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Grunnhild, Patron of Antalian Women Warriors

by Mischa E Gelman

Sphere: Thought

Rank: Initiate

History: Grunnhild was bought up in a family with a long history of worship to Fredara. Following in the footsteps of many older siblings, she too became a cleric of that immortal. She rose in the ranks rather quickly, becoming the head of her local church of Fredara. But being a far-sighted person, she saw that her progress would be limited in her small town. When a few foreigners came by, explorers and adventurers, she quickly joined in, using her rare clerical powers to help them while gaining knowledge of the rest of the world and furthering her own skills.

After many years, she returned home to the Antalian north. Her experiences in the outside world made her see just how poorly her fellow Antalian women were treated. She started to fight for the rights of women in her society but was often blocked by the Spell of Preservation's effects. She still was rising in strength and skill, eventually becoming the High Cleric of Fredara in Antalia. Once in this position, she didn't stop and enjoy the progress but rather set her eyes on the paths to Immortality.

Her quest took many years, but proved simple enough. She was already a mentor to many young clerics and found a suitable successor to the High Priesthood easy enough. A legendary weapon was made of her battle-axe, when it was used to single-handedly defeat a huge white dragon that had wrecked several villages in the north. During her short career as a wandering adventurer, she had already destroyed an artifact of Entropy. Finding a powerful artifact of Thought was hard and involved defeating a small magic school in the Azcan lands, but after that was done she only had one step left: completing a near-impossible task. Seeing as how her actions to get most Antalians to change their gender attitudes had failed, she had long wanted to make a new culture out of the Antalian one, one of female rule. Fredara wondered what the results would be, and knowing the difficulty of the task within the Spell of Preservation, she ordered it to Grunnhild as a final task. Not realising the difficulty of it herself, Grunnhild got many skilled warriors and clerics of Fredara and created for them a small village on the eastern outskirts of Antalian lands. Surprisingly, she succeeded rather quickly in making this society, which persevered by the fact that many of the women had young boys whom they raised in this new tradition of female rule and control. Currently, the village is small but filled with skilled female warriors, dedicated to this cause, as well as more and more subservient men.

Having completed her quest, Grunnhild was accepted into the ranks of the immortals. Nowadays, she watches over Antalians, especially her small village, lending small interventions to make sure it grows to become another, albeit, minor, new culture in the Hollow World.

Followers: Grunnhild has no followers and doesn't beg for any. Fredara continues to be the patron of the small village Grunnhild created.

Allies/Enemies: Fredara thinks her one-time High Cleric is a bit too radical and may overly disrupt life in Antalia, but continues to support her. The other Antalian deities are highly angered at her actions, but don't take major actions to her project, as they too are anxious to see the future results.

Symbol: A large battle axe

Appearance:(Mortal form)A tall(5'9"), slightly heavy set women who is obviously in overall solid health and a capable fighter. Her read hair is tinged with grey from age(53 yrs old) and the effects of a long, hard-fought life. She carries an axe in her hands and wears a medallion of Fredara.

(Immortal Form)Slightly larger, stronger, but basically the same.

Personality: Grunnhild is very much a warrior at heart, not a builder of civilisations as she has become. She wishes the best for her home nation, especially the women therein, but is a bit close-minded and only sees the positives in many cases and therefore misjudges a situation and acts wrongly. In situations where she is a neutral bystander, she behaves perfectly logically though.

Stats:(most are same for each form)

STR 12


WIS 16

DEX 10

CON 11


Greater Talents 33

Lesser Talents 31

Alignment Neutral

HD 15

Class Cleric of Fredara, level 36

PP 454

HP 60 as mortal, 75 as immortal

AC -3 as mortal(CM+4,RoP+4), 0 as immortal

Weapon(both forms):Battle Axe+5, Grand Master

Skills possessed in mortal life: Honour Fredara(19),Endurance(11),Drinking(11),Mountaineering(10), Climb Walls(100%), Danger Sense(17),Det. Deception(17), Wrestling(12),Persuasion(9)