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Homunculus; Gretch

by Jamie Baty

DMR2 56
Tiny Humanoid (Extraplanar)
Hit Dice: 3d8+3 (16 hp)
Initiative: +6 (+6 Dex)
Speed: 35 ft. (7 squares), fly 45 ft. (average)
Armour Class: 20 (+2 size, +6 Dex, +2 natural), touch 18, flat-footed 14
Base Attack/Grapple: +2/-7
Attack: Tail +10 melee (1d4 -1 plus poison)
Full Attack: Tail +10 melee (1d4 -1 plus poison) and bite +5 melee (1d4 -2)
Space/Reach: 2-1/2 ft. /0 ft.
Special Attacks: Poison
Special Qualities: Darkvision 60ft., Damage reduction 10/magic, fast healing 1, immunity to mind-affecting spells, fire resistance 15, cold resistance 15, polymorph, spell-like abilities
Saves: Fort +2, Ref +7, Will +1
Abilities: Str 8, Dex 23, Con 12, Int 12, Wis 10, Cha 15
Skills: Bluff +7, Diplomacy +5, Hide +14, Knowledge (the planes) +4, Listen +5, Sleight of Hand +11, Spot +5
Feats: Alertness, Weapon Finesse
Environment: Any land
Organisation: Solitary
Challenge Rating: 3
Treasure: Standard
Alignment: Always neutral
Advancement: 4-6 HD (Tiny)
Level Adjustment: -

The lumpy, greyish gretch bears small, pointed horns, oversized hands, and a barbed tail. Its short but powerful leathery wings, though functional, do not permit it to fly well.
These familiars feel less choosy about the alignment of their masters than the other Immortal familiars do. Although they prefer to serve one of neutral alignment, a gretch will serve any master it thinks will make the fewest demands of it.
Gretches enjoy practical jokes, so any wizard who demands too much of the gretch's service is well advised to keep alert, lest one of the familiar's jokes "accidentally" harms (or kills) the master.

Gretches, when motivated to fight, will do so with its tail. Usually though, they will do just about anything to avoid combat out of sheer laziness.

Poison (Ex): An opponent hit by the gretch's tail attack must make a fortitude save vs DC 12 (Con based) or suffer 1 point of temporary dexterity loss as primary and secondary damage. Dexterity damage inflicted heals at the rate of one point per 10 minutes.

Damage Reduction (Su): A gretch has damage reduction of 10/magic.

Immunity to Mind-Affecting Spells (Ex): A gretch is immune to all mind-affecting spells.

Polymorph (Sp): At will, a gretch can polymorph into a raven or giant rat. Treat as a polymorph spell cast by a 20th level sorceror.

Resistance to Energy (Ex): A gretch has resistance of 15 to fire and cold.

Spell-like Abilities (Sp): At will: invisibility, detect evil, detect magic; 1/day: slow; 1/week: Commune. Caster level is 20th.

Skills: A gretch has a +2 racial bonus to all Bluff and Sleight of Hand skill checks.

Gretches as Familiars
A Gretch may be summoned as a familiar by any wizard or sorcerer of 7th level with the Improved Familiar feat. As a familiar, it grants its master a +2 bonus to saving throws made against mind-affecting spells and fast healing 1, and it may telepathically communicate with its master. Unlike other familiars, a gretch may end its service if its master acts in a manner inconsistent with the goals of its immortal creator.