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Giant Slayer

by Alex Benson

Stats: 1d8 +2, +4 vs. Giant; natural 20 on attack roll means for death.

Giant Slayer has a big wicked spearhead. The weapon was designed to kill giants. Magical enchantments add to the inflated damage. The weapon has a slight chance of slaying a giant with one shot.

Description: Giant Slayer is a spear measuring 9 feet in length. The spearhead is flat, with a serrated edge. The head is made of black steel and measures almost 1 foot in length. The base of the spear head has a crossbar that acts as a guard. The spear shaft is made of a thick span of ash wood. The weapon looks thin and delicate, more like an oversized throwing javelin than a melee fighting spear.

Historic Lore: Giant Slayer was crafted specifically to meet the incursions of hill giants upon outlying settlements in Helskir. Unfortunately, only one was made. The warrior met initial success, but the giants quickly adapted their attacks against him. They sent in their ogre minions, while they hurled stones from a distance. The ogres used the spear as a spit as they cooked the fallen warrior for their meal. The spear became the weapon of the giants' chieftain.

The giants and ogres were eventually destroyed by a group of adventurers. Giant Slayer was recovered and used to hoist high the head of the giant chieftain. The adventurers sold the spear and left. The buyer decided to give the spear to the family of their slain hero. The spear remained with them for 20 years.

Falling upon hard times, the family sold Giant Slayer for a meagre sum. The new owner was a Thyatian officer who planned on using the spear as the basis for his unit's battle standard. However, the officer lost interest in the project and sold the spear in West Portage. The buyer took it back to Thyatis where it was sold again.

This buyer was Lord Milton Canbius, a member of the Order of the White Drake. In AC 960 Lord Milton was forced into hiding in Retebius from Thincol's purging. He died soon after, leaving the spear to the Knights of the Air. Giant Slayer was used as an aerial lance, its giant killing attributes ignored.

During the Great War, the Giant Slayer was thought lost as its wielder was struck from the air by Alphatian air units. The spear was found by Thyatian peasants and is currently resting in small town's blacksmith shop. The smith has no idea what he has. He merely sees it as an pike or a light lance.

DMs Notes: Giant Slayer is a super spear designed to kill giants. However, it is flawed and should not be considered to be a true Spear of Giant Slaying. The spear is set to be discovered by chance by a group of adventurers.