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by Mischa E Gelman

History: Hargul was born 29 years ago to two members of the Hooplak tribe. From a young age, he showed a desire to learn, a rather uncommon characteristic among his people. He apprenticed himself to one of the tribal shamans and soon had earned that title for himself. After his teacher was slain by Ethengarian raiders 4 years ago, he has served as the secondary shaman for his tribe. Around the same time, he was wed to a wolf warrior named Xigazi. They are currently expecting their first child.

Personality: Hargul has great pride in the Hooplaks. As a result, he is quick to speak out against any attempts to place the tribe under the rule of the Great Khan or the throne of Hobgobland. He feels such acts would be betrayal of the will of the spirits who have guided his people throughout the ages. Hargul is a scholar of fair skill, and knows it - he can be very condescending to those who do not possess the same abilities or interests, namely almost all Hooplaks. While he considers his tribe to be far superior to any other grouping, he is not arrogant - he sees himself as a modest follower of the will of the spirits. He is not as brave and foolhardy as some of his kin, picking his fights carefully and wisely. A devoted husband, he would become quite distraught if anything were to happen to his beloved bride.

Appearance: Hargul stands 6'4" and is of average build, hardly imposing by hobgoblin standards, though fairly large to humans. He has the light tan skin of a Goblinus Grandis, but his hair is a light green, quite unusual.

He wears gerbil furs tied to the corners of his tunic, indicating his totem (Hooplak hobgoblins practice Ethengari shamanism, rather than typical humanoid shamanism).

Combat Notes: He is a 4th-level hobgoblin shaman. AC 8; hp 25; at by spell or hand axe; D by spell or 1-6; save C4 or F4; ML 11; Al C; S 12, I 14, W 16, D 11, Co 9, Ch 8. Languages: Hobgoblin [Hooplak], Chaotic, Ethengari, Tharian. General Skills: Spirit Lore (W), Alertness (D), Literacy (I), Danger Sense (W), Storyteller (Ch). Spells: 2/1 (command word, trance and produce fire are his most commonly used spells).

DMing Notes: Hargul could serve as a mentor or leader for Hooplak hobgoblin characters, guiding them to prominence so that they can lead the tribe back to glory. He can serve as an adversary for humanoids or Ethengari characters, possessing unusual abilities for a hobgoblin, and holding a position of prominence in a tribe hundreds strong. His role as an adversary may be most evident if a bratak or hobgoblin emissary wishes to try to develop ties to the Hooplaks to strengthen their khan - Hargul will be the most vocal critics of either type of alliance.