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GSoM terms

by David Knott

There is mention of a week-long break at the beginning of Thaumont, so it is possible that that marks the beginning of one of the terms of the school year. The mention of eight months a year suggests that the school year at the Great School of Magic is divided into three terms of four months each, with regular students present for at least two of those terms. The terms would be as follows:

Thaumont-Klarmont: The spring term begins with "Spring Break" on Thaumont 8 (earliest possible official day) and continues until Klarmont 27. Most students are present for this term.

Felmont-Sviftmont: The summer term begins on Felmont 6 and continues until Sviftmont 25. Young nobles dominate the school during this term, as the older students are off adventuring so that they can earn the tuition for the winter term. This term has relatively few holidays or other interruptions.

Eirmont-Vatermont: The winter term begins on Eirmont 7 and continues through Vatermont 25. Children are mostly absent from the school at this time, as they will have gone home for private study with their parents. However, adventuring wizards who are able to reach Glantri City before the really bad weather sets in generally spend the winter honing their skills at the Great School.