884 Charan Erewan finds himself a member of the ruling council.


All friendly relationships between Friedrich and Fernando de Belcadiz are broken much to Friedrich's grief.

Prince Fernando realises that House Silverston and Singhabad are good allies, and that he can't trust House Igorov and Crownguard.

Prince Charan is friendly towards Friedrich for his support, the Hattian Prince respects Charan.

He's friendly towards Morphail, and the Boldavian Prince chose Erewan elves instead of Belcadiz ones because of some strange reports he had about some Belcadizan activities.

He dislikes House Silverston and Singhabad.

House Crownguard, House Sirecchia and House Ellerovyn form the New Three Princes alliance.

*Council Charge

At first the Council is somewhat unsure what kind of a charge they should give to Charan.

Robert McGregor points that there is Fort Ylourgne, which is the only major fort in Glantri not under direct control of the CoP: he suggests to take its control from Etienne d'Ambreville and to elect Charan as Viceroy of Ylourgne.


Etienne and his friend Prince Willem vote no.

Prince Fernando thinks Charan shouldn't have any charges.

Prince Friedrich thinks it'd be important to have the Fort under the CoP, despite his friendship with Etienne.

Other Princes think they could give a snap to arrogant Etienne.

His adversaries, Morphail and Robert vote yes.

Prince Toktai doesn't want the new Prince to be too much resentful towards him for having voted against him before.

Princes Bernabo and Vitalin agree to give Charan a charge and they don't like the fact Etienne keeps Ylourgne away from CoP jurisdiction. They vote yes.


Robert's proposal is approved with 118 votes against 43. The CoP takes Fort Ylourgne from Nouvelle Averoigne under its direct control and elects Charan Erewan as its viceroy.

Charan isn't that happy because Ylourgne is too far away from Ellerovyn.

House Alhambra - 884 AC
Fernando de Belcadiz Prince of Belcadiz, Marquise of Alhambra, Chamberlain of the Land 22 22  
Carlos de Reyder Marquise of Satolas -- 8  
Constanza de Blanca Viscountess of Nathrat -- 6 879
TOTAL VOTES  22  36  879 

House Crownguard - 884 AC
David McGregor Prince of Klantyre, Viscount of Crownguard, Viceroy of Sablestone 17 17  
Hugh McDougall Count of Glenargyll -- 7  
Ossian McAllister Baron of Uigmuir -- 5 880
TOTAL VOTES  17  29  880 

House Ellerovyn - 884 AC
Charan Erewan Prince of Erewan, Marquise of Ellerovyn, Viceroy of Ylourgne 19 19 884
TOTAL VOTES  19  19  884 

House Igorov - 884 AC
Morphail Gorevitch-Woszlany Prince of Boldavia, Baron of Igorov, Viceroy of Tchernovodsk 16 16  
Piotr Markovitch Baron of Vladimirov -- 5 881
Mihneu Kviepoly Baron of Palatinsk -- 5 877
Dan Timenko Baron of Kutchevski -- 5 883
TOTAL VOTES  16  31  877,881,883

House Linden - 884 AC
Willem IV Vlaardoen Prince of Bergdhoven, Viscount of Linden, Viceroy of Monteleone 17 17 882
Leopol Pieinants Duke of Fenswick -- 9 879
Willion Verlien Count of High Sonden -- 7  
Guy Foljanbe Viscount of Blofeld -- 6 881
TOTAL VOTES  17  39  879,881,882 

House Ritterburg - 884 AC
Friedrich von Drachenfels Prince of Aalban, Count of Ritterburg, Chancellor of Princes, Warden of the Marches 23 23  
Margaret von Taafnen Duchess of Hightower -- 9  
Kasper von Graustein Baron of Adlerturm -- 5  
TOTAL VOTES  23  37   

House Silverston - 884 AC
Vitalin Aendyr Prince of Blackhill, Count of Silverston, Viceroy of Nordling 18 18  
Bohemon Batril Archduke of Westheath -- 10 879, 883
John Bluebeard Marquise of Berrym ----- 8 879, 882
Stefan Cornhearst Count of Soth-Kabree ------ 7  
TOTAL VOTES  18  43  879,880,883 

House Singhabad - 884 AC
Toktai Virayana Prince of Singhabad, Marquise of Singhabad, Supreme Judge 26 26  
TOTAL VOTES  26  26  879, 883 

House Sirecchia - 884 AC
Bernabo di Sfonti Prince of Caurenze, Viscount of Sirecchia, Treasurer of the Council 18 18 878
Robert of Haaskinz Count of Wylon -- 7 880
Orlando Fulvina Viscount of Verrazzano -- 6  
Philipe Capostria Viscount of Redstone -- 6 878, 880, 883
TOTAL VOTES  18  37  879, 880,883 

House Sylaire - 884 AC
Etienne d'Ambreville Prince of N. Averoigne, Viscount of Sylaire, Grand Master of the Great School of Magic 26 26  
Gilles Grenier Viscount of Fausseflammes -- 6  
TOTAL VOTES  26  32  -


Grand Master Supreme Judge Chancellor Chamberlain Treasurer Viceroy of Nordling Viceroy of Tchernovodsk Viceroy of Monteleone Viceroy of Sablestone Viceroy of Ylourgne
875 Etienne d'Ambreville Toktai Virayana Friedrich von Drachenfels Fernando de Belcadiz Borso di Sfonti Vitalin Aendyr Morphail Andries III Vlaardoen Robert McGregor -
878         Bernabo di Sfonti         -
882               Willem IV Vlaardoen   -
884                   Charan Erewan