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New classes type: half-humans

by Antonio Eleuteri

BECMI recognizes two character types: humans and demi-humans; each one specifies a number of classes. Within this framework, the idea is to introduce another type: half-humans. Obvious candidates are the half-elf (already present in OD&D) and half-orc (in AD&D.)
These classes would be built with a mixed framework: they would reach fairly high level (say 12) and they would be based on some human classes but at 9th level they would access the human class options. They would later advance in rank as demihumans.

More specifically:

- Prime req. Strength
- attacks as fighter, saves as fighter, XP as fighter
- d6 HD
- languages (as elf), detection (as elf)
- fighter combat options, plus charge and set spear
- can become landowner or travelling as fighter; can become paladin, knight or avenger
- can hire elves and humans as mercenaries

- Prime req. Strength and Dexterity (5% xp bonus if either is 13 or more; 10% bonus if both are 13 or more)
- Minimum scores: Strength 9, Constitution 9
- attacks as thief, saves as thief, XP as cleric
- can use all weapons plus shields but leather armor only
- d4 HD
- languages (common and orc plus other alignment languages at 10th level), infravision 18'
- thief abilities
- thug abilities (from Master's set)
- can become a guildmaster or a rogue (as thief)
- can hire orcs and humans as mercenaries