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Great One

by Marco Dalmonte

(Agundji, The Rainbow Serpent)
Lord of All Dragons, Caretaker of Dragonkind and Lizardkin races

Level, Alignment, Sphere: 26 (Eternal), N, Matter
Symbol: a three headed multicoloured dragon
Portfolio: all draconic and lizardkin races, creation, justice, knowledge, magic
Worshipped in: Norwold, Savage Coast, Davania, Skothar, Alphatia, all draconic settlements in the Multiverse
Appearance: a colossal three-headed dragon with two pairs of wings, a spiked crest running from head to tail, and shining scales that blind every mortal staring at him, preventing from telling the true colour of his skin.
History: The Great One entered the Multiverse when there was but one draconic race and his scales were of a dull grey tone. Blessed with superior intelligence and wits, he outmatched his enemies for centuries and was able to hoard a great deal of valuables. Then he started wondering what was the true purpose of his life, and ended up spending his time with woodland beings and the fey races. From them he was introduced to the existence of the Immortals and he got a liking in Terra's goals, starting to worship her. After many quests he undertook for his patroness, Terra finally revealed him the path to immortality and the Great One succeeded in the Path of the Polymath. Once ascended, he understood that there had been immortal dragons before his coming, and others will come after to challenge his position, because such was the way of the universe. From that day he became the patron of all Dragonkind and ignored the human races altogether.
Personality: the Great One is calm, stern and analytical. He doesn't like to act instinctively, but instead he always takes his time to evaluate the situation and pick the best option (obviously this is not helpful when crisis build up suddenly and action must be taken swiftly to avoid worse losses). However his wisdom and his advice are valuable to those who can count on his friendship, while his enemies know they face one of the most lethal dangers of the Multiverse, since he can combine his immortal intelligence with his unmatched draconic strength. He's got only two real enemies: the young Bemarris, draconic hunter and killer extraordinaire in his mortal life, and Demogorgon, who has lured away from his cult many lizardkin races during the past millennia.
Patron: Terra
Allies: Diamond, Opal, Pearl, Terra
Enemies: Bemarris, Demogorgon
Classic D&D Stats:
Follower's alignment: any
Favoured weapons: natural weapons (allowed all piercing weapons)
Clerics' skills & powers: once a day they can fly (as per same spell) for two hours, circle of protection from dragons (max 9 HD) useable once a day for 1 hour, +2 bonus to any general skill regarding dragonkind
D&D 3E Stats:
Domains: Matter, Magic, Knowledge, Strength, Dragons
Preferred weapons: natural weapons (bite or claws)
Sources: WotI, SCS, Master & Immortal set

Another take on the Draconic Immortals

Old Immortal boxed set told us another story regarding the immortal dragons, and said that the Draconic Lords were not part of the common spheres, acting outside of them and balancing the nature of the universe. This has been completely ignored in WotI and instead we got a not so enthralling background for all of the four immortal dragons.
What I propose is another option that ties old Immortal set to Bruce Heard's article on Draconic Ascension (see Dragon issues nr 270-272).

There is but ONE Immortal lord for the draconic kin that belongs indeed to one of the Spheres: the Great One. He's a true deity, and has existed for millennia.
The other three Dragon Rulers (Sun Dragon, Moon Dragon and Star Dragon) are Exalted Beings that have succeeded in their Sublimation Ceremony and attained this rank many centuries ago.
Essentially, all dragons strive to reach their ultimate age category in order to perform the Sublimation Ceremony that will take them beyond their mortal shell and transform their soul. If this ceremony fails, they become ethereal entities and must wait for the Dragon Rulers to pick them up and reincarnate them into mortal dragon hatchlings.
If the ceremony succeeds, they are immediately taken to the Four, the Outer Planes of the draconic race, where they have two choices:
1. To dwell in the Four in harmony with the draconic souls and Lords for as long as they lived as mortals (that's why it is so important for a dragon to age!). IN the Draconic Cluster all their wishes are granted, all desires sated, it is a true paradise and they live partaking of the essence of the Great One. All dragons live for this moment. Once their time is up, they are reincarnated into mortal dragons at the Great One's whim and must begin anew.
2. To Challenge one of the Draconic Lords (the ruler of the dragons of his own alignment) for his title. If the challenger wins, he becomes the new Star/Sun/Moon Dragon, otherwise he is sent back to the Prime where he is born again and must start everything from the beginning.
Also, any of the dragons dwelling in the Four (including the three Dragonlords) can even challenge the Great One: if the challenger wins, he absorbs the GO and gets his powers, becoming the new absolute ruler of dragonkind. If he loses, the GO absorbs him. In any case, the essence of the Great One gets preserved and transmitted to his successors.

PS: Dragons sleep a lot because when they sleep they dream of the Draconic Cluster. Their soul travels to this place and sees its wonders, but is not able to fully partake of the essence of the planes. This also drives them to reach the ultimate age category and perform the ritual in order to be accepted into the Four.