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The Temple of Grey Mountain

by Håvard

The Elves of Radlebb

When Mealiden's elves reached the Known World, a group of minor clans broke off from the main group of the Migration and went on their separate way. They were lead by a clanmaster called Callarii, who in spite of her undying love for Mealiden Starwatcher chose to lead her people were they would find a promised land of their own. These elves later took the name of their epic heroine and became known as the Callarii elves. The land they reached was Traldara (around BC 800). Many of the clans settled in the forest later known as Radlebb.

Unknown to many humans, elves pay their respects to more than one of the Divine Immortals. The worship of Theleris (Terra) has always been common among elves of all the clans of the great migration, and this practice grew in popularity after the Callarii left the other clans.

Elyas the Wizard

Elyas was a Thyatian wizard, trained in magic by the Alphatians (Around 150 BC). Due to the conflicts between Thyatian and their Alphatian occupants, Elyas became tired of human society and left for the remote lands of Traladara. There he befriended a group of Callarii elves who gave him a place within their forest where he constructed a tremendous tower. Elyas learned the elven ways and became known as a great philosopher and mystic among the Callarii. He spent much time studying magic, but also meditating and praying. The Immortal Patrons of his ancestors had never seemed to welcome the Wizard, but he found comfort in the worship of the elven Immortal Theleris. He founded a new philosophy in her honour, The Silent Way, which is widespread among the Callarii even today.

One day, as Elyas was growing old, three horrible witches attacked the wizard's Tower. They sought a magical gem he owned, the Black Opal Eye, for its power which could make them almost invincible. None of the witches dared attack the wizard alone, but combining their magic, they were able to rival Elyas' power. In a fierce battle, they were able to call down a grey mountain to crush the archmage. As the mountain crushed his tower, Elyas was able to draw the witches inside it, where he trapped them. However Elyas himself perished.

In his memory the elves began to build a temple on the mountain. Many years later a group of dwarves of the Stronghollow clan helped complete the temple. The Temple of Grey Mountain became a place of quiet meditation and learning. Icons of Elyas, depicted as a bearded man with his legs crossed, are commonly placed near the Temple and shrines to Theleris. Elves who follow the Silent Way today are known as the Siswa.