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The Thonian Gremlinate

by John Calvin

This large brown book is adorned with iron and steel scrollwork, and is bound with steel hinges. The covers are made of iron, and covered in stretched leather of some type, most probably the hides of gremlins. This ancient tome was penned by a long forgotten Thonian mage around the time of 3200 BC. It contains a number of unique spells designed to thwart the technology of the mage's Blackmoorian neighbours. Several copies of the tome have existed throughout the ages, however their usefulness has declined on the outer world since the Great Rain of Fire, and many of those copies have deteriorated since then. More working copies exist in the Hollow World throughout Jomphur Blackmoor where several reclusive mages still put to practice the spells which are stored on its pages. One copy is stored in the archives of the Lighthouse in the hidden valley. Along with any other material components listed in individual spell descriptions, the Thonian Gremlinate is also required to cast any of these spells. Spells copied from the Gremlinate into other spell books, will not function when cast. Some mages believe that the bindings of the book are the cause of its special properties.

Detect Machine
Level : 1
Range : 1mile + 1 mile per every two levels
Duration : 1 turn
Effect : Permit the caster to fell the direction and distance of mechanical objects.

This spell imbues the caster with a certain feeling whenever machinery is near. With practice the mage will be able to differentiate between several mechanical types. The mage can tell the difference between a small wind up clock, and a radiance powered robot, but would not be able to tell the difference between two clocks, or two robots.

Detect Radiance
Level : 1
Range : 100 yards
Duration : 10 rounds
Effect : Causes objects imbued with the radiance to glow.

The radiance is a semi-techno, semi-magical energy. As such it can be detected by magical means. Spells such as Detect Magic will detect the radiance as magic, but it will not distinguish it from any other type of magical power.

This spell will make such a determination. Only the radiance, and radiance-generated energy (such as that stored in a battery), will be detected by this dweomer. Purely magical energy, and purely technological energy (such as that generated by geo-thermal power, or hydro-electric power) will not be detected by this spell.

An item that utilises the radiance will cast a faint green glow, akin to bioluminescence. The glow will be brighter for those items that hold more radiance.

False Emissions
Level : 2
Range : 5 foot radius cantered around the caster.
Duration : 1 round + 1 round per level of caster
Effect : Distorts the electro-magnetic wavelengths around the caster.

This spell modifies the electro-magnetic spectrum around the caster. This will cause anyone using light sensing devices to be momentarily confused when looking at the caster.

Battery Leak
Level : 2
Range : 100 yards
Duration : 20 rounds - 1 round per level of the caster (minimum of 5 rounds)
Effect : Drains energy from one item.

Once cast upon a technological item, this spell will slowly drain that item of power. The leak takes place over the entire duration of the spell, and may not be noticeable to whoever is carrying the item, unless of course, it is being used or has some type of energy gauge.

Level : 3
Range : 100 yards
Duration : Instantaneous
Effect : Violently drains energy from one item.

This is a more powerful variant of Battery Leak. Discharge causes energy sources to release all of their energy in a single moment. That release of energy produces an electrical shock that deals out 3d4 to 3d8 points of damage (depending on the amount of energy released - DMs discretion).

Agitate Machinery
Level : 3
Range : 50 feet
Duration : 1 round + 1 round per three levels of the caste.
Effect : Causes machinery to perform a random action.

This spell will cause an inactive technological item to temporarily activate. It has no effect on items that are already activated, or items which are malfunctioning and unable to be activated. The machinery will perform one random action per round over the duration of the spell. Machines will not perform actions that they could not perform under normal conditions. The action cannot be chosen by the casting mage, and may in fact prove to be detrimental to his cause.

Switch Function
Level : 4
Range : 10 feet
Duration : Instantaneous
Effect : Switches the functions of two different machines.

With this spell, the mage can switch the function of two different machines, causing one to behave as the other would. The physical structures of the machines do not change, only the effect that they produce. [Example: If cast upon a clock and a machine gun, this spell would give the machine gun the ability to tell time, while giving the clock the ability to shoot bullets. This could be very vexing, both to a soldier who gets the exact time, down to the second, every time he pulls the trigger on his gun, as well as to the poor souls who have to dodge bullets when they try to read the time off of their clock.]

Both machines must be present during the casting of the spell, and the mage must touch both of them at the same time to affect the transfer of functions.

Negate Friction
Level : 4
Range : Touch
Duration : 5 rounds + 1 round per level of the caster.
Effect : Negates friction.

This spell will negate the properties of friction in a localised area. Any machine that relies upon the movement of gears upon gears, will have trouble operating under these conditions, and may cease to function. [Note: Some machinery may actually operate more efficiently under conditions of lower friction, however the absence of friction should prove to be ultimately detrimental.]

This spell can also be cast on living targets. It will effectively render any such targets paralysed. Although targets will be able to move, they will not be able to interact with their environment (not even the ground).

Spoil Powder
Level : 5
Range : Special - see description.
Duration : Special - see description.
Effect :

This spell was used to great effect in combating Blackmoorian's forces in the ancient past. As components, the wizard needs a sample of the powder to be affected, as well as a means of transmission for the spell. The means of transmission is most usually some airborne agent such as fog, rain, snow, and even smoke. Air elementals can also be used as agents if they can be properly controlled, however wind in its pure form cannot be used as it lacks enough substance to carry the magical energies. Both components must be present when the spell is cast.

After the spell is cast, any powder of the effected type, which comes into contact with the motive agent (fog, rain, smoke, etc.) will spoil within one round and become unusable. Contact with the motive agent need not be direct, but the motive agent must be able to completely surround the powder sample. [Example: Gunpowder encased inside of steel shells would be affected by this spell as long as the motive agent was able to completely surround the shell casing, or canister where the shells are stored.]

Both magical and non-magical powders can be affected by this spell, however magical powders receive a saving throw at -2 verses Magical Spells to avoid spoilage. The spell lasts as long as the motive agent remains in existence. The spell effect travels with the motive agent, and so if the mage has the means to control the movement of the motive agent, the spell can be cast in a relatively safe location, and then transported to any area desired by the mage. This spell does not automatically grant the mage control over the motive agent. That must be obtained through other means.

Chain Reaction
Level : 6
Range : Special - see description.
Duration : Special - see description.
Effect :

Also used against the Blackmoorians in the past, this spell functions in a way similar to that of Spoil Powder above, but its effects are much more direct. A sample of the substance to be affected is required as a component of this spell, as well as means of transmission (some type of motive agent, as above).

As soon as the motive agent comes into contact with a sample of the substance to be affected, it causes that sample to "activate." Activation of a substance is considered to be the discharging of the effects that the substance was created for. [Example: Gunpowder will explode. Potions of invisibility will turn invisible. When the activation property is ambiguous, the DM must decide what this spell will do.] Activation in this manner spends the item. [The above-mentioned invisible potion of invisibility could not then be drunk in order to turn the imbiber invisible.] Note that powders are not the only substances that can be affected by this spell. Liquids, gels, unguents, and just about any chemical components can be affected, however complex items (such as magical items) cannot be affected by this spell.

Both magical and non-magical substances can be affected by this spell, however magical substances receive a saving throw at -2 verses Magical Spells to avoid being discharged. Once the motive agent comes into contact with the effected substance it quickly begins to dissipate. In five rounds it will be completely gone. The motive agent can still affect any of the target substance within this time period.