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Haunt, Lesser

by Jamie Baty

DMR2 52
(CR varies ): The lesser haunt is the ghost-like spirit of some dead character or creature which is unable to rest for some reason (the need to pass on some message or to fulfil a broken oath, for example), and is bound to a particular location. This is often were the haunt's mortal life was extinguished (usually by unnatural means) - gloomy forests, bogs, moors, dungeons and the like.

Unlike other haunts, the lesser haunt cannot be damaged or destroyed by any means and is immune to all turning attempts. The only way to put a lesser haunt to rest is to find the reason for its appearance and find a way to placate the haunt. This may be finding the haunt murderer, delivering a message, finding a specific object, etc...

A lesser haunt does not attack, and cannot cause harm to those it encounters. It will usually try to converse with those it encounters, usually to enlist their aid. However, if attacked or ignored, the lesser haunt will unleash a burst of fear. Every creature within 60ft of the lesser haunt must make a will save vs DC24 or be panicked. The lesser haunt may release this burst once every round, until the attacks on it are stopped.

The CR varies based on the task or aid required to lay the haunt to rest.