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Heldannic Knights NPCs -- Adalard & Grunturm

by Bruce Heard

Geoffrey Grunturm: This priest of Frey adventured in the vicinity of his native town of Grunturm during much of his youth. Early on, Geoffrey acted against Heldannic interest in the freeholds, but found most of his good efforts being thwarted by the Heldannic Knights. Disgusted by the native freeholder's unwillingness to rise up against the knights, he took his good deeds to Norwold. Geoffrey is a serious, intense man, ferocious in combat, but capable of great kindness.

Geoffrey's goal is to create a following among the more adventurous Norwold folks. He endeavours to create and expand the worship of Frey in the area, at the expense of Vanya. His main area of operation is the vicinity of Oceansend. He and his closest supporters have managed to avoid capture thanks to the arrangement Geoffrey has with Hermann Adalard (qv). In his years of living there, Geoffrey also discovered the existence of a nation of dragons up in the mountains west of Oceansend. He has made some overtures to the dragons, but so far has failed to gain their support.

Famous Words: "Be compassionate, but be no fool. If the knight yields, spare him. If not, strike him with all your strength to crush his bones and cast his soul back to whence it came."

Born: AC 962 in Grunturm, Heldannic Territories. Hair: grey, long and dishevelled; generous beard and moustache. Eyes: blue. Height: 6'1". Geoffrey is a tall, well-built, imposing man. Although he keeps fairly fit and looks about a decade younger than he really is, he's developed a bulging paunch.

Hermann Adalard: He was instituted Governor of Oceansend in AC 1011 in the wake of the Heldannic capture of the city, deposing its previous ruler, Olaf Yarrvikson (qv). He has demonstrated himself to be fair but strict. He made it clear he will tolerate no unrest in his city, but those who obey the new laws and show respect to the Heldannic Knights have found their lives little different from the previous regime.

Unbeknownst to the Order, Hermann's father was a Heldannic Knight of good standing and his mother an Antalian native of Heldann. Hermann, like his father, has concealed this fact since the knights are required to take an oath of celibacy and chastity. Although discreet about his opinions, Hermann directly supports Inge Gottfried (qv) because of her more liberal approach to restrictions on personal freedom among knights. Unfortunately, his parents' identity was discovered while he travelled incognito back to Grunturm for his mother's funeral. Another native of the small Heldannic town, Geoffrey of Grunturm (qv) made the connection and is now blackmailing Hermann. In exchange for occasional, minor services (usually the release of a convict or an order for his troops to look in another direction), Grunturm keeps quiet. Else, he promises to arrange that Sigmund Treitel (qv) discover the truth about Hermann's family origins. Hermann refuses to tarnish the memory of his dead father among the Order - not to mention that some among the Hattians would frown upon his half-Antalian origins. On the other hand, Geoffrey understands full well that there are limits to what Hermann would consent to do to protect his secret and further his hopes of changing the Order.

Although relatively young, Hermann has experience as an adventurer and a diplomat, and his heritage helps him deal socially and politically with Antalians and Hattians. Hermann has already earned the reputation among military circles that he supports the recruitment of knights among native Heldanners who have proven their loyalty to the Order. Some Chaplains have complained about being under pressure from Hermann in this respect. Impeccable service records have prevented actions against Hermann's tenure as Governor of Oceansend. He goes about Oceansend armed and armoured, but does not normally surround himself with bodyguards.

Famous Words: "Judge not from appearances. Observe, listen, seek the truth and what lies in one's heart, for without this you cannot fairly judge."

Born: AC 988 in Grunturm, Heldannic Territories. Hair: auburn. Eyes: deep green. Height: 5'11". Hermann's skin is light tan; his nose is strong but not overly prominent.