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Gyerian bloodlines

by Ripvanwormer

Penguin: Found in southern Davania in Vulcania and near the southern pole, and in the Hollow World on the other side of the southern polar gate. Inveterate merchants, like Spelljammer's dohwar. They often facilitate trade between the outer and hollow worlds.

Ostrich: Found primarily in Davania's Aryptian Basin, these desert-dwellers are feared for their speed, strength, and ferocity.

Vulture: Reports of ancient ruins in Davania's Vulture Peninsula suggest a race of vulture-like humanoids once lived there, long before the creation of the nagpa. They had some kind of cult of the dead, or the undead, and it's possible that undead members of the species still survive and play some role in the training of nagpa necromancers.

Robin: These cheerful and acrobatic gyerians commonly attach themselves to adventurers and vigilantes of other races as "sidekicks," helping them in their endeavors and providing commentary and puns. They're particularly likely to do this with cryions. Older robin gyerians are known as "nightwings," retiring from sidekick life to adventure on their own or in teams, although some rogues become "red hoods" identifiable by the red masks they wear. Red hoods tend to be more grim, solitary, and violent. A group of evil hsiao, the Court of Owls, has used brainwashing and necromancy to create an order of elite robin gyerian assassins, the Talons.

Archaeopteryx: These semi-reptilian gyerians are long since extinct, except perhaps in "lost world" areas like the Isle of Dread and the Hollow World.

Hummingbird: Tiny and unbelievably fast, like quicklings.

Emu: Common in Vulcania.

Moa: Enormous and wingless, found in Zyxl.

Parrot: Brightly colored, talkative, good at mimicry. Found in the jungles of Davania.

Cuckoo: Inveterate thieves, these gyerians leave their young for other kinds of gyerians to raise.

Simurgh: These gyerians are sages and emperors of their kind, said to have survived multiple ages of the world. Perhaps there is only one Immortal simurgh, eldest of the gyerians.