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Hakim ibn Yezid al-Nisr

by Giampaolo Agosta

1st level Human (Alasiyan) Sha'ir

Str 11, Int 15, Wis 13, Dex 7, Con 10, Cha 9
AC 10, HP 3, All. LN, THAC0 20
Station: 9
Ht: 1,81 m
Wt: 76 kg
MV 12 (12 w/ load of 19)
Languages: Alasiyan, Thyatian, Djinni.

Weapon Proficiencies: Staff.

Non-weapon Proficiencies: R/W Alasiyan, Genie Lore, Spellcraft, Etiquette, Debate, Religion (Eternal Truth), Riding (Camel).

Money: 6 dinar, 5 dirham, 7 fals.

Equipment: Staff; Aba, Keffiyeh, Agal, Sash; Belt Pouch, Tinder Box, Papyrus (5 sheet); Spell Components for 10 spells (choice); Backpack, 2 Waterskins, Iron Rations.

Gen: Djinnling (Moussa ibn Walid ben Nadir),

HD 1/2, AC 5, HP 2, THAC0 20, dmg 1d6
MV 9, fly 12 (B), All TN (LG tendencies)


1st level native 1d6+1 rounds, 55%
2nd level native 1d6+2 turns, 45%

Weapon Speed Dmg S/M
Dagger 2 1d4/1d3


Hakim's nickname, ``the Eagle'', is due to his deep, dark eyes and to his aquiline nose. He is tall and slim, a true man of the desert, and dresses as a nomad.


Hakim is the younger son of the Qadi of a minor nomadic tribe living in the western region of Nicostenia. He was sent to represent his family interests to the court of the most eminent Sheik of the region, in the village of Taham.

Even before coming to Taham, Hakim was a student of the Nahmeh, with a focus on al-Kalim's dealings with the geniekind. In the zawiya of Taham, he met Muktar ben Babrak, an elder loremaster in the Sha'ir tradition, who instructed him in the art of genie etiquette and summoning. As a consequence of his training, Hakim has recently managed to obtain the services of a minor genie, the djinnling Moussa ibn Walid ben Nadir, a sprite-like creature from the Elemental Plane of Air. While Hakim is not a spellcaster on his own, his lore combined with the ability of Moussa to tap the magic of the elemental planes allows him to retrieve and use magical energies already shaped by other spellcasters, albeit the process is longer and not as error-free as standard spellcasting.

At the temple of Taham, Hakim also met the grandson of Imam Rashid min Taham, Haroun ibn Anwar, and when the young Itinerant headed out towards Cubis, with the goal of re-enacting part of al-Kalim's pilgrimage to the sea, Hakim decided to follow him, as it seemed a good occasion to fulfil his obligations (all followers of the Eternal Truth go on pilgrimages, though most simply travel to Ylaruam rather than actually going on adventures) and perhaps learn something more about the mysterious Marid genies.


Hakim is a true believer, devout and inflexible, but he appreciates all of al-Kalim's teachings, including the political ideas of having the most skilled and learned rule, rather than choosing leaders based on noble blood. Therefore, he sides with the Preceptors.

He is especially devoted to the Dream of the Desert Garden, and believes that the genies, with their natural understanding of the four elements, may hold the keys to the knowledge needed to accomplish it.

Note on Sha'irs in the Emirates:

The Gazetteer tells us that al-Kalim had dealings with many genies, including Djinn and Efreet. He had powerful magics that helped him in subduing wrongdoing genies, but he was also able to use diplomacy to obtain favours from these powerful beings. Sha'irs follow this tradition, and are able to obtain help from lesser genies, the Gens. Each Sha'ir has a Gen "familiar", and can also attempt to obtain help from more powerful genies.

Dealing with geniekind requires knowledge of the genie etiquette, languages, as well as great persuasion skills. Most Sha'irs call upon al-Kalim's deals as precedent in their attempts to persuade genies to lend help, so knowledge of the Nahmeh is useful as well.

Most Sha'irs are prayer leaders -- their magic is not as well suited to battle as that of wizards, so they never enter the military orders, while their focus on knowledge suits well the Way of the Scholar.