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Staff of the Great School of Magic

by Marco Fossati


Itís a five feet long black wood with a simple iron ring around the top
On the ring sometimes runes are carved but witnesses can testify were seen staves without them.

History and Creation

Itís said only a Grand Master of the Scholl can create this staff.
First Master sees bearing it was Prince Etienne in 985 AC.
Since then others staves appeared but it remains a very rare magical object.
Prince Harald twice use them and itís almost certainly he gave one of them to his long-life friend Gerrid Rientha.
Some sages speculate itís related, in some manner, to the use of Radiance.
Its method of creation is a secret well guarded by the Grand Master.


Every staff has 50 charges
It recharges by 1 charge/day if at 50 miles radius to Glantri City, or 1 charge a week if at 200 miles radius to Glantri City.
It doesnít recharge if itís carried more than 200 miles away from Glantri City.
Owner has read magic at will as long as the staff doesnít run out of charges.
Owner halves the time amount needed to research any new spell
Owner can cast
Magic Missile or Burning Hands at 3 charges cost
Fly at 5 charges cost once a day.
Once a week Wall of Force at 10 charges cost
Once a week Teleport without error at 10 charges cost
Once a month Geas at 15 charges cost
Once a month Enchant an Item at 30 charges cost
Once a year a Limited Wish at 50 charges cost

by Rodger Burns

Y'know what this item is missing? Summoning powers. For five charges per use, it should be able to temporarily summon any of the following individuals:

- Monsieur Gaston d'Ardanac, head chef - can prepare a seven-course feast on zero notice (requires 1 turn of work and at least *something* approaching quality ingredients), which restores 2d6+2 hp to all who consume it but imposes a -2 penalty on Initiative checks due to a full belly.
- Madame Louisa, head chambermaid - removes all dirt and grime from a room up to 20'x20' in size, given one turn to work; this reveals all secret doors and hidden entrances within the room, and has a 50% chance to reveal all nonmagical traps
- Monsieur Berjois, personal valet - assists one character present in donning any costume, attire or even suit of armour in a single combat round, no matter how complex or involved
- Monsieur Nikolas, stablemaster - can coax any one captured or subdued monster into serving as a mount for a period of eight hours (size/strength permitting)
- Mademoiselle Elena, personal secretary - allows the character to accomplish nine hours' worth of spell research/magical item enchantment during a single eight-hour workday.
- Monsieur Davian, head groundskeeper - wields a mean hoe (F8, AC4 in normal clothing, 1d10+4 damage/attack and double damage against all plantlike monsters), if he takes more than 24 hp damage he immediately unsummons and will be extraordinarily grouchy and taciturn for the next week.