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Edmund Greystone IX

by Mischa E Gelman

History: Edmund Greystone IX was born 6 years ago to Sir Greystone of Bellayne, the eighth of his line. He has a younger sister, Margery, age 3.
Edmund has received the typical upbringing of a Bellayne noble, as it is expected that he shall take his father's stead in the future.
Unfortunately, he has yet to master the dignity and "above the fray" mentality of the nobility and causes quite a scene at many dinners and tourneys, with his antics, which his parents scorn as childish. Sir and Lady Greystone are currently seeking out famed adventurers or other honoured and worthy souls to help straighten their son out.

Personality: Edmund has absorbed some of the "noble" characteristics his parents desire for him - haughtiness, snobbishness and aloofness. Being nobility, he could care less what commoners (or anyone) thinks of him, believing that he knows what is best. As a result, he has no qualms with spoiling a dinner party by commenting that the Duke of Theeds could stand to lose a little weight or by letting a mouse loose in the middle of a classic play. He has sent numerous nannies and schoolmasters packing in his short life and isn't likely to allow some lowly dungeon-crawlers (especially non-Rakastan ones) to straighten him out. The idea of sentimental values or morality is distant to him, as his parents wouldn't know the meaning of the words.

Appearance: Edmund is dressed in the finest garments a Bellayne youth could possibly wear, though they are occasionally dirt-stained, torn or otherwise the worse for wear. His bright yellow fur is also done in the latest fashions, though isn't always combed properly by the young lordling. He stands 3'3" and is of medium build for a Rakastan child.

Combat Notes: He is a 1st-level rakasta. AC 9; hp 2; at 2 claws, 1 bite; D 1-2, 1-2, 1-4; save F1; ML 9; Al C; S 7; I 7; W 4; D 12; Co 9; Ch 9.
Languages: Bellayne Rakastan. General Skills: Deception (Ch+1), Persuasion (Ch), one unspent. Special skills: Move silently, hide in shadows, heightened senses, ambidexterity, feline empathy, leaping.

DMing Notes: Having Edmund's parents hire the PCs on the basis of their fame is a good way to humble both the arrogant child and characters used to having their way with powerful monsters and rulers. To be able to defeat dragons yet unable to stop a 6-year old child can be an interesting experience to bring high-level parties back down to Earth (or, in this case, Mystara). Meanwhile, if they do make a positive impact on the youth, they will have a friend in high places down the line. The parents will have spies placed to monitor the PC's action - if they catch wind of one charm person or hold spell, they're likely to alert the Queen to the adventurers' tampering with the nobility, creating a major enemy for the PCs and a midnight escape out of Bellayne.