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by Sheldon Morris

The next creature is the Gargantua Gargoyle, however, 5E's gargoyles are elementals while Mystara's are constructs. I've decided that I'm going to do a construct version of the regular gargoyle and then the Gargantua version. I personally prefer the construct type of gargoyle and so I think having the option of either is a good idea.

I have proposed in my mind that the constructs were originally created in the image of the real, elemental gargoyles, as decorations and guardians. This keeps both types viable, although the Gargantua Gargoyle will be a construct as in the RC.

Here's a gargoyle update: I started to stat up a construct version to compliment the 5E MM elemental version. As I progressed, it became obvious that the two were nearly identical; both would even be CR 2. You can pretty much use the existing MM version but call it a construct. I might add a note or two to give it construct type traits, but that's about all.