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Greenspur Gazetteer

by Jeff Daly


Greenspur is one of the more populated nations, with 600k people crowded into an area of average Alphatian size. This, as well as ancient national character, contributes to the strict laws in Greenspur. While there are no more rights for non-spellcasters, than in any other Imperial Kingdom, the laws that exist are strictly prosecuted, and punishments are carried out equitably. Understand, there is still a discrepancy between classes, and a non-spellcaster still faces a harsher sentence for any given infraction than do spellcasters. Nevertheless, Arogansan nobles who visit Greenspur are often shocked that their word is not taken at face value, that the Greenspur courts actually deign to hold trials, and that nobles can actually face penalties.

It should be noted, the similar view of law in Greenspur, as a whole, makes the nation naturally more inclined toward a happy relationship with Arogansa, again, as a whole. Neither nation particularly likes the other's system of justice, and members of both populations criticise the other kingdom for their backward ways. But these conversations inevitably end with, "But even given their methods, run their country quite effectively."

While all people of Alphatia enjoy their own particular quirks, Greenspur is the only nation that could truly be said to be "lawful" in its societal makeup. While the people love the law, they have also managed to keep the number of laws to a minimum, further encouraging all people to maintain respect for the laws themselves.

All people are required to carry citizenship papers, whether foreign or natural born.


One could say, while the Arogansans worship themselves, the people of Greenspur worship the law. And this has some literal truth, as "The Law" is believed to have been handed down through the ages, eventually coming directly from the great Poo himself. Poo was an ancient archmage from the old world, named so for the pleasant sound of the word. There was no vulgar connotation in the ancient language. So to the question, "Do the Greenspurians worship?" Well yes, in their own way. And in fact, the few Alphatian Immortals who care for law (especially Alphatia), contribute to Greenspur's prosperity, but are hardly spoken of by name.


It is customary for each new emperor to appoint a king as commander of his military forces. The position could be equated with "Minister of Defence" or "Chief of Security", though the Alphatians use the term "Lord Warmage". The king who is so designated, disperses much of the direct responsibility to various magists and seneschals beneath him. But the effect of this customary designation, is to propel a kingdom into the major supplier of military force for the Empire. Theranderol appointed the king of Randel, a tried and true kingdom for military purposes, for the entire time that Theranderol has held the throne. So far, this has been 3 centuries. Greenspur has coveted Randel's preferred status for the entire time. While this does not set them at direct odds with Randel, they do see their bread being buttered on the side of Arogansa, more than Theranderol. Their support though, usually consists more of political/diplomatic overtures, rather than direct help in any physical squabbles. Undoubtedly, if Greenspur lent its overwhelming air support to Arogansa during its frequent, but small, border raids, then Randel would feel compelled to enter on the side of Theranderol. The ensuing civil war would be disastrous.


Afass(14k): While the port of Eagret boasts of its excellent navy, Afass spends its resources on fast moving, civilian transport. The secret of creating these "airskimmers" is closely guarded by the family which runs the Afass local government and shipbuilding facilities. They began their work in response to the commuter wormholes which are prevalent the closer one gets to Sundsvall. Because Greenspur does not have the use of these wormholes, yet has just as much need for transport, the old archmage Fasstaff set about a solution. In the intervening time, he attracted apprentices (whom he called his children) and a wife, eventually achieving a dynasty of sorts in the little settlement that came to be known as Afass. It should be noted, that all his true children were hopelessly non-magical, yet are given a place in town as dockworkers and physical labourers.

The "family of Afass" further has influence on the Grand Council, with no less than 5 members of the family sitting upon it.

Afotir(9k): This town is the only non-coastal town in Greenspur. It began as a haven for the non-spellcasting gentry. Unfortunately, in the intervening centuries since its founding, Afotir has developed a fairly harsh class division. Spellcasters are less numerous here than any other town in Greenspur, yet they rule the town with an iron grip. It is only a matter of time till violence erupts. The town is very important for the wood it produces for both Afass and Eagret. Those two towns would be very concerned if riots broke out.

Ashipun(2k): A huge, fortress like, wooden keep sits atop a high cliff here. Within, one may find one of the greatest libraries in the Empire. A small settlement exists nearby, but a little further down the slope and away from the coast. There is no port in Ashipun, but there is a large clearing, suitable for flying ships, outside the keep. While there are 3 Grand Council members who live here, they like to be strictly left to their studies. Other Grand Council members, and indeed many other archmages, travel here to partake of the library.

Eagret(100k): Named for the beautiful, magic sea bird which makes its home on the beaches near the city, this is a major naval base and shipbuilder. Where the Kingdom of Floating Ar conducts research into new designs, and the Mighty Randel focuses on battle training, Greenspur has the best facilities for building the massive airships which are so feared throughout the world. Eagret is home to 20 Grand Council members.

King Sildreth II, a high level priest of the philosophy of law, maintains a spartan, though magical, palace nearby.

Several small islands, housing monsters of various types, are maintained by the navy of Greenspur for the purposes of training.

Gufetir(1.5k): In Gufetir, fishing is an art. Whether by net or line, deep sea or coastal, fishing is considered the highest of livings. The fabled gufish is the major catch of the day, weighing a pound to 2 and a half pounds, and of entirely golden scales. The scales may be sold for 10 to 12 gold. Not a king's ransom, but definitely ensuring a higher level of wealth for the fishermen who live here. There is only a slightly large ratio of spellcasters to non-spellcasters here in Gufetir, but the tension is not nearly as high, due perhaps to the larger amount of gentry here. One of the spellcasting fishermen, believe it or not, is a Grand Council member.

Limi (10k): Limi is concerned with the constant duelling in Avadz. Many refugees come through Limi, which has been forced to adopt a "no stopping" policy. Refugees are encouraged to continue travelling. There is one Grand Council members who makes his home here. Despite this unfriendly attitude, it is a major shipping port.

Telsatus(14k): This town has been called, "The transportation capital of the south". It has high arched streets, and marble walkways, lovingly hugging the buildings at the base, and sweeping upward into the sky. These streets lead often to gates, the ones with the most common use having magic mouths or constructs to inform travellers of the destinations. Of course, there are the other gates too, located in alleys and forgotten turns. Sometimes there is a vague etching or scribble hinting at the destination, but most often the other side of the gate is a mystery.

All people travelling into or out of Telsatus by foot, pay a 10 gold piece fee. This is to offset the cost of human guards and such who have to maintain the physical gateway. The other gates have their own wards, which vary from gate to gate, but all of which had to have been approved by the town council at some time during the city's history. Examples are: automatically bonding blades to scabbards, setting an anti-magic on travellers, faery fire...


The flag of Greenspur is a green star on a red background.