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Great Crater

by Robin

As a research tool for the creation of the 1 mile hex map of the broken lands, this is a combination of all visual sources I could find of the Great Crater that cannonically dropped down on Mystara.
Important notice is the fanon 1 mile map showing NO mountain ridge (in the Yellow lines) on the NE, while canonically it does,
Also the canonicallly broken lands area in the SE is mountain in the 1 mile map (red lined)
Also as looking at the art of the Crater, the edges are much, much sharper, i.e, cliff-like than the 1 mile hex map presumes to be, 
My opinion as thus is that the 1 mile map (though very very nicely made) has its major flaws, though also its major charm.
As for the creation of the 1 mile hex map of the Broken Lands I try to stay as close as canon as possible, but I surely want to add as much fanon too.
The canon sources are from GAZ3-TSR2511-AD&D2-Mystara-Glantri Kingdom of Magic and TSR 1082 - Wrath of the Immortals.
The fanon map left from Pandius was probably created from the 8 mile hexmap in GAZ3-TSR2511-AD&D2-Mystara-Glantri Kingdom of Magic
The 8 mile hex map on the right is created by myself several years ago. It is created from the 24 mile hexmap from TSR 1082 - Wrath of the Immortals, the 1 mile hexmap from GAZ3-TSR2511-AD&D2-Mystara-Glantri Kingdom of Magic, trying to compensate the differences. The 1 mile fanonmap, I was unaware of at that moment.
The Art from Gaz 3 reveals the craters steep angles, while the art from the Poor wizard almanac reveals the angle the meteor slammed into ..This must have been as it was seen from the north looking south. This one also shows the angle of impact, anfd the logical creation of the Eastern New mountains (where silverstone existed) due pushing up and forward all matter.