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The Gruadame IV

by John Hare

Type: Light warbird, Waffender class
Date of Commission: AC 1011
Port of Call: Freiburg

Service Record: As the name indicates this is the fourth ship to carry the name Gruadame, or Grey Lady. One of the first ships commissioned the valour or its original crew has placed it on the role of Ships of the List. A permanent listing of all ships whose names are added to those of new construction when the old ship is destroyed. The original ship was destroyed in AC 965 when it encountered the Alphatian pirate Haldemar. The second ship was destroyed in AC 993 in the same fire that destroyed the Adler. Dragons destroyed the third ship over the city of Oceansend. It is one of the most prestigious ships in the fleet and only the best are accepted to serve aboard her. One of the important things to note is that it will not withdraw from a fight, either it wins or is destroyed. As such the Captains of this ship are chosen from the most devoted to the cause so as not to bring dishonour to her name.

AC 1014 When downed by the Simbasta turning off the artifact none of the crew surrendered and died almost to the last man. When the truce was called the only surviving member was the ship's chaplain fortified in the altar room of the ship. For his valour in not letting the ship fall he was awarded the Hilt. Brother Chaplain Wilhard von Grausberg currently serves as the chaplain aboard the Graudame.

AC 1016 The Gruadame has been assigned to support the establishment of commanderies along the frontier of Heldann and allied territories such as in Sind.

Notes: Morale of all crew members aboard is considered 12 thus they shall never surrender. Also the sail is grey instead of the white of other warbirds.