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Haagent Magen

by sleyvas

Haagent magen are like other magen in appearance, except that their skin is usually a deep red or coal black coloration. Their eyes are coal black pits if they are red skinned or bright yellow if their skin is coal black.

These magen are typically created by warlocks instead of wizards, though it is not exclusively them who do so. Their secret is typically taught to warlocks who possess the pact of the tome pact boon and Book of Ancient Secrets eldritch invocation and which have a fiendish patron. In fact, almost all known warlocks who have cast this ritual version of Create Haagent Magen have been warlocks in service to Haagenti, demon lord of Alchemy and Artifice. The Create Haagent Magen spell is extremely similar to the Create Magen spell, except that the spell is 4th level and has the ritual tag and requires only a single hit point loss, and the hit point lost in the creation of the Haagent Magen is restored on its own after a single year of time or can be cured if the Haagent magen is killed. This hit point loss cannot be restored via any other spell effect such as wish, and should the creator of the Haagent Magen die, the Haagent Magen dies as well. Should control over the Haagent Magen ever be stolen over the Haagent Magen by spell or other means, it similarly dies.

The Haagent Magen however is an imperminent construct, whose body is composed of wax and rubber, and whose blood is alchemist's fire rather than quicksilver. When it dies, its body explodes in a small burst of flame affecting all within 5 feet of it for 1d3 fire damage, unless a year of time has passed. If a year of time passes, its body simply burns away harmlessly in a puff of smoke.

A Haagent magen is similar in many ways to a demos magen, but with less hit dice, and more magical capability. They have 2 hit dice instead of 6 and 17 hit points, have only +3 to hit, and lacks multiattack. For other abilities, as a bonus action, once per day they can cast a variation of the spell armor of agathys that heats up their armor and causes fire damage instead of cold damage. They can also use hellish rebuke once per day. As an action, they can create and hurl a vial of alchemist's fire which is contained in an orb of wax once per hour. Given ten minutes of time and a vial of water, they can create a vial of oil which reverts to being a vial of water if not set aflame within an hour. With a snap of its fingers, it can create a small flame equivalent to that which can be created by flint and tinder.