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by Marco Dalmonte

Patron of Minotaurs, Patron of Violence and Fury, Patron of Greed

Level, Alignment, Sphere: 7th (Temporal), CE, Entropy
Symbol: a minotaur's head or a praying minotaur
Portfolio: minotaurs, massacre, violence, fury, cruelty, greed, berserkers
Worshipped in: Davania (Jungle Coast, Meghales Amosses), Hollow World (Milenia), Known World (Heldannic Territories, Vestland), Skothar (Minaea), Midlands (Borea), Vacros
Appearance: an 8' tall minotaur with iron horns and killer gaze who wears a heavy plate armour of Antalian heritage and sports a huge blooded battleaxe
History: LIKELY THEORY: Kiranjo was the spawn of Minoides, the enduk who killed Gildesh (Ixion's servant in Nimmur) and who brought down on himself and his allies Idu's (Ixion) curse, losing their wings and becoming the first true minotaurs of Mystara. Driven away from Nimmur by the enduks in BC 800, Minoides led half of his followers westward, while the other half chose to head eastwards, renegading the leader who had cursed their lives forever. Once arrived on the western coasts of Brun, Minoides and his troops had to compete with the local humans for food and territory, but the most fearsome opponents arrived only some years later: the horde of goblinoids led by Karaash on his quest for immortality. Humanoids and minotaurs clashed and died in the hundreds, and eventually Karaash slayed Minoides in single combat. Many minotaurs fled, but other chose to stay with the winners and swore fealty to the new leader, Karaash. They told him of a fabled land beyond the sea where the Twilight People lived, surrounded by mountains of gold and jewels (the minotaurs were referring to the Tanagoro merchants from the Tangor peninsula they had ambushed and razed many times when they landed on Brun) and Karaash decided to conquer them. With the minotaurs' skills and help, he built an oceanic fleet and sailed westwards. However, once landed on Skothar, many of the minotaurs rebelled and fled away from their conquerors. Some remained in the Tangor peninsula razing the Tanagoro villages, while others moved north-westward, looking for the Cities of Gold described by some Tanagoro slaves (a trick used to convince the invaders to leave their lands for better plunder). Kiranjo was among the latter ones.
He led his tribe across mountains and valleys, until he reached the fertile plains where the Jennites lived. Thinking he finally found the Golden People, Kiranjo started to capture and torture all humans he met, raiding villages and wreaking havoc between Jen and current Minaea. After decades of razing both the Jennites and the Alphatian merchants who sailed across the waters of the Minaean Strait, always looking for the mythical Golden Mound of the Jennites, Kiranjo became increasingly greedy and suspicious. He was terribly jealous of the immense treasure he had accumulated with all his raids and so he planned to build a safe place to hide it forever. In the middle of the Minaean forest he built his Labyrinth underground, and he spread rumours about the immense riches it contained to attract the greedy and dumb adventurers, in order to kill and rob them. His actions attracted Orcus's attention, who was pleased by Kiranjo's offerings of blood and gold. So he revealed to the minotaur the path towards immortality in the sphere of Entropy to enjoy his riches and raids forever. After creating an epic weapon and defeating the insurrection led by his own right-hand man, Kiranjo succeeded in becoming immortal in BC 480.
In BC 100 the fleeing Milenians arrived on the Minaean coasts and this gave him the opportunity to spread his cult among the humans. The merchants of the far isle of Vacros who used to sail from Davania to Skothar, were slowly influenced by Kiranjo's words of power and richness beyond belief, and they eventually adopted his cult. Kiranjo's faith became Vacros's main religion, and the Vacrosians imported minotaurs from Skothar considering them holy representatives of their deity. The Minaeans were instead much more resistant to Kiranjo's influence, probably because they were poorer and had direct contact with all the cruelties committed by the minotaurs. Many merciless Minaean brigands and pirates converted to Kiranjos' faith however, and they eventually earned the region its infamous reputation for being a haven for raiders and criminals.
Around AC 600 the isle of Vacros was besieged and destroyed by the nearby states after enduring a long series of raids and injustices ordered by the Kingpriests of Vacros. Kiranjo's followers abandoned the island and were scattered to the four winds. Many of them perished, but others found a safe refuge in the Northern Reaches and in the eastern part of Davania. Among the northmen, Kiranjo's figure was likened to that of the monster Gylgarid, a mythic creature that served Hel according to Norse legends. Therefore he became popular as Gylgarid and his priests had their way only among those Norse clans of raiders particularly aggressive and cruel. Gylgarid encouraged the creation of special elite forces of brutal warriors who could enter in a frenzied state of fury and endure pain for longer periods of time : the Berserkers. He hopes to use them one day to get a revenge on those people who caused the fall of the Kingdom of Vacros. Recently some of his followers were able to make short trips to the shunned isle of Vacros to build a new temple, but they were driven away shortly after by the nearby people of Cathos, increasing Kiranjo's frustration and rage.
Personality: Kiranjo is extremely boisterous, cruel and merciless, often prone to maniacal fits of madness and destruction. He enjoys wreaking havoc and spilling blood and his enemies' cries of agony are his most prized trophies. He hates all the immortal patrons of Law and Peace, and has a bloody feud with Thor after the Thunderer bested him during an important challenge in the higher spheres.
Patron: unknown [likely: Orcus]
Allies: none (he owes fealty to none but himself)
Enemies: Thor and the Lawful immortals
Classic D&D Stats:
Followers' Alignment: Chaotic
Favoured weapons: battleaxe (allowed all natural weapons and two handed weapons not ranged)
Clerics' spells & powers: +1 bonus to Strength
Avengers' skills & powers: free general skill fighting frenzy
D&D 3E Stats:
Domains: Entropy, Chaos, Evil, Destruction
Preferred weapon: great battleaxe
Sources: M-Solo2, X13