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Gunzuth - Hin Death Knight

by John Calvin

From the Gaz 8 Timeline

BC 744: The Third Rising. Hin defeat the orcs but humans, gnolls, and dwarves invade the land; lawless times begin.

BC 743-610: The Time of Heroes. Hin warrior-adventurers flourish in the land, eventually reclaiming much of it from the invaders. Rebuilding of a hin kingdom begins.

BC 609: The Restoration. Elders proclaim Gunzuth the Clanless as First Sheriff of Shaerdon. He rules wisely and well. The land prospers.

BC 572: Death of Gunzuth; Shaerdon split into five Shires, each ruled by a Sheriff, the whole being ruled by a Council of the five Sheriffs. The Golden Years begin.

Gunzuth - Hin Death Knight

For nearly 250 years the land that would later be known as the shires passed hands from one tyrant to another. The hin struggled bravely, though each time they threw off the yoke of their oppressors, it was replaced by one yet more brutal and malicious. By BC 743 the hin had moulded themselves into warrior heroes, intent on breaking their subjugation and restoring hin self rulership. Gunzuth was just such a hin.

But Gunzuth became despondent and bitter, and knew in his heart that the hin could never succeed in their endeavour. Years of constant struggle with little to no results ate at him until eventually Gunzuth lost all hope. Seeking something, anything, that might help his people, Gunzuth eventually turned to the aid of darker powers. In return for his soul, those powers granted him the strength and foresight to finally free the hin. His plans proved fruitful, and with their enemies overthrown the hin made Gunzuth the undisputed ruler of Shaerdon.

Though by appearances, Gunzuth's rule was marked by kindness and wisdom, something dark always clung to the periphery. The dark powers had given Gunzuth what he desired, and now they demanded their payment. They drove Gunzuth to greater and greater evils until finally his hin subjects, grateful though they were to their hero, could ignore his depredations no longer. His own children took up their weapons Gunzuth and drove him from the throne. Slaying their father, they divided his kingdom amongst themselves.

However, death was not the end for Gunzuth, for the debt he owed to the dark powers still was not paid. The life that left his body was replaced with unlife, and his love for the shires replaced only by hatred. He dwells there still, in the dark places between the cheery vales of the hin.