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Gates/Portals/Wormholes of Mystara

by Michael Diehm

Ever wondered where the nearest location to send your PCs to explore the multiverse? Or maybe where a planar invasion might occur to startle a jaded dominion ruler into action? Well this list of gates, portals and wormholes from published materials may help.

Arch of Fire Icereach Range to Plane of Fire
Norwold Whirlpool North Bay to Plane of Water
Temple of the Stars Two Lakes Vale, Norwold to Outer Plane of Night
Moorkroft's Wormhole Sylvan Realm to Selinar
Fenhold Deep Swamp Gate Fenhold to Plane of Water
Comeback Inn Broken Lands to Blackmoor (BC 4000)
Alphaks Volcano Alphaks Volcano to Alphaks Home Plane (Doomgard)
Guardian Mesa Red Orcland to the 7 Realms Dimensions & the Pits of Banishment Dimension
Regent Pass Aasla to Norwold
Avernus Gate Aran, Upper Thothia to Plane of Thorne
Scar Mesa Wormholes Scar Mesa, Isle of Dawn to Plane of Earth
Heldannic Gulf of Mar Fortress to Freiburg
Dimensional Pool Hearth-Home (Thunder Rift) to pool 24 miles SW of Bywater, Karameikos
(Nameless) Evil Abbey to and from Temple of Death
Well of the Moon Great Pass to Patera
(Nameless) PC3 The Abyss to and from Plane of Water
Azem's Gate Azem's House (Wereskalot) to and from Azem's Pocket Plane (Outer Plane)
(Nameless) Gaz2 Kirkuk Watchtower to Elemental Planes
Ether Station Mt Kala to and from Ethereal Plane
(Nameless) Gaz4 Mt Kala to and from Plane of Fire
Immortal's Home Immortal's Home Volcano to and from Minroth's home plane
(Nameless) Oenkmar Temple to and from Atzanteotl's Realm
World Mt World Mt to and from Spirit World
Nymiel's (Gaz13) Nymiel's Geyser to and from Plane of Fire
Atruaghin's Mystic Conveyor Palace of Atruaghin to and from Quauhnahuac

addition by Giampaolo Agosta

There is a permanent portal somewhere under the Black Spires in the Five Shires, created through the use of blackflame and named "Ring of Fire", leading to Halfling lands in some other world -- the GAZ suggests Forgotten Realms or Greyhawk can be reached by rings of fire, but doesn't specify which is reached by this specific portal.

There's also an unnamed portal in Oenkmar, leading to either Forgotten Realms or Greyhawk.