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Maps of the Known World before and after the GRoF

by JTR

Here are some maps which I use to help organise my understanding of Mystaran history. Thought you guys might like to see it. At the least, it should explain some of the directions and ideas I've talked about.

The kill line is a latitude limit above which everything was killed (either immediately or poisoned) by the Great Rain of Fire.

The various subregions of the elves, Thonia, Tanagoro and Oltecs helped to explore why people were where they were. Lumbrai (on the Thonia map) is an equivalent of RW Numidia bringing Oltec slaves onto IoD and Bellissaria on behalf of the Empire. The Oltec and Tanagoro nations are all based on RW cultures.

Note the effect that glaciers would have on migrations. One correction needed on the map is flooding on the land bridges, all of which should be gone by 800 BC.

Forgot to include Tanagoro in the above collage