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Giga Ultra Focus Special Moves

by tjedge1

Giga Ultra Focus Special Moves. Ok, there are about 3 more posts to go, but I'll have to delay posting them for a while. Maybe tonight.

Name: Lightning
Prerequisites: Focus 5, Shock Treatment
Manoeuvre Cost: 6 Any Style
Usage Cost: 2 Chi
To Hit: +2
Damage Bonus: See Below
Round Movement: None
Description: It is said by some that if a practitioner of the Arts can focus himself to a master's degree, he can send his very Chi from his body in the form of lightning, striking his opponents down with the fury of the immortals.
System: The lightning has a range equal to Wisdom + Focus level. Anyone in the path of the Lightning is struck, and can pass through the first target and continue on, without any penalty to attack or damage, for the full length of it's range.. This is considered a projectile attack.

Name: Pit
Prerequisites: Focus 5, Wall
Manoeuvre Cost: 5 Any Style
Usage Cost: 2 Chi
To Hit: -1
Damage Bonus: +1
Round Movement: -5'
Description: A gaping hole is torn out of the earth beneath the mystic's opponent. Many fighters are caught off guard by this manoeuvre.
System: In order to be effective, the mystic must select a 5' space as the target for the pit. Any fighter who ends his movement or passes over this space falls into the pit. Use the modifiers above for damage from the fall. The pit is five feet deep plus one additional foot per level in the mystic's Focus level. Fighters who fall into the pit must spend their next round climbing out. Pits should be marked on the map because, once created, a pit is permanent. This power will not work if the fighter is not in contact with the ground; even thin wooden planks will negate this manoeuvre. Using Pit in an arena will result in the anger of the owner, because of the damage it causes. Fighters will often be asked to make reparations.

Name: Repeating Fireball
Prerequisites: Focus 5, Fireball
Manoeuvre Cost: 4 Any Style
Usage Cost: 3 Chi
To Hit: -2
Damage Bonus: +0
Round Movement: None
Description: Not happy with one large, flaming projectile, some fighters prefer to focus their Chi into several smaller flaming projectiles. Certainly, the Repeating Fireball is handy when a fighter must face several opponents at once.
System: The fighter can throw a number of small fireballs equal to his level in Focus. Thus, a fighter with a Focus of 5 could throw a volley of five fireballs. He can target them at any opponent or opponents he likes. For example: two at one opponent, and one at each of three different opponents. Each target must be in the fighter's line-of-sight. A targeted opponent who uses a Jump or any other manoeuvre capable of dodging fireballs must make a dodge test against each fireball targeted at him. Range for Repeating Fireballs is the same as for a regular Fireball (Wisdom + Focus level).

Name: Venom
Prerequisites: Focus 2, Athletics 2, Grab 2, Head Bite
Manoeuvre Cost: 4 Any Style
Usage Cost: 2 Chi
To Hit: +1
Damage Bonus: +2/See Below
Round Movement: -10'
Description: The fighter grows fangs, which allow him to inject a mild poison into his target. The poison will paralyse small animals, but only serves to slow the tougher fighters.
System: On a successful attack the target suffers damage according to the modifiers above. For the next two rounds, the victim will act at -1 To-Hit and will automatically lose 1d6 hit points per turn of the poison's effect. Venom may not be used in conjunction with any other biting attacks. A successful Save Throw vs. Poison will half the effect of the poison damage per round.