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The Clan Domain of Hammersholm

by a href="authors.html#jacobskytte">Jacob Skytte

Hammersholm lies in the centre of the northern coast of Noslo Island in the Kingdom of Ostland. It contains two hexes of light forest and five hexes of hills. The domain cannot quite supply itself with wood and imports some from the neighbouring domain of Ringmark. Foreigners are not tolerated here and will be taken as thralls. Other Ostlanders are welcomed as guests however. Clan Hammersholm traditionally raided the northern Isle of Dawn (mainly Helskir), but these days the jarl raids any place known for fierce opposition.

Head of Domain: Jarl Sigrid Halldorson rules Hammersholm. His great hall is called Marmaty.

Population: 4000 people reside in Hammersholm. Of these 1000 are thralls, 2000 are non-warrior freemen, and 1000 are warriors. 2200 people carry arms and will fight in defence of their lands and life.


Built within the shelter of surrounding woods Marmaty houses 400 people. It has easy access to Hvidebugt (White Bay), so named for the foaming water during storms. Few farms lie here, most people live off the ocean, fishing.

Sigrid Halldorson

Neutral 9th level Cleric of Thor (Str 9, Int 13, Wis 13, Dex 8, Con 9, Cha 15, AC 1, hp 32)

Personality Traits: Cautious/Rash 4/16, Peaceful/Violent 5/15, Reverent/Godless 15/5, Dogmatic/Open-Minded 14/6, Energetic/Lazy 17/3

33 years old, Red hair and beard, Green eyes

The small-framed Sigrid Halldorson has been a reverent follower of Thor for as long as he can remember. Though small he swings a mean hammer when the battle-lust is upon him. Sigrid's father Halldor the Old was called by Odin to Valhalla 20 years ago, and ever since then, Sigrid has been fighting every day of his life. First he fought his brothers for control of the clan, then he fought for the woman he loved, and then for the lives of his family. Meanwhile he turned his wrath on foreigners, raiding hard and often. Sigrid's brothers are now all dead, most at his own hands. All of them were as proud and rash as him and none would give up the leadership of the clan.

Sigrid's wife, Gunnhild Alfdisdottir, was a much-courted maiden, and Sigrid fought several suitors to prove his worth to her. After only seven years of marriage, Gunnhild and their three children fell ill with carrot fever and Sigrid was unable to cure them.

Carrot Fever

Transmitted by carrot parasites, this disease is reminiscent of malaria. Curing carrot fever is not an easy feat, as it involves poisoning the parasites, then curing the poison, but not before the parasites are all dead. Victims of carrot fever experience a steady reduction of all ability scores and high fever, which is eventually fatal.

Sigrid travelled to Zeaburg, enlisting the aid of a patriarch of Thor, but he returned too late. This was just a year ago and Sigrid has thrown all caution to the wind as he raids more often than ever, always fighting at the front lines of battles, daring Odin to take him to Valhalla. However, he is blessed by Thor (bonuses of +2 to hit and damage, -2 to AC) and has proven victorious so far.

Sigrid's house guard thinks that he should remarry, or at least take a thrall as his woman, but Sigrid has lost the joy of living, seeing his loved ones die, and does not dare to love again for fear of losing another person he cares for. In combat Sigrid bears a chain mail+2 and a shield, and swings a warhammer+3; speeding called "Rødeflod" (Red River).

Snorri the Handsome

Lawful 7th level Fighter (Str 13, Int 12, Wis 13, Dex 12, Con 14, Cha 16, AC 4, hp 47)

Personality Traits: Courageous/Fearful 15/5, Reverent/Godless 13/7, Loyal/Unreliable 17/3

32 years old, Blond hair and beard, Blue eyes

Once Sigrid's best friend, Snorri has seen him turn from a trusted companion to a man actively seeking his own death. Snorri is of two minds, since he wants to help his friend back to life, but senses that Sigrid is blessed by Thor, and must therefore be doing the will of his God. This inner conflict seemingly cannot resolve itself, so Snorri has decided to follow Sigrid wherever he goes and fight to protect him from the dangers he purposely puts himself through. He hopes that eventually Sigrid will come back to his senses and start living again. When at Marmaty, Snorri keeps introducing Sigrid to handsome women, both freemen and thralls, hoping he will take one of them as his wife.

Snorri is married to Tove the Gentle and has two children. When in battle Snorri wears chain mail and a shield, and wields a sword+1.