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The Clan Domain of Haltimark

by Jacob Skytte

Haltimark lies on the eastern coast of Noslo Island in the Kingdom of Ostland. It includes five hexes of forest and one clear hex. Haltimark keeps itself supplied with wood, and grows a fair amount of crops. With the additional income of raiding, this domain is self-sufficient. Foreigners keeping a low profile will be admitted to the domain, and all Ostlanders are welcome. Clan Haltimark raids the Western Sea of Dawn, preferring to prey on merchant ships rather than go ashore.

Head of Domain: Jarl Sigvaldi Thorirson rules Haltimark. His great hall is called Ankarson.

Population: 7000 people live in Haltimark. Of these 2000 are thralls, 3500 are non-warrior freemen, and 1500 are warriors. 3500 people are armed and ready to fight if threatened.


The 460 people populating Ankarson are fishermen and raiders. Ankarson lies at a stretch of beach where the four longships of the jarl are always ready to launch at a moment's notice. At least one longship (75 men) is always absent, patrolling the Sea of Dawn. Sigvaldi's longships are better than the average longship (moves 100' per round rowing, 170' per round sailing or 102 miles/day when sailing).


In the forests southwest of Ankarson lies a small, but deep lake called "Månespejl" (Moon Mirror). This lake has a very bad reputation as the home of a sinister lake monster. Reports of the creature are many and varied, though few will claim to have actually seen it clearly. The fact remains that lone people spending time near the lake have been known to disappear. Actually Månespejl is home to a community of 30 Nixies, who charm lone visitors to the lake and take them as servants. Unlike Nixies in other parts of the world, these water sprites don't ever let their servants go, for fear of being chased from their home with no place else to go.

Sigvaldi Thorirson

Lawful 9th level Fighter (Str 13, Int 13, Wis 12, Dex 16, Con 10, Cha 14, AC 4, hp 42)

Personality Traits: Courageous/Fearful 16/4, Forgiving/Vengeful 15/5, Dogmatic/Open-Minded 6/14

36 years old, Blonde hair and moustache, Blue eyes

Sigvaldi the Graceful, as he is commonly known among his men, is an ideal Ostland warrior by his looks alone. He is slimmer than most, but makes up for this with his agility. Many men have misjudged his slight frame (compared to that of his personal warriors, all mighty men), only to find themselves beaten by his speed and skill. Sigvaldi's father, Thorir the Dueller, and his wife, Thorfinna Unnsdottir, have taught him well in the use of lighter weapons.

Sigvaldi lived in the Court of Cnute until five years ago, when his father retired. Sigvaldi thinks of himself as a modern man, and is paying close attention to Queen Yrsa, whom he sees as one who could bring Ostland into a more modern era. He is also more than a little attracted to her. Being a superior sailor and captain, Sigvaldi is always looking for ways to improve his longships, and eagerly studies the ships he captures after plundering them. He will sometimes order an assault on a craft with no promise of booty just to inspect the design, and tries to at least question prisoners to find out if anyone knows something useful on shipbuilding techniques. If he finds such persons, he will eagerly take them as thralls and put them to work, designing ships for him. If they do well, he will reward them, but if they do poorly, he will lose interest and give them to his subordinates.

Sigvaldi carries a short sword+2 called "Sølvlynet" (the Silver Lightning) and three daggers that he often throws. He wears a relatively soft leather armour (to be able to swim) and a small shield.

Sigvaldi is married to Thorfinna Unnsdottir and has three children: Hild Thorfinnasdottir (17), Svart Sigvaldison (14), and Fridgeir Sigvaldison (9). His father, Thorir the Dueller (56), also lives in Ankarson.

Thorir (Lawful F13; Modest/Proud 7/13, Honest/Deceitful 15/5, Dogmatic/Open-minded 14/6) is proud of his son's obvious skills, but annoyed that Sigvaldi considers the changes Queen Yrsa advocates. In his day, a man was a man, a thrall a thrall, and the rest was settled in combat. Thorir is still an excellent swordsman, wielding the short sword with great skill. His speed and strength have diminished considerably with age though.

Thorfinna Unnsdottir

Chaotic 8th level Thief (Str 9, Int 17, Wis 13, Dex 17, Con 13, Cha 15, AC 7, hp 29)

Personality Traits: Generous/Greedy 6/14, Honest/Deceitful 4/16, Loyal/Unreliable 5/15

39 years old, Red hair, Green eyes

Thorfinna is an orphan, who grew up on the streets of Zeaburg. When Sigvaldi first came to the Court of Cnute, Thorfinna was also there, having tricked her way into the Court, looking for opportunities. Sigvaldi noticed her skill with the short sword and asked her if she would help him hone his skill with the weapon. Thorfinna agreed, for a price. It didn't take long for the young and impressionable Sigvaldi to fall in love with her. When Thorfinna learned that Sigvaldi was the son of a jarl, she seized the opportunity. When Thorfinna got pregnant, she withdrew from active life at the court, and married Sigvaldi. Since then, she has been living the easy life at Clan Haltimark's expense, and has put up with Sigvaldi.

Over the years Thorfinna has had many affairs, but keeps them secret from her husband. She has noticed his obvious infatuation with Queen Yrsa, however, and this drives her crazy. Thorfinna hates it at Haltimark, much preferring the turbulent life at the Court of Cnute, but at least here Queen Yrsa is out of the way. Her children couldn't mean less to her; she bore them for Sigvaldi, and then placed them in the care of others.

If anticipating trouble, Thorfinna wields an unnamed short sword+3 with deadly skill. She also throws daggers with unfailing aim.

Hild (Lawful F1; Cautious/Rash 7/13, Honest/Deceitful 17/3, Dogmatic/Open-minded 6/14) grew up hating her mother for never being there, and her father for not doing anything about it. She is the one who has taken care of her brothers. Hild daily ends up screaming at her mother or father over one point or another. Sigvaldi is seriously considering sending her to the Court of Cnute even if King Hord hasn't asked for her presence yet.

Svart (Lawful NM; Cautious/Rash 14/6, Peaceful/Violent 15/5, Courageous/Fearful 6/14) is a cowering boy, who hides behind Hild most of the time. He is intimidated by the coldness of his mother, and the fury of his sister. Sigvaldi tries to get the boy interested in healthy occupations (seamanship or fighting), but gives up far too easily. Since Svart's younger brother, Fridgeir, is more outgoing, he gets more attention from his father.