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Introducing Gunpowder

by Sean Meaney

Frankly if Gunpowder is used it would be Introduced by the PCs from their interactions with the Cynidiceans (B SERIES LOST CITY) who made fireworks.

Cynidicean Gunpowder arrives in Selenica

Alexis the Sworder leaned across the table and handed his guest the small wooden box of fireworks.
"This substance is some sort of alchemy that burns like it were flammable oil and exploded like a wizard's fireball when put in a clay pot, but I will tell you that if you can decipher its secrets, it will make us both rich."
Calvo the Alchemist lit the paper twig protruding from a small rolled up paper object and closed his fist around it holding it in his hand. Alexis pulled the burning fuse.
"Sorry, but It would have taken your fingers off." Alexis held up a sword hand with two and a half fingers missing.

DM Briefing: The PCs discover Cynidicean Gunpowder fireworks in the Lost city of Cynidicea. They bring their discovery back to the Darokin city of Selenica. Unfortunately the substance only seems to work in extremely dry climates like Ylaruam. Though they might have some alchemist reproduce it, it misfires (let's give that a -18 to hit rolls) everywhere but a Desert Hex. Ochalean Gunpowder on the other hand is designed to function in a higher moisture environment like the Ochalean Climate.

Disaster in Selenica

Ashtagon the Brigand looked at the row of Barrels sitting in Calvo's storehouse. The Lockpick slipped back up his sleeve. His companion pushed the door shut and lit a torch to illuminate the prize.
"As I told you, That old Alchemist Calvo has been mixing the stuff for Weeks now. See?" Burtram pried open a barrel with a small pry bar and discovered a strange powder. He lifted a handful toward the light of the torch and ignited his hand instantly. The pain jolted him backward with a terrible scream and the Torch dropped into the opened barrel.

The explosion collapsed a section of the adjacent city wall and a dozen surrounding buildings with a sound that rocked the city of Selenica. Calvo's gunpowder mill exploded and burned as the fireball reached the small load of gunpowder being mixed taking the Alchemist and his assistant.

DM Briefing: An explosion of Gunpowder stored in the city of Selenica destroys part of the city including a section of wall and buildings. The rest of the city is soon ablaze.