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Greater Thoul

by Bouv

So in my BECMI campaign, I've been building up to B12 with a lot of hints about it and one of the Queens creations is the Thoul. However, my PC's are 5th-6th level and so I've needed to up the challenge on B12 so I created the Greater Thoul

AC 4
HD 5***
MV 120'(40')
#AT 2 claws or 1 weapon
DMG: 1d4/1d4 + paralysis or weapon +1
SA: Paralysis like a ghoul with a claw strike
SD: Regenerates 2 hp per round
THAC0 13
ML 11
XP 175

The Queen, creator and distrubter of the thoul, felt that for her person protection, she needed something stronger and able to last longer in a fight (so she would have more time to escape). So with the greater thoul, more of a troll essense was used and less hobgoblin. Like the thoul, the creation worked though it takes much longer to create so there are only limited numbers of them, most serving as guards for the Queen herself.