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Gråbjerge (Jarldom of)

Location: Beneath the Gråbjerge Mountains, Noslo Island, Kingdom of Ostland. OW

Area: The tunnel systems are impossible to measure, but Gråbjerge covers 350 sq. miles (905 sq. km.).

Population: Estimated at 8,200 dwarves.

Languages: Dwarvish (Archaic dialect). Some individuals may also know giantish languages or Heldannic.

Coinage: Glitter (5 gp), shine (10 sp), rock (1 cp). Trade in gems and jewellery as well as barter is widespread.

Taxes: Unknown.

Government Type: Jarldom, member of the Kingdom of Ostland.

Industries: Mining (precious metals and gems), metalworking, crafts.

Important Figures: Throfar Strongarm (Jarl), Gilis Shadowborn (Heiress).

Flora and Fauna: Cavern creatures, such as lizards, bats, giant beetles and spiders, as well as the occasional hook beast or rust monster, can be found throughout the tunnel system. Many exotic varieties of fungi grow all over the caverns.

Further Reading: GAZ7 The Northern Reaches.

Last Year's Events: Political marriages into other Modrigswerg clans followed by the opening of trade resulted in an alliance, allowing Throfar to become a force within Ostland and be officially recognised as a jarl. Throfar convinced King Finn to allow raids into Vestland in retribution for that kingdom's offensive against its Modrigswerg population.