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Guf Fish details

by Jeff Daly

"Guf Fish" is the name for a species of fish about 1 to 2 feet long (though some rare specimens have been seen as long as 5). It swims off the coast of Gufetir (pronounced "guff eater"), a town of the Kingdom of Greenspur, in the Empire of Alphatia. Fishermen of this town hope and pray to catch a Guf Fish or two during the year, as a single fish can fetch anywhere from d6 to 5d6 gold pieces! Quite a hefty sum for a single fish.

The meat of the Guf Fish tastes terrible. The fisher wives of Gufetir mix it heavily with spices, to cut down on the bitter taste. But it is not the meat that holds the price. The Guf Fish's scales are of pure gold. Research reveals nothing of the origins of the Guf Fish. The natives of the Alphatian continent, what few remain, tell fantastic tales of an ancient hero, driven to death by an unbeatable foe, who sacrificed himself to the sea rather than give in. His eyes "that saw all truth", became two golden fish. The Alphatians consider this story preposterous, and deny any possibility of common origin between the tale and the fish. Such a fish was undoubtedly the result of some magical experiment gone awry.