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Half Elf Profiles

by Alex Benson

To keep the departed Sergei's work flowing, we at the School have examined his work notes. In them we have found descriptions of several half elves. To display the School's resolve in matters of research, we shall present these for the reader.

Tarenda of Wendar.

Tarenda is a half elf of the Wendar Wastes. Her mother was human. And naturally her father an elf. She has been told that her mother and father met during a particularly hard hitting blizzard. After the snows ceased, her father departed. A few months later, her mother proved to be with child.

She has brown hair like her mother. Blue eyes like her father. Her skin is fair like both her mother and father. Her build is slim. Her features angular. She wears her hair long to conceal a pair of slightly pointed ears. Tarenda claims to be some sixty years old, despite appearing to be only in her early twenties. It should be noted that Tarenda is an extremely attractive woman.

Tarenda admits to being able to see about 20 feet in complete darkness. She displays an aversion to some foods. Red meats in particular cause her great discomfort and nausea. She admits to consuming only water and certain wines. Never meads or ales.

Tarenda carries a sword and staff. The couple of times I spoke with her, she wore chain armour of a particularly light weight under several layers of clothing and a cloak. She would not divulge its source but I suspect it is of elven make. She also hinted at the ability to cast spells. However, she would not divulge if they were mage or clerical. From her tendency to use foul language I tend to favour the former as no cleric would utilise such profanity. One thing lacking is a bow. Tarenda admitted to me that she could never could master the bow. Even less skill oriented launchers such as crossbows gave her fits.

One night we had emptied several flasks of expensive wines, Tarenda told me of her father. It seems she did track him down some time ago. She said he seemed surprise that the human woman had taken with child. What transpired after that is a mystery. Not only had the fumes of the wine affected me, but also Tarenda had began ranting incoherently about things. However, I did get the impression that a physical fight erupted between the father and daughter. And from various rants, I concluded that one of the two did not leave the confrontation alive.

Her mother is more easily discussed. Tarenda spoke at length about her. She was a kind woman. She suffered many hardships to keep her child fed. The humans looked distanced themselves from her. None of the young men pursued her as a suitor. Tarenda spoke of the tendency for elves to come to town to have a look at her. Tarenda recalls vividly the disdain they poured onto her as they observed her. Words such as "bastard", "half breed", and "rut trophy" still remained in her memory.

I should be venturing North this spring. I hope to see Tarenda once again. I have heard tales of her acting as a Yontugan for an elven Clan. From my understanding, a Yontugan is a sort of bounty hunter to handle inter Clan rogues. Since direct action by a member of the Clan could cause internal strife, outsiders are often called into service. And since those of elven lineage are more suited for the task, they are chosen. Yontugan is the name for this role in the Clan in question. Other Clans use other terms. Though not a cleric, my prayers for with her and may Razud see to her survival.

(Ed. Note- For obvious reasons, Sergei will not be venturing North. Efforts have been made to contact Tarenda. Allstrick of Alphatia has reported some success in reaching her using spells. There is rumour that she is travelling to Mirros to join the party to bring Sergei's killers to justice)

Daphne of Thyatis

I first met Daphne several years ago. Her story was the inspiration for my whole project on those of mixed elven and human blood. She is a friendly sort and is welcome company in any tavern.

Daphne is short in stature, breaking five feet at the most. Her complexion is fair like her parents. Her hair is a light brown. Her eyes are an uncanny grey. Her features are angular and quite attractive. I'd say her build was slim but her petite nature betrays this. Her figure is more rounded and full bodied.

Daphne usually wears trousers, a blouse, a vest, and cloak. All the times I have seen her she wears a brace of daggers on her hip. She sometimes carries a bag of sorts slung over her shoulder. Some have reported that she carries a short sword when not in the capital.

Though it took many meetings to build trust, Daphne divulged that she could not see in the dark. She also spoke of not being able to use bows with any accuracy. I believe this to be false as many have pointed that she often shoots at Sire Allstrick's range at his residence here in Mirros.

Dapne did tell me that she can cast mage spells. However, she said that the ability is new. According to her, her father, though a mage, forbid the art to be taught to her by her mother. In fact, he forbid her mother from casting spells. Daphne said she only began learning spellcraft after becoming employed by Sire Allstrick. At the present, her skill are limited.

I asked her about the sword and daggers. She laughed and said they were for appearance only. As she said "A girl cannot be too careful these days". I decided not to ask about the supposed archery practice.

Daphne lives in Karameikos. It is said that she is the product of a long-lived Thyatian mage and his elven concubine. Despite remembering little of him, Daphne has nothing but good things to say for her father so it is believed that he treated her mother with certain respect. However, others tell of the mage being a less than kindly man so the matter is subject to conjecture. As such, either he treated her mother with great respect or she is deceiving herself.

Daphne's father moved to then Traldara before King Stefan's appearance. He was some sort of prominent aristocrat but his magical experiments (believed to be necromantic) made his stay in Thyatis undesirable. Daphne's mother died mysteriously. Several sources speak of her being killed by one of the mage's projects. This is supported in that the mage himself was slain shortly afterwards by one of his conjurations.

Daphne passed on as property to one the mage's family members, a priestess of Valerias. The member took up residence in the mages home. Their relationship is questionable. But sources say that she was given the task of overseeing the household chores.

When King Stefan did away with slavery, Daphne was free. Her owner eventually returned to Thyatis without her after selling the residence. Why she did not take her is suspect. Daphne told me that she did not ask. She did say that she would have if she had. Some have spoken of the influence of certain of Daphne's friends here in Karameikos in the matter.

Since gaining her freedom, Daphne has found employment with Sire Allstrick. What she does is unknown, but her looks and background have given cause for many rumours. I mistakenly asked her about these rumours. Her response was quite a surprise. Instead of verbally responding, she leapt from her seat and had quickly drawn both daggers and had one pressed against my throat and the other against my ribs. Then she expressed a grin and slowly withdrew the blades, returning them to their scabbards. She retook her seat and ordered another drink. She never answered the question and I never pressed the matter. The speed she exhibited demonstrated her resolve.

Later, I heard that Daphne's place in Allstrick's household centres on his son. The source is of worth and I doubt it as false. Daphne is the boy's ......

(Ed. Note- Sergei's report on the matter ends here. Though there is some added text it is mired by spilt ink. Efforts are available to make the mired text legible. However, the task has been forbidden by Master Terari. The original scroll was destroyed after the allowable information was copied. )